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  1. My nephew BRANDON has been in the AIR FORCE for 7 1/2 years and he is currently at HILL AFB in UTAH. He is an E - 4 in logistics scheduling maintenance. He has taken the E - 5 test many times and cant pass it . He served overseas in a combat zone twice. His mother told me he was tested for sleep apnea and they the AIR FORCE said he has sleep apnea. HILL AFB said he will be discharged next year. My question is if he has sleep apnea why wouldnt they medically discharge him now? He was in alcohol rehab recently at the base and released from rehab. What kind of advice would you give him at this point ? Who could he contact ? shipbuilder gusord
  2. What is DIC for survivors of veterans ? shipbuilder gusord
  3. BERTA, I was in the NAVY from 1/4/1966 to 9/8/1966. What is the SMRS file ? Whats in the NAVY 201 personnel file ? shipbuilder
  4. I found my performance evaluation from 1966 in the NAVY on the WILLIS A LEE DL 4. It rates as follows professional performance 3.4, military behavior 3.6, military appearance 3.2 , adaptability 3.6. Overall rating 3.45 out of 4.0. Paragraph 7 states KUMPUNENs performance has been very good. He is a willing worker and is eager to learn. His consideration for others helps to promote good morale. This was signed by LCDR JONES executive officer of the WILLIS A LEE DL 4. The psychiatrist LCDR SCHWARTZ stated in the final paragraph indicates that I had depression as noted above prior to joining the NAVY and while in the NAVY. He stated that my chances of committing suicide without treatment would be quite high. He then states I had great difficulty adjusting to the demands of military service and counseling, etc. had been used without lasting effect. He then states that my behavior disorder would not be benefited by psychiatric hospitalization. I was discharged honorably under code 3210 emotionally unstable personality disorder. He makes contradictory statements about suicide and my performance evaluation shows that I was a good sailor and crew member. I have been on medication for insomnia, depression, and anxiety since 1994 and under care of psychiatrists. Do I have grounds for a VA claim since the depression and anxiety have been noted while I was in the NAVY and has continued with treatment since 1994 ? shipbuilder
  5. My brother served in the US ARMY from 1958-1962 and was honorably discharged serving his full enlistment. He served overseas in GERMANY from fall 1961- spring 1962. He died today in DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS at 72 years old. Does anyone know what kind of death and burial benefits his family are entitled to ? Any information would be most help full . gusord
  6. Still waiting for the Navy psychiatrists records from 1966 that I requested from the National Records Center in Saint Louis. I requested the records over 2 months ago with the address of my psychiatrist. Would it be a better idea to file under the freedom of information act to get better results ? If I file under the freedom of information act would it be to the National Records Center and the VA ? Is it possible the VA has the psychiatrists remarks ? shipbuilder
  7. I sent a letter to the records center in Saint Louis requesting my medical records. I received the medical records but not the records from a consultation with a US NAVY psychiatrist . His letter indicating psychological / psychiatric problems and recommending I be discharged which I was with an Honorable discharge. I sent a second request indicating from memory the name of the pyschiatrist and the location in 1966. Also gave the name and address of the psychiatrist who prescribes medication and consultation for me. The request was sent over two months ago. I wonder if they are with holding the records on purpose ? Would a request to the VA do any good ? I want to use the records to file a claim. gusord
  8. So now I have to request the psychiatrists letter . Do I use the SF 180 request form from the military records center in Saint Louis and then address it to the psychiatrist that I see for insomnia, anxiety, and depression ? shipbuilder
  9. How hard is it to get a surgeon to compare vericose veins [ service related ] to the VAs standards for compensation ? shipbuilder
  10. I received my US NAVY service records from Saint Louis today. There is a medical record of my vericose veins. All parts of my performance was 3.2, 3.4, and 3.6 from january 4,1966 to september 9,1966. I was discharged under code 460 emotional instability reaction. However the psychiatrists letter and evaluation in NEWPORT, RI from july 1966 was not included. One paragraph states under 32 CFR 310.30 [F] a portion of the records contain information which may be interpreted and explained properly by a physician. You may authorize release of your records to your designated physician by responding to this letter with your request. I guess I will have to respond with a written request and have the records released to the psychiatrist that I see for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. SHIPBUILDER
  11. I am new to this forum. I was discharged from the NAVY in 1966 with code 460 emotional instability reaction and honorable discharge. I have sent an SF- 180 to Saint Loius Military Records Center to obtain all my service records including the medical records. The NAVY psychiatrist stated I had borderline schizophrenia , etc. in part being hereditary from my father who commited suicide in 1963 and had been treated for schizophrenia. Since that time starting in 1994 to now I have been diagnosed for insomnia, anxiety, and depression. I have been under the care of three different psychiatrists and have been taking klonnopin, wellbutrin, ativan, seroquel, and other medications. Does the VA also have a copy of all my service records ? shipbuilder
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