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  1. Third, I just made a small donation today. But I will do so every month (have to remember) , I really Appreciate you and everyone on this board. Kathy
  2. So I have to ask, what is the best way to let VA know they owe you SMC back to 2001? CUE, 526e.....
  3. Ralph what was your outcome after filing your va 21-4140?
  4. thank you all for your replies. I do not have a problem with shacking up as "Ethan's Grandma" mentions and it is not about jealousy. So if a state does not have "common law" marriage someone cannot not be found to be in an "inferred marriage" according to the VA regs? I do not want to open a can of worms. However as the gov cracks down on funding, don't you think that money should go to a widow or vet who really needs it?
  5. I need some opinions. I definitely know of someone who is receiving DIC for a husband who passed in 1989. Since she has been with another man, has had three children with him and they refer to each other as Husband and wife. It really bothers me. They have been together for 20yrs or more. Their oldest child is 15. They have not officially married. I have to remain anonymous as it is a small town and I have to deal with them all the time. They are well off so the loss of money will not be an issue to the children. Please advise if anyone has an opinion or experience with this.
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