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  1. Should I file this increase and New claims through eBenefits??
  2. By the way the Neuro surgery want to operate on my neck and back outside doctor. The VA been wanted to operate since 2012, I refuse to have surgery then and now. They have taken away the hydrocodone 5 mg w acetaminophen 325mg since they are getting more veterans off of narcotics, but they are not giving me anything else to take it place. The outside doctor have signed the paper that states I am permanent and totally disabled last week.
  3. I need to file for and Increase for my DDD and my lower back pain. New claim of upper Radiculopathy secondary to my neck. // and hearing. Should some of these be put in at different times? I need to know how to file this increase for my mild? degenerative joint disease, right acromiclavicular joint( also claimed as shoulder tendonitis) rated at 10%.SC DDD cervical spine rated 20%. SC Lower back Sprain 0%. SC ??? If I had a positive TB tine test while on active duty can I put in a claim in for this???
  4. No. I have not because it was noted until after the by-pass surgery. yes The UGI doc said possibly when I had the CABG, But he was the C& P Doc.
  5. can hiatal hernia be secondary to CABG operation 07? If it was not found during the xray part of the operation, which was found in 08 on UGI visual scope test.
  6. I filed for hiatal hernia with the VA this is how it was worded " Service connection for Hiatal Hernia; gastroespphageal reflux disease as secondary to the service-connected disability of artherosclerotic heart disease with residuals of coronary artey by grafting". The question is that one VA Doc said on his Upper G I (visiual) test with the scope said it was possiably CABAG, In wich I am more prong to believe because he seen what he is looking at through the scope. The C&P Doc only did an MRI and a Ultra sound of the stomach area and he said that he didn't find out any thing that is
  7. How did I get the Group(Seaman) I am Army SFC Retired.

  8. I put in for the claim for Glaucoma and while waiting for 100% Unemployability decision from the rating board. The Doc told me it is my optic nerves that is causing my Glaucoma that they have been monitering for almost a year. I am quiet sure they will send me for a C& P exam.
  9. Hello!!! I am glad to back with the had-it Family. It have been a while since I been to the site, Glad to be back.

  10. In 2009 The VA Doc said that my reegular Glucosse test came out normal but AB1AC test was adnormal showing that I was a border line Diabetic. Since the Doc never told me that I have sugar or not, I am requesting another test, to make sure it is not there. I know that I feel tired and worn down even after getting a good night sleep. After being up for 5-6 hours I get really sleepy this is out of the norm for me. Glad to be aboard hadit again .
  11. I was diagnosted with Glaucoma this week and the Doc. put me on medication and from what I read that there is no cure for this disease. I would like to know if anyone knows if there is any other disease or health issues that may be secondary to Glaucoma? I got out of the Military in 2004 with a 20/50 vision in my health records do you think this would be a service connected disability?
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