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  1. I think i put this in the wrong place dont know how to move it,but i am hoping someone could help me with this thanks.
  2. what does this mean just got 100% with P&T but now have a W-S/C&P/OPINION/VAROOSP in wiston salem nc 03/2013. User Guide | Help | Printer Friendly Event Detail You are viewing appointment information from your VA Facility. Appointment Date/Time: 03/21/2013 10:00 Location: VAOPC WINSTON-SALEM Clinic: W-S/C&P/OPINION/VAROOSP Clinic Phone: 336-768-3296 Status: NOT APPLICABLE Compensation and Pension: This is a Compensation & Pension Appointment
  3. Today letter went from 80% to 90% with 100% pay no more info yet, big brown on the way yea?
  4. T&P or P&T I'm not sure which way it goes, but it means permanent and total or total and permanently disabled,DAV is Disabled American Veterans. They did change my status from review of evidence back to preparation for notification Friday, this will be the second time preparation of notification. Hope to hear something good next week.
  5. Good luck to you,happy for you too
  6. I still don't know why or how they change my power of attorney without my consent. The only info I get now is I have a suspense date of May 14. What does that mean? Happy times has fallen on hard times. I did get a letter from the DAV stating that I was 100%. IU I was increased to 90% T&P., But the same day they sent a letter. There were no longer my power of attorney. A few days later, they sent me an application to become a member of the DAV, which I am not, but would be if I had the money.
  7. maybe you need to re-type the address in the address bar, when you get there to log on. Make sure that you don't check the little box below your password that will let you to change your information, you don't want to change your information, so don't check the box. Type in the ebenefits.gov. Good luck
  8. My headings should read messed up times are here again! Checked the beanies today went from notification to review of evidence now back to pending decision. They also changed my power of attorney. They changed it from DAV to veterans services of North Carolina. Called the DAV she has no explanation of why they changed the power of attorney. I also have a claim in for dependents. I have a handicap daughter, who is 19. This may be causing some problems. They have never paid me for dependents. Dependents claim says notification. Driving me nuts. Hope I'm not driving you nuts. Thanks for the feedback
  9. Good luck ,my letter generator has not changed...
  10. Well, happy times are gone checked the Ebenefits this afternoon went from notification to review of evidence. Don't know what's up. Today is Friday the 13th.
  11. DAV rep just called 100% P&T will post more when I have more information.
  12. Preparation for notification dependency dated 3/16/11, preparation for notification administrative review date 3/30/10, but they started a new claim for compensation dated 3/16/11. This was done today on E benefits call my DAV rep has not returned call. No more info on the Ebenefits
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