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  1. cg1979:

    Congrats on your claims success and it's clear that you had to work very hard to get wehat you finally deserved and my hat is off to you and your efforts...

    I am considering filing a new claim for my hypogonadism and believe based upon medical evidence that it is secondary to my TBI an Tank Main Gun Explosion and Tank accident in my case. During my research, I saw in your posts  that Dr. Bash wrote a letter on you behalf as I read your posts and saw that you were rated 100% for it? Can you share anymore about your argument and how you archived the 100% rating for the hypogonadism?  Is it possible for you  to share a redacted copy of the letter that Dr Bash wrote on your behalf? Even with Testosterone treatments, my testosterone levels are way below normal and new evidence coming out shows that there is a clear link between the two issues.


    Anyway, your help would be greatly appreciated.. Rootbeer22


    my email is dhyres@hotmail.com if you are will to help me...

  2. I was able to upload the files today. As mentioned above I was sent both a proposal and a decision letter on the same day. Attached is the pertinent information from each letter.
  3. For some reason I'm not able to upload files or add links. Do you need to have a certain number of posts to do either of these?
  4. Back in March of 2013 I was awarded a schedular rating of 100% for hypothyroidism, 20% for meniscal tear right knee, 20% for meniscal tear left knee, 10% tinnitus, 0% hypertension, all of which were retroactive to August 2011. In August of this year I was sent to a C&P Exam for my hypothyroidism, my condition has not improved and in fact has worsened, I explained this to the examiner but she seemed reluctant to accept it since I am on medication. A day or two after the C&P exam I sent a letter (certified mail) to the VARO stating that I have not improved and listed the symptoms that ha
  5. I found this interesting, I logged in to pay my Federal Student Loan today and on 3/28/13 it was paid in full, no details as to where the payment came from. I can only assume that the VA made this payment, whats odd is I have not filed any paperwork in regards to my student loan with the VA. Would they take the initiative to do this on their own?
  6. I'm considering appealing for P&T, does anyone know if their could be a drawback to a appeal? (such as lowering my rating)
  7. I received my back pay today. Better late then never.
  8. The 0% rating would be technically correct, my pressure is not high enough for a higher evaluation. If my pressure ever increased I will have the option to have it reevaluated. I beleive I would need another rating of 30% or more to hit the 100% + 60% anyway.
  9. I do not think I qualify for SMC "S" I am not house bound and I am not at 100% + 60%, If I did my math right I am at 100% + 40%, possibly in time I will be at 100% + 60%. Their is a whole list of secondary affects most of which would be covered by the Hypothyroidism raiting, one that stand out from Hypogonadism would be Azoospermia, Oligozoospermia, Asthenozoospermia. I would need a semen anaysis, my private doctor has written me a script to get one done but I have not done it yet. BTW I'm 33yo without children.
  10. Here is my story, Honorable discharged in 2006 after 5 years AD. In 2009 I placed a claim for a torn meniscus right knee and used a service organization/veterans representative to help me, my claim was denied. I then read all I could on the internet and forums and decided to file a appeal on my own using the knowledge I aquired. I then filed a claim on my own, against the advice of everyone (not including the internet forums), for hypothyroidism/hyogonadism, left knee torn meniscus, tinnitus, and hypertension. I scheduled multiple appointment with independent doctors as well as VA doctors so t
  11. Two years ago I submitted a claim for for a meniscal tear in my right knee that occurred while I was in service. A VA rep helped me fill out my claim and it was denied, I believe he gave me poor advice and assistance. I then filed a appeal on my own and was able to find proof, in military and VA medical records, that contradicted ever single one of the reasons that the VA listed for denying my claim. I am still waiting to hear what the decision of the appeal will be, but I imagine that it would be successful since I used government records to contradict the denial. I have other problems that I
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