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  1. ChooChoo

    Finally !

    Congratulations!.....Enjoy You Earn It,,,,an God Bless. "Army 4 Life" Choo-Choo
  2. ChooChoo

    Nods... Notice Of Disagreements

    Hello, Thadine...My NOD was bac. to Dec.2011 just got denied about two weeks ago. Im filling another appeal....dont give up the fight "Army 4 Life"
  3. ChooChoo

    Win For Hears Loss

    Congratulations "Army 4 Life"
  4. ChooChoo

    Out Of The Blue Some Success

    Good Luck!! and Keep fighting, they (VA) want you to give up.....Please continue to fight for your benefits
  5. ChooChoo

    Dro Hearing 6/27/14 Tdiu Smc K Granted T& P

    Congrts and God Bless!!....Great News....Thats what i like to hear. Thanks for your Service. "Army 4 Life"
  6. ChooChoo

    Fdc Complete Woohoo 100%

    CONGRATULATIONS....2 you and your family. thanks for your service..may God continue 2 Bless U and Your Family.. Sgt. Allen "Army 4 Life"
  7. ChooChoo

    Dav Gave Me The Scoop - 90 Schedular Iu P&t

    Congratulations,,,, "Army 4 life"
  8. ChooChoo

    Unemployability Approved!

  9. ChooChoo

    The Eagle Has Landed

    Congratulations and enjoy. God Bless and Good luck...
  10. ChooChoo

    100% P&t

  11. ChooChoo

    Call From Waco

    CONGRATULATIONS!! ...".Army 4 Life"
  12. ChooChoo

    $63,000 In Retro (No Bbe Yet)

    Congrats on your win. Army 4 Life!!!!
  13. ChooChoo

    I Am Do For Some Good News

    Congrats......Long hard battle U and your Family have Won!!... Enjoy and God Bless
  14. ChooChoo

    Sweet Blessings Flow...!

  15. ChooChoo

    I Think I Got It!

  16. ChooChoo

    Anyone Seen This Before?

  17. ChooChoo

    Another Success...!

  18. ChooChoo

    Claim Awarded

    Congraulations. .....Thank You for service Army 4 Life...
  19. ChooChoo


  20. ChooChoo

    Accuracy Of Ebenefits

    For Some Ebenefits...is somewhat on track with the Info and for others its way out in left field.... I don't got by what Eben...say because the Info is not up to date. So dont go by what you see on Eben...unless like i said you fall in that % whatever that my be...and you claim status is up to date Good Luck with your claim!! Charles.....(Army 4 Life)
  21. Hello everyone does anyone no..how i can find-out info. on my TDRL....Status..Helppp!!!!e


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