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  1. I'm not going anywhere and neither are several hundred other family members that have lost a Nam Vet to GBM-4 Brain cancer. Too many to just be a coincidence in my eyes. I've looked every where to find a medical researcher that will hel[p us with this, none so far will help. I'm not going to quiot looking. The fight will continue!
  2. She lost her husband to GBM-4 Brain Cancer, just like the rest of us, how is her case any different? We all are suffering after losing our husband or father. They went to Nam to serve our country and now the country doesn't do a thing for us!
  3. Been fighting with the VA since 1972 for my hearing loss. Finally last week, they approved me for hearing aids, I will get them in Nov. Had appealed my VA claim for Disability, they had only given me 10% for tinitis, yet now they told me I have hearing loss and are giving me hearing aids. So hope they will up my Disability for hearing loss.
  4. My husband is not doing well, in August they found 2 more brain tumors. Tomorrow they will do another MRI to see if Gammaknife and Avastin Infusions have stopped the tumors from growing. We're so afraid that we will get bad news, since he's losing strength more each day.
  5. I know a Veteran that was diagnosed with ALS, he has just passed away from it. he was never out of the states the 4 years he was in the Army, yet the VA helped him so much! He was embarrassed because my husband has Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage 4 Brain Cancer and the VA won't accept the fact that many Nam Vets have been diagnosed with it and will not connect it with Agent Orange. He went to his grave feeling bad that he was getting all of this money from VA, yet my husband gets nothing for brain cancer.
  6. We need to connect Agent Orange and Brain Cancer together. I've been compiling a list of Nam Vets that have been diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage 4 Brain Cancer (GBM-4). Finding more every few days to add to my list. How can we get the VA to come clean and help these Nam Vets and their wives?
  7. How can other wives work on getting documentation of AO being the cause of their husband's GBM-4?
  8. I'm writing this for my husband. He has GBM-4 and doesn't use the computer any longer. He was in Nam from July 70 to July 71, VA will not listen to us that AO caused his GBM-4. He's already going on 15 months, doctors in beginning told him 12 - 15 months.
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