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  1. I don't see my post from yesterday, lets try it again. Fast run down, on my post back in 2014 on my denial claim on a cue and appeal. I have seen a VA judge 3 months ago (March) got denied again. I know thru my DAV rep to pursue this further I must hire a VA lawyer. And I got to do this with in 120 days. My DAV is telling me it's over his head or pay grade was his words. Can anyone on here recommend a lawyer with a good track record. Also what perc entage is the going rate they charge. thanks
  2. JBESSER, I am considering a lawyer after the meeting with the DRO. I am also sending the Inspector General of the VA a copy of everything the VA has gotten as well as my congressman.
  3. ROOTBEE22, THANKS FOR THE REPLY. The evidence is there, here in short. I was discharged 1970, Ft.Dix NJ. MY discharged physical is showing I have a better hearing than when I went in. Doc show my induction physical showing I had slight hearing loss, but not enough to stay out of the Army. My discharge physical is showing 0'S in all frequencies range showing my hearing was perfect. I asked for a hear test in 1983 and was denied, So not being smart on this I dropped the claim. I asked for reconsideration and was given in 2008 and was awarded a rating after I had a civilian audiology to give me a
  4. I filed for a CUE many months a go, more like years now. I even went to my congressman and still no prevail. Last week I was looking at E-Benefits and saw where my case was closed as of 1-6-2015, Saturday I got to brown envelope that contained the official notice. To day I went to my VSO and he was pissed, he said next we should ask for a face to face meeting with the rating officer and have him to explain this rating. So here is my questions to my vet friends. What should I expect at the meeting.2. how should I dress. 3 Should I challenge him and just how for should I do that? THANKS FOR ANY
  5. Well John I have to agree with you 100%. I retired civil service and the Govnt. never put a dime in my SS, but, yet they are taking over 1/2 of it. It called the WINDFALL TAX. To me it just one way to rob a vet one more time. But even the SSA has turned me down for disability this picture just isn't right. JMHO
  6. Hello my friends, I am hoping this is the right place to ask a question or questions. I am a new 100% DAV from Georgia and I am hoping other 100% DAV from Georgia can give me suggestions or directions as where and what is available to be from the state> THANKS
  8. yes she has ins, and Medicare part D, however, Medicare said they will not cover it anymore because it is the name brand and not the generic brand. She has tried the generic brand, but she had 2 seizure while on it. Carlie she take 400mg one night and 500mg the next, and that is rotated. The key is that can not take the GENERIC BRAND. THANKS FOR THE ADVICE
  9. Thanks for all the congratulations. I had a meeting with my VSO Tuesday and he went over some benefits that are available to me. The one that got my attention the most was the prescription that are available for my wife. So here I am to ask those who really knows. My wife just got a letter from Medicare that they will not pay for her Dilantin for her seizures. The meds is $449.00 for 3 months supply. So will the VA pick up her meds now that I am 100% P&T?
  10. Congrat Tela. I got my letter Friday and I do was awarded 100%P&T. I HOPE AND PRAY this how they are going to get rid of the back log.
  11. Thanks for the info Georgia papa, I am aware of the Ga. benefits offer to 100%vets. Also I am 67 YO. But I will go Tuesday and show them my papers and start the paper work.. thanks again to everyone
  12. I was so excited to write and tell all of you, I forgot to add I am P&T ALSO
  13. man the last 3 months have be rough, however, today I got the BIG BROWN ENVELOPE in the mail. I am now rated 100%. man this has been a long hard up hill battle. I like to thank each an everyone on here who has given me courage and hope, thank you very much.
  14. I was denied also, they said I made to much money I challenged that and ask for and repeal. The second time I was told I did not have enough credits. Now I don't have 40 credits so they say. I asked being a 90% disable veteran have any bearing. They did not answer my question. So my question here is,, DOES THE 40 CREDITS WEIGH MORE THAN BEING A 90% DIABLE VET?
  15. I just got back on today. I looked at mine and it just like your same wording and dates. My claim was put in this past July
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