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  1. I'm unsure of what the VSO's do as well, mine did give me the wrong date for an "appeal" it was my first claim and I really did not know much of anything, not that I know much of anything now but that was 9 years ago. He also told me "you will not win your claim", ironically after it came back approved he said "we did a really good job", yeah ok.

    About the only thing I would use a VSO now for is the mail your paperwork to the VA for you and everything else you can do on your own.

    As for how the VSO's are, well they all can get on here and say they are the best and do this and that, the only believable ones are the interactions that YOU had with them.


    lol, no people are talking about THEIR experiences, a decent person gives credit where credit is due but as well tells the truth about their negative experience and hopefully it helps others out, there are not names thrown out so there isn't anyone identified.



  2. @rpowell01

    Good luck with Pain Management. I had a GREAT doctor but his nurse was a butt. Neither Gaba nor Lyrica worked for me but they started me out with some other stuff. I would for sure tell them what you have been on and what does not work. On active duty I had the Celebrex, it CAN make your BP go up and heart issues, so be careful of that if you get it.

    If your pain is a ten, then tell them. If you are falling down that needs to be knows. My memory is shot but the best thing to do is make a simple log to write it down; date, time, pain scale, pain feels like, meds taken, what makes it worse/easier, did something aggravate it because they will always try to say "that is why it is like that, so just kill that bird there), did you fall from the pain. Just something like that or how you like, my memory is gone and I need all the help in the world.

    I was unable to walk, went to the VA UC and was diagnosed with "constipation" causing my nerve and muscle pain. OMG

    Good luck,


  3. I retired Dec 2003, I think we have 15 or 17 years to use the post 911 educational benefits.

    How do I get an extension for this, is there a standard time period they will extend them for?

    I have seen a neurophysi in the past but do you need some kind of medical documentation.

    I do not think I will be able to use them and would like to pass them on to our young daughter.



  4. I retired Dec 2003, I think we have 15 or 17 years to use the post 911 educational benefits.

    How do I get an extension for this, is there a standard time period they will extend them from?

    I have seen a neurophysi in the past but do you need some kind of medical documentation.

    I do not think I will be able to use them and would like to pass them on to our young daughter.



  5. @71m10,

    Thanks it worked for the u/c............i'm blitzed by reading this. they said no neurological problems reported.......isn't that a neurological problem? I think i'm all through with VA now. I know it's an "ER" report but don't you still have the ability to add information about this in your record......maybe addendum to it or something?

    do know in my HealthyVet you can get the notes from visits, it shows the nursing entries and entries by the physician. Not sure if UC is working of the same templates in the system *I would think they Should).

    Best regards,

  6. One last question and one comment.

    1. I've received my medical records from the "release of information" office before, but is there also "nurse notes" that you can receive from appointments and urgent care/emergency room visits at the VAMC? I wouild like the "nurse notes" if that is something they have. I never received them before as I wanted them from my Pain Clinic days. So has anyone received these and if so did you to note anything special/other than "all records".

    2. The doctor here in the Urgent Care was actually a "Plastic Surgeon" on his "Fellowship". I just got tickled about this part.



  7. @john999,

    You know some of the best thieves are VA Employee's. Yes, many vets get labeld as "gamers" as one so called advocate would always say. It's sad someone being a "advocate" would have that view and by no means is it someone on hadit.com I do believe the bad people always outshine the good since there are many more but man you still need a fair chance and help. Like with sleep apnea bring it up to VSO and they are like "not another one", some have legit cases even after service.

  8. @71m10,

    I appreciate the insight.

    All I basically said I've been on flexerall and tramadol and NEVER had constipation. I have Hyptothroidism and it "can" cause it, maybe this was acting up. Yes, I admitted to the doctor I have severe leg weakness and cannot walk also for some reason been constipated for the 1 1/2 prior.

    A point is if we are in such fear of something that "can" do some damage despite the great upside to something then we would never get anywhere nor would America ever been founded. Ironically, they wanted to give me a shot of NSAIDS which I am Allergic to, simple! It is documented in my VA record, Simple. Maybe there is no other choice than for them to wheelchair me back to the car.

    Knowing all this constipation is a symptom of something which it was not a symptom of taking tramadol because they do not touch my pain and I really do not take them. I wear a Tens which I do not believe it causes the constipation and for flexural I couldn't even get up to get it the two days which really sounds pitiful on my part but now I keep them and a bottle of water at the bed, lesion learned.

    I understand things can get worse, however, it is really difficult to tell a person in severe pain that you cannot have this because we fear that and then you basically send them home. I did take a pill that "can" cause constipation when we got home and I felt better and I had no constipation in the am.

    not, your fault............all I asked is those that chimed in if they knew of the conditions (of the spine) I listed because they can cause you to be constipated as it can cause involuntary bowel movements and urine as well because someone else may have been dx'd this way. Symptom is constipation not problem and I get the meds can cause symptoms of constipation.......I was asking everyone about my back and the conditions unless I got very off track and with the darn ants and what not.

