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  1. Congratulations On Your Win!!!!
  2. Thanks. Hope that everything will go in your favor.
  3. Congratulations to you!!
  4. Thanks Navy04, I have multiple sclerosis along with Neurogenic bladder, right side vision loss, cervical strain, right upper and lower extremity weakness. It took about a year and three months.
  5. Hollis, Thanks. Percentage before IU award was @80%. Highest award was 50% for multiple sclerosis, 40% for neurogenic bladder and I had a 20%rating for cervical strain and three 10% ratings for other issues(residuals of the multiple sclerosis).
  6. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. I wish each of you success in your claim(s) and hope that you will receive great news soon. Bluehen
  7. Received a call from my Regional Office on Monday informing me that TDIU has been granted. The total disability is considered permanent with no future scheduled examinations. Today I was able to download the commissary/exchange privilege letter along with the application for the I.D. card. Also I was informed that it would take a few days for me to receive the retro. I will wait to see if that last sentence comes true. May each and everyone of you hear something on your claims. Take Care,
  8. Thanks so much and I appreciate the information!
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