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  1. The real problem with ""choice" from the provider's side is getting paid. The VA is failing to do so in any sort of reasonable manner.
  2. My original Vietnam Era DD214 showed in country service, and did not show combat awards. In order to prove combat veteran status needed for a couple of individual claims, a DD215 was necessary.
  3. "How is this company getting email and/or phone # contact for disabled veterans?" Someone or some entity is selling the info? In the past, some of the veterans service orgs sold data. Anyway, there are public records that might also be used.
  4. I assume E Bennies shows no payment history. If this was a recent award, it's possible that the VA's mill is screwed up. Something as simple as a "call Peggy" (the VA's 800-827-1000 number) may get you more insight into what is going on.
  5. "benefits may be authorized ", not will be authorized! It's kinda like 54/40 or fight!
  6. The SMC Table rates include the Disability payment amount plus the SMC payment.
  7. The VA usually Interprets the 20 days to mean that they will acknowledge the request within the 20, and actually fill it when they please. In the past they have also refused to send a copy until a claim in progress is completed, or used any other excuse that came to mind. I'm sure that the electronic file bit has or will changes things, just don't know what to expect in the future.
  8. 100% + 60% = Housebound by law/reg/court decisions.

    Since you have other awarded conditions, they may eventually be used to increase

    SMC. (So you may or may not be completely done!)

  9. Usually, a PTSD C&P does not have as many positive markers. In addition, reserve service is involved/noted, and that can make the RO's a bit suspicious. A maybe sort of example - - - One of my claims involves a back injury under awarded combat conditions. Little evidence exists in my service records. The BVA judge directed the RO to obtain my post active duty records for any additional evidence. The Navy reserves physicals for those on inactive duty were a joke, and unless a really disabling condition existed, were almost always fit for service. Just to add injury, the lang
  10. Playing Devils advocate - - - To me the C&P was a bit too positive, and the RO may use a final statement in it to schedule an additional C&P or so. I suppose a great deal depends upon what is currently "in favor" at the VARO. Single issue, make it happen, take the credit, or develop further in detail for a VARO "favored" rating.
  11. One of the problems with the digitization is that the original paper files seem to become inaccessible. In the process of preparing for the effort, The VA (around 2008) supposedly went through the files, and removed (redacted) extraneous information. No one knows what was actually removed. Earlier this year, I was told that my VARO still had the paper files. Last year they were supposedly not available for a BVA traveling board hearing ?? Copies the VA has sent in the past contained some blank pages, and some older claims records mysteriously vanished. It may be that a Writ will be the only
  12. Chuck75


    I would look into an NOD for the Jan 1 2016 reduction. Further, it's possible that home bound status (SMC S) might be applicable, since the veteran likely could not leave home for work.
  13. There would need to be at the minimum, some sort of record of an in or during service event that could be used as the basis for a nexus. Are there any existing A.O. related awards for anything? Otherwise, the VA (and most everyone else) will say that the condition is a fairy common problem, and the result of "normal" living, working, and aging. Exceptions relaxing the "rules" do exist, but, from the information given, it sounds like they are not applicable. As a general comment, remember that the classical military retirement has been 20 and out. That in part is some recognitio
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