    The constipation (since this is how I was dx'd) also made my one nut feel like it was going to explode and they did check the prostrate which was okay.

    Constipation gone - back pain still here but I have a long history of back pain as i'm also rated from but the weakness was/is SEVERE.

    Yes, I need to see my pcp asap!


    In my post I clearly indicated they did not address your problem. Then went on to explain why they most likely didn't address your issue to your satisfaction. You went to an ER/urgent care not a specialist appointment. When they detected/discovered a reasonable medical reason for your symptoms they treated it in what they determined was an appropriate manner.

    ""may" is not a reason to deny anyone a medicine for pain!" By your own admission you admitted/told the doctor you were constipated, and now your upset that he didn't give you a medication that could have worsened a medical condition you had? So what would you be doing if he gave you the pain meds and your constipation turned into a full on bowl obstruction requiring surgical intervention? I guess you would be asking for information on how to file a malpractice claim?

    I sure would like some "pain relief" but unfortunately i am allergic to opiates and they won't give me NSAIDS due to blood thinners and additional cardiac risk. So I am waiting on another consult with pain clinic(they don't want to see me until I go to PT, PT doesn't want me back because there is noting they can do) and living with my own personal taser strapped to my back to run enough interference so that I can move.

    People attempted to help explain what happened and ways to get a better resolution, but those who pointed out the meds you were on could cause constipation are accused of being part of the crowd that want to deny you, your pain relief.

    I hope something can be worked out for you long term to address your pain, but the medical community is on a crusade to "prevent abuse of perscription medication" and we are just collateral damage.

  9. And I guess with some of peoples ideas and the u/c doctor..........I should never get pain meds since I have hypothyroidism and that in it's self "may" cause constipation........ironically the constipation cleared on it's own after I took something else that "may" cause constipation, strange world huh. Ironically, the doctor didn't ask eating habits for fiber and other whole foods, right? never been constipated like this before and I assume nobody here knows of the above conditions that can actually cause the "symptom" of constipation, has anyone here actually been told constipation was the cause of their leg numbness?!?!? severe back pain?

    you "may" be hit while walking, but we walk

    you "may" not wake up from your sleep, but you sleep

    you "may" be involved in a car accident if you drive, but probably most drive

    "may" is NOT a reason to deny anyone a medicine for pain!~ that is called XXXXXXXX


  10. The doctor was on his "fellow" and going to be an ER doctor. I do need to get back into the pain clinic, however, the pain clinic did the same crap with giving me nsaids this is where it all started about 4 years ago and I had to see my GI doctor because they were messing my stomach up more, I have so much burning from bleeding it isn't even funny.

    I would think the urgent care doctor was not a specialist. I would expect they scheduled a follow up with primary or a back specialist. If they schedule a follow up with the primary then the primary should schedule a rehab or ortho or pain clinic appt. I have been through this several time for both upper and lower back flares. If no follow up was scheduled I would contact the primary doc and ask to come in ASAP. If problems continue with getting treatment talk to the patient advocate.

  11. Glad they weren't fire ants - good luck! :smile:

    yeah, enough fire ants in our lawn. they did start biting, it is kind of sad, because you do know "some" people are allergic to the ants but they were the small ones sugar or carpenter I'm not an ant expert. Dude looked at me like I was crazy asking to move rooms, maybe I should have told him there is a shark in my room and got some treatment then, lol.

  12. The constipation resolved on it's own. In the urgent care, my wife heard the u/c doctor tell them to give morphine to me room XX. Berta, I saw the P/A at this facility one time and she got my PCP on the phone and was laughing and looking at me (I never addressed with to anyone)......I was so upset I had to have my wife step in and I know I get a little over the edge at times but my wife is very understanding and was just like they are totally unprofessional. She actually did her clinicals there and quite (went to peds) when she say how they treated the elderly paitents several patients she checked wounds were not being cleaned properly and turning infectious and nasty. I was getting ready to post the ants on youtube and send a video to the Whitehouse, I know it's not life or death but dang and then the nurse's attitude when she couldn't find me in the room one over of her saying about he left, he must not have been hurt or really needed any meds......and this is the same nurse trying to give me a nsaid when I can not have them per my GI doctor.......look she didn't even ask anything she said "here is a shot" the needle was uncapped and she had it to my arm, I asked what is the shot and what that was........nsaids and I cannot have them......."not just one shot", my wife was about ready to slap her. Also, everything I've known is that your nerve that sends the signal for your bowels can be pinched or whatnot but my wife never heard of bowels giving you back problems weakness, leg numb, falling down type pain. I'm going to pick up my record to see how it is worded by him.

    Hoppy is right, see the PT Advocate and if that doesn't help, see the director of the VA there, if that doesn't help tell the IG about the ants (to get their attention) and tell them about the results of whatever the UC did do for you......I put IG contact info here and it is found under a search. At least it will

    provide documentation of what happened to you.But I dont know what the IG will do about this at all.

    But has the constipation been resolved by now?

    THIS concerns me:

    "Someone even put in morphine for me but I never received it b/c it can constipate me even more"

    Do you mean someone wrote a script for it, and the pharmacy prepared it, but you have not picked it up? Is that why you didnt "receive" it?

