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  1. Hope I'm Not Jinxing myself and still with Questions

    ADodge, i am keeping you in my prayers! I pray your cancer goes into remission permanently! what have you heard regarding your appeal for an earlier eed for asthma?
  2. Apprehensive about submitting for SMC S

    HI Berta, no nothing has changed. I have not filed for anything since the first award. Thank you for your input
  3. Apprehensive about submitting for SMC S

    If I go ahead and submit it today and they drag me in, try to reduce.......can I still be paid while I am trying to fight it?
  4. Apprehensive about submitting for SMC S

    Thanks Broncovet and Asknod. They agree I should get it, but not the eed. They both, VSO and his supervisor claim I can only get paid from when I file. The VSO said his boss at the VA hinted I could be dragged in for review as it has been so long.......
  5. Apprehensive about submitting for SMC S

    Here I am a year later and I have yet to submit 526ez for Smc S. I am attaching all the paperwork for my inferred SMC S. Along with an email I received from my VARO after she was contacted by Allison Hickey. (it did not help in my case) I feel like I am opening my self up for a complete review. I do not go to the VA and have not since 2003. The State VSO that I go to is ok. However he put down an eed of 2002. I told him I only requested eed back to Bradley vs Peake. I am all over the place with this. I received a lot of great advice last year, but when I try to apply it with the VSO and according to the tone of the email from the VARO, they do not agree with you all. Of course I feel that You guys here at HADIT are correct. My big fear is again, being dragged in to have C & Ps I cannot handle it. I am 55, have been rated 90% IU, P&T since 2002. I do not trust that the VA will honor the over 55, over 10 years........ I would like some of you to look at all the paper work I have attached and advise me how to proceed. I also would appreciate any feedback as to my paranoia. Or should I be paranoid. Thanks Scan0016.pdf Scan0018.pdf Scan0017.pdf Scan0005.pdf Scan0004.pdf Scan0008.pdf Scan0007.pdf Scan0006.pdf Scan0009.pdf Scan0011.pdf Scan0010.pdf Scan0015.pdf Scan0014.pdf Scan0013.pdf Scan0012.pdf
  6. How to proceed

    Thanks again Asknod
  7. How to proceed

    Thank you Asknod. Do I write that out and attach to the 21 526ez, because the form is awkward.? I am going to copy what you advised, keep it short and sweet. Do I need to mention Bradley vs Peake? Should I attach copies of everything I posted to point it out to the rater? i apologize for all the questions, I hope to do this only one time.
  8. How to proceed

    I need advice on how to proceed in asking do SMC S. I was able to get my c file and have uploaded the award and decision. At the time I knew nothing about SMC. In my application for IU in block 6, I specifically stated my unemployability was from bipolar 70%. When I received IU award they included cervical ddd 20%, hypothyroidism 10%. Then shortly after awarded the SA 50%. i also have copies of letters from my Psychiartriist and a personal letter asking for P&T because of my bipolar, it was granted. My big question is how do I put this info together and lay it out so there is no question and hopefully no re-evaluations. How do I assemble the award 526 ez with this info. I know an eed back to 2001 is a long shot. I would be happy for an eed of 2008, Bradley vs Peake. Any help is deeply appreciated. MI have been sitting on this since last June.
  9. Is this considered MST

    Buck, my rating is 70% bipolar, 50% Sa, 20% ddd, 10% thyroid. I applied for TDIU strictly for bipolar as that is diability that forced me out of service. I obtained P&T within a year with a letter from imo and a statement from me.
  10. Is this considered MST

    I forgot to add that I am currently rated 90%,TDIU, P&T for bipolar 70%, cc 20%ddd, 10%thyroid, 50% SA and various other 0% ratings. One is for a 0% eating disorder that is well documented in my pre-discharge STR's.
  11. Hi all, i have been a follower for years and I can say I love and appreciate Hadit.com (thank you Tbird). i was made to medically retire with 19 yrs and 6 months of Active Army National Guard. I spent a month in Walter Reeds psych ward. i was discharged from active duty for bipolar II, at 30%. I was fortunate enough to have a female LTC and a female Major back me up during the process of my TDRL. In my LOD (line of duty) it specifically states that my hostile work environment and sexual harassment aggravated my bipolar....... So I was blessed with good and honest Officers during this ordeal. My question for personal reasons, did I still suffer MST if I prevented physically being raped. It was the psychological stress that I was under every day. I was a good soldier, Training NCO and NBC NCO. But I was targeted by officers who wanted to sexually harass me. To this day my self esteem is so low. I never attended any Military friends retirements or special occasions because I feel like everyone looks down on me. Sorry for the rambling but this is the first time that I am admitting this.
  12. PTSD TDUI now what?

    Bassrunnin, i li hear you! I learned to just say I am retired from the Military, I was a professional Soldier. If I am talking with another Veteran or Military person I just say I am medically retired. I was made to medically retire when I had 19 yrs and 6 months..........
  13. IU and Employment Questionaire

    I have been TDIU, P & T for 15 years and the first and only one I received was last year. I didn't receive me this year. As a rule, l never contact VA unless they request something from me.
  14. There is a great one, the James Ursano scholarship. My daughter received 2900 last year and this year. All you have to do is follow instructions on their website. Just put Jame Ursano Scholarship in search
  15. I have cervical DDD which has worsened after rupturing a disc a few years ago. I had an injection c7-t1 two years ago and I feel great (or as good as can be expected). I also bought an inversion table. The table helps me a lot and not just in my Cspine. I was warned not to go near a chiropractor again.