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  1. Fellow Vets, I have looked around on here for a bit.. I am trying to find some of you who have beat drinking.

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Yeah it is kind of a catch 22 with the occupation thing, they are putting me out because I am broke and can't function well at all. But being a mil-tech I will not be considered un-employed until the MEB process is complete, no matter how much work I miss. If I understand the combined ratings table correctly, I may reach 100 schedular this time, but I will keep the IU thing in mind. Thanks again.
  3. Greetings all! I have received a copy of my PTSD C&P exam results. Would anyone mind helping me guess where my rating will fall? Currenlty going thru IDES process, waiting on NARSUM. National Guard- MIL Tech MAJ-O4 90% connected VA (50% is PTSD)
  4. One more question, how does one go about trying to get the VA to cover massage or chiropractor in local area?
  5. Jlrith, Thank you so much for your input. Everything you said makes sense. I do have a EMG scheduled for this Friday and am worried that it won't show much cause my nerves do not hurt real bad all the time. On a side note I have a doc of emergency medicine doing a IMO for the following conditions that affect me. These are what I am filing for, VSO helping me now too Increase in lumbar DDD. Middle back DDD. Cervical DDD. ED Constipation Neuropathy in all extremities. I am currently be treated by the VA for PTSD stuff, so I am filing for it to. There should be enough evidence in my current VA notes to lock this in. Also submitting stressor letter, wife letter, and sister letter. Taking meds for it. Hopefully I can add my EMG results to claim..
  6. Greetings to All, In 2010 I injured my lower back from lifting. I am currently SC 30%, 10% of that is for lumbar degenerative disc disease with intermittent radicular symptoms, I was awarded the service connection about 2 yrs ago. In the past 4 months my leg/nerve pain has gotten significantly worse. It has started bothering in more and more places, not just my legs. The location of the bulging disc has become more painful, with sensitivity in other areas of the spine. With all that said, I got a civilian referral for a Spine Dr. During the visit he looked at my new MRI and said that I had arthritis in my spine, "beefy joints"-his words. He said the combination of the bulging disc and the arthritis was causing all my issues. It explains a lot about how I feel, in the morning, etc.. I am only 33 years old and still work full time, but I can easily imagine how my medical issues could put me out. I am trying to figure out if I should file and what to file for, it looks like there are a ton of codes out there associated with the back? Arthritis? DDD? Hip issues? Depression? They could all be applicable in my mind. The only nexus would be from the original claim or IMO if needed. I know I need to have me ducks in a row before starting this process again. Not sure if it should be filed separately from the initial injury or as a condition that has gotten worse? Any input would be greatly appreciated. -moose-
  7. All, Some developments since my original post. RECAP: I was denied by the C&P examiner originally because their machines did not show me meeting the thresholds for the rating. Also the denial letter said that I did not have signs of hearing loss and therefore did not have tinnitus. Since the original exam I went and paid for a private exam and the doctor of audiology was kind enough to write me a nexus statement. I thought the nexus was very good. I used the recommendations found here on Hadlt.com and pre-wrote the letter the best I could and the doctor made corrections as she wanted. After submitting the NOD the VA wrote back stating that the claim was deferred. Yesterday I got a call from the VA for another C&P exam for tinnitus. I asked the VA rep calling what new evidence they thought they would find, I explained to her the history I have already stated below including everything about the nexus statement. The only thing she could recommend was to take a copy of the nexus with me when I go to the C&P exam. I will be upset if this C&P says the same thing the first one did. Not sure what else to do? Thoughts? Thanks.
  8. Thanks to all for the feedback. The C&P exam was fast, they only took my BP twice. Was connected at 10%.
  9. All, I submitted my documentation to the VA for a rating connected to blood pressure. Background: I was originally awarded 10% for a back injury when I got back from deployment, in the VA's award letter they mentioned I may have hypertension and to submit a claim if I was suffering from high BP. I found several instances in my progress notes where my bp was noted above 100 (systolic) and I ended up recording my BP for over a month. Before I was even scheduled the C&P exam my VA primary care doc put my on BP Meds. In my submission to the VA I included all the progress notes with highlight BPs, my month of BP readings that where mostly over 100 (systolic), and the paperwork to show the VA primary doc put my on the BP meds. With all this said, I am scared that I will not be connected because the meds are keeping the my BP down and that the C&P will not work out in my favor. If they check my BP now it is normal most of the time. Any thoughts on how the C&P will go or anything I should tell the C&P examiner? Thanks!
  10. Okay..after thinking about all this for some time. I feel like the reasons I am having this ringing are BP, Stress, and MEDs. I have researched all of them and they can cause/be associated with tinnitus. I did call a independent audiologist, waiting to hear back from her. My plan is to ask her to right me a IMO stating the above reasons are causing my ringing. I happen to know this audiologist did her thesis on alternate causes of tinnitus, hope she will help me out. Currently collecting my paperwork for the BP claim, that started when I was deployed too. I collected all my readings the majority were ever 110/100 and I have two VA records where they took it and it was over 110/100. I have been on a low dose BP med two weeks. I have all documented. Trying to get the ringing paperwork (IMO) so I can submit all at once. Do you all think that they deny the tinnitus stress connection because I do not have a claim for the stress? Any advise is appreciated.
  11. The ringing started when I was overseas. I am a pilot, so yes I was exposed to alot of loud noise. However they say that I don't have any hearing loss and therefore not have the ringing because of noise. I did start on a antidepressant while deployed..
  12. Been reading the forums for over a year now.. Great information out there! Been back from deployment for just over a year now. I am currently rated at 10% for a back injury. Ringing in my ears started while overseas and I filed as soon as I got back. Because of the optempo overseas I never got around to seeing a medic. I was denied my claim for tinnitus. The reason was because they said I had no hearing loss and that if I didn't have hearing loss I could not have tinnitus. After I was denied my primary care VA doc sent me to an audiologist who found no evidence of hearing loss or tinnitus, next my doc set me up with a neurologist and after lots of testing the neuro doc came up with nothing. In my last appointment with the neuro doc, he said he would set me up with an ENT. A few weeks have passed and today I called the VA to check on the ENT appointment and they told me they would not see me because the ENT doc reviewed my chart and said it would not be a justified exam? So...I want to file a NOD and have been trying to figure out why I have the ringing through the VA, I am coming upon my year mark, can anyone tell me what to do to get some evidence to file with the NOD?
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