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Community Answers

  1. Personally I wouldn't file, for PTSD, as, I believe, you are already rated for a mental disorder and "I believe" they won't rate you any higher. They usually only give one rating for mental disorders. Also, they could look at your TDIU claim again. You can request an SMC "s" award based on the fact that you are TDIU and you rarely leave your home, except for appointments caused by your SC conditions. jmo pr
  2. For what it's worth, I agree w/Chuck, for the most part. The VA is famous for sh*t like this. You need to appeal this decision, or they win. pr
  3. A CUE cannot win if the CUE claim is made prior to the claim becoming final(ie: one yr after the decision). You can request the VA CUE themselves. jmo pr
  4. Good pickup Chuck, I should have caught that! Gettin' old sux! ;-) pr
  5. Personally, I would submit a NOD vs an increase, as it could mean a little retro. jmo pr
  6. Personally, I think you're fairly safe and I would pursue the SMC, which should have been awarded when you were awarded the ratings for sleep apnea(SA) & hypothyroidism, totaling 60% and dated 15NOV2001. To my way of figuring, they owe you between $40k-$50k retro to 15NOV2001. Members like Asknod, Broncovet, Berta, $ others, will probably chime in and add their opinions, in case I've missed something. pr
  7. We'll probably get the same as SS, which may be "zero!" I wouldn't spend it yet. jmo pr
  8. Please bear in mind that they probably won't pay for 6yrs. They usually pay for 48 months(9mos each yr, for 4yrs) and it's just the monthly stipend, while they're in school. pr
  9. Good luck. I won a CUE w/P&T and my daughter tried to get about $10k, in retro chap 35 bennies. They gave her such a hard time that she elected to forget the $10k. Just sayin . . . pr
  10. I've used them about a dozen times, and love them! I always take the largest available, as it's the same price!!! When I moved to ID, some yrs back I had one, on a lake, for a month, while I looked for a place. jmo pr
  11. Still above ground, for now! Airborne, all the way!!! pr
  12. I would "not" file a new claim, as you could lose any retro. I accidently let the clerk put my appeal in as a new claim and it cost me 3yrs of retro, when I won. Binder usually only takes winners, so I'd have them do the appeal, if they want to. jmo pr
  13. File for TDIU, as your SC conditions/medications keep you from working, in your usual field. pr
  14. Any scar can be rated and depending on the size, location and pain, it may cause, will decide how much the rating is. Scars on the face, or where others may see them, are rated higher. pr
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