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  1. Chuck I looked at dads last C&P exam from Sept 2012 he was rated 70% for depression the rater said he managed and was competent to take care of his finance's. Should I wait to here from VA or send them a letter from the DR that his mind has improved since they changed his medicine.
  2. Does it take a DR to state if a veteran is competent or can VA do it themselves, I made a couple statements on my dads TBI claim such as we pay his bills also that he forgets dates. He has never been diagnosed incompetent by a professional.
  3. Thanks jbasser that is the best link I have ever seen also thanks for your input on my post this site always gives good advice.
  4. Now you guys have me worried dad is TDIU also SMC L1/2 I put in for the new T rating several months ago because of his TBI injury I do go over things with him I guess after reading Berta's post he is just not the man that raised me as far as competent every DR stated he is of sound mind. I hope my statements for his T rating does not hurt him what I said was true some days he is out of touch. It would take a medical person to say he was not competent to cause harm I am not a DR. Thanks to you folks I will not push so hard.
  5. Thanks Berta Should I appeal? And just drop the competent issue also do you feel he should be 100% for depression? with all the other problems at hand.
  6. Need a little input I am filing a NOD for my dad on depression due to his TBI injury the last C&P exam left out several issues that were addressed but not put into writing. When we received the increase from 50% to 70% they gave us the reasons he was not 100% we told the examiner we must prepare dads food we also help feed him or he would starve. Also his neatness we bathe and dress him my sister shaves and cuts his hair or he would look like a cave man also his finance matters we pay all his bills he has no idea what is due or how much he owes all these point were discussed with the examiner. Those reasons are why they did not give him 100% This is what the DR. did say Diagnosis 1 Major Depression Disorder axis 1 is X Diagnosis 2 Panic Disorder Axis 1 X axis 3&4 are in the general medical report 5 global assessment score 40 does veteran have more than one mental disorder yes is x Occupational and social impairment total occupational and social impairment is X check all symptoms that apply to vet depressed mood, anxiety, near continuous panic and depression affecting the ability to function Chronic sleep impairment short and long term memory loss flattened affect Gross impairment in thought and communication processes inability to establish relationship suicidal ideation Impaired impulse control inability to preform daily activities then the last is competency can the vet manage his financial affairs he said yes we told that man dad has not been competent for years. Does any one have any ideas how to format this NOD.
  7. Ok put your thinking cap on I am looking for the topic that referred to C&P exams it said that they should rate it by the severity of pain not just movement. I thought Carlie high lighted it.
  8. My dad was thrown from a gun jeep in 1978 he is now receiving 100% for a TBI injury I would file for a TBI rating ASAP.
  9. Carlie, No I have not received anything from DC I called the 1 800 number they said it was on it's way to Washington also went on his E benefit page nothing is stated it looks like it's lost I know I am. Nothing has changed on that page in over a year.
  10. My understanding is you must be rated 100% for a TBI injury also to get the T award you must be house bound to the point of 24 hr. hospital care and or 24 hr. nurse care.
  11. Thank you and yes I to love my life on the farm I pick my father up and with the help of my brother we put him in the truck so he can see the cows our corn bean and hay fields he is at piece for a couple hours. Keep up the good work Lenkl 3rd.
  12. Berta I agree and I will keep all of you posted also the T rating is in effect so any TBI vets put in for it my dads went in January 11.
  13. Berta thank you and yes we have a VSO also the VFW I have stated our VSO is so busy here in Richmond I emailed Mr. Adkins telling him that we do all the grunt work as should be all we ask him to do is look over the paper work and make sure it is order. He does not give us any advice, I learn more here than from him example if you remember my dad is the one I started the T rating topic our VSO never heard of it refused to look into it after we got all the papers together from the doctors as well as the criteria from VA he mailed it to VA Roanoke another example dad is 100% PT for TBI head trauma with loss of balance and severe seizure disorder he also is 70% for TBI depression several other ratings for 50, 40, 30, 20, 10% now he had to know that without two 100% separate rating he did not qualify for a R rating he let us put in for it do all this work getting letters from his doctors and family us running up and down the road just for me to find out from Phil and John on Had it.com that he was at a moot and L1/2 is what he should drawing. So now here we go again with a new claim for the big new T rating our dad has loss of use of legs due to balance he is not paralyzed but cannot walk and has a VA power wheel chair we pay and hire round the clock care to feed and bathe him. This new rate will help all severe TBI veterans. As for Pete's remark what is a VSO job if not to give good advice and look over paper work to shorten the time frame my family farms we are not lawyers sir.
  14. Called Roanoke today it took over two years to get my form nine after making my appeal now I was told it will be 580 days or more before I hear from Washington how is this time frame fare for me or any other vet in need.
  15. I hope someone can help our family, Our family put in for a increase for depression a year ago the VA gave a increase of 70% the reasons they did not go to the 100 are the main reasons we were there incompetent loud outbreaks impulse disorder are the reasons we went in. They said that is what it takes to get a 100% so here goes a NOD and God only knows how long this will take. Here is a list of his ratings 100 complex seizure disorder dad was thrown from his gun jeep in Panama 70 depression associated with head trauma 50 headaches 40 disk herniation L5-S1 Neurological. Deficit right side 40 Neurological. Deficit left 40 Trigeminal neuralgia post traumatic 30 RT Facial nerve palsy 20 Bilateral 6th nerve palsies 20 hearing loss 20 right brachial plexus 20 the state rated it 70 right hip strain 20 herniated pulpous 20 tinnitus 10 complete alar collapse 10 left hip strain 10 broken teeth due to seizures 10 broken pelvic with plate and screws 10 now with all this the VA said they made a clear and unmistakeable error with the SMC rating they gave service connected Aid & Attendance between l&m we have put in for the housing grant because of the many falls moving from his power chair to the tub or bed while being helped by nurse or family member his DR stated he need someone with him 24/7 my question is what level SMC do we need and how do we put in for it. Also why would they turn the housing down .Thank You.
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