    Mention that to the IG too if you need to contact them.

  13. 71m10,

    Understand with tramadol and flexeral, however, I have never had constipation from them and really do not take the tramadol due to stomach issues with this and it does not help even start to address my pain - this has been addressed to my pcp and I've asked for something else with out getting it so I play their game of increasing it as they say. One thing I did not really think of is as my wife said with our contrast on the mri they wouldn't be able to see much anyone with the bowels full. I do need to sked a follow up with my pcp but the urgent care physican did say return to u/c if it did resolve and they will do a mri. Personally, I think the u/c physican just said constipation as he was so sold on me having a kidney stone. Anyhow, my "constipation" resolved on it's own the following morning after I took an opiate for the pain however with upper gi bleeding and a letter from my GI doctor stating I am to have NO nsaids they nurse tried to give me a shot of toradol when I asked what it was she said an nsaid and I told her what my GI doctor said her comment was "not even just one shot", is that not hypercritical?!?!? no meds for back which I was about in tears and could not walk but wanted to give a nsaid when my GI doctor said no and the letter is in my VA Record.


    • Ketorolac tromethamine, including TORADOL (ketorolac tromethamine) can cause peptic ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding and/or perforation of the stomach or intestines, which can be fatal. These events can occur at any time during use and without warning symptoms. Therefore, TORADOL (ketorolac tromethamine) is CONTRAINDICATED in patients with active peptic ulcer disease, in patients with recent gastrointestinal bleeding or perforation, and in patients with a history of peptic ulcer disease or gastrointestinal bleeding. Elderly patients are at greater risk for serious gastrointestinal events (see WARNINGS).

    I do understand he the urgent care physican was doing his best but........................with the severe pain and since he gave me meds for the constipation and since i'm never constipated, I didn't see any one reason to not give one shot.

    Both Tramadol and Flexerall have constipation as a known side-effect. This does not diminish the fact that your urgent care visit, really did not address your accute pain and temporary debilitation. However, it is entirely possible that the physician thought the present constipation was creating the problem. He/They also had a reasonable set of medical facts to explain the constipation (two medicines that are known to cause constipation). Do you have a scheduled follow up with your primary care physician?

    I understand your frustration with getting the VA to do helpful diagnostic tests, you would think that MRI's are prohibatively expensive. What is even more troubling is we are considering lobbing hundreds of cruise missles into Syria at a million point five a pop, it is viewed as a reasonable expense, but practicing the BEST medicine for veterans is a non-starter.

    I think all politicians and thier appointees in the federal government should be required to use VA care. The clinics for that care will be populated with staff doctors from all VAMC's on rotating TDY orders. If it is good enough for us, it should be good enough for them!

  14. @J

    Absolutly! When I added our now 20 month old daughter I received a letter back from the VARO saying she was added and this only took maybe two weeks which knowing the VA had me in shock and I was paid the next pay period. I can't see who and what is trying to be done but I was told here is no backpay for adding new dependents, the time only starts when the VA inputs in the system.

    It doesnt take 10 minutes to add a dependant to a claim.

    That is my point also. I have been very outspoken to others on this issue.

    They need to get it done. Why make kids wait for food??


  15. Hello,

    1. We just returned from the VAMC Urgent care and I have a few questions and maybe crazy or have high expectations.

    The first question. The room I was put in at urgent care had a lot of ants. I did not see them until the doctor told me but they were on the side of me as in not in the corner at the wall or under a deck. I was not in a r00m with a bed but in a chair and literally like 6 inches from my foot were a darn tribe of ants and then a line of ants toward the front of the chair. The person that put me in the room did not see them, I did not see them, the nurse did not see them but the doctor when he came in made a comment but nobody came to clean them up. My wife and twenty month old daughter came to the room after about 1 1/2 hours later after I had xrays and my wife said OMG ants on your feet, so they were killed, lol.

    I asked if we could change rooms b/c of the ants, the guy put us in the next room over on the same side and he went in the room with a yellow bottow which I assume is "raid" and talked about needing to call the exterminator in the morning.

    I did take pics and videos of this because it was like a lot of ants and they started running over my feet not that I could feel them but my wife told me, To me that is just nasty to me, the ants looked to be eating something on the floor that was stepped on.

    Anyhow, who can I forward this info to outside of the local and regional VA here and would that be acceptable or just too much?

    2. My back (lumbar or PGP) I went to UC because I could not get out of bed, could not walk, have fallen probably 20 times in the last two days as this just came out of no where but I have reported lumbar issues and use a tens, meds tramadol and muscle relaxer flexural.I have never hugged the wall in my life but being unable to stand up I learned. My pain to me feels like PGP (pelvic girdle pain) or maybe an annular tear.

    My UC Doctor seemed really good but even though I told him of my past back historyand the current issues like my left nut felt like it was going to explode he felt I had kidney stones or something else so Xrays, blood work and urine test went on.

    All came back negative but as I told him, no bowel movement in the last 48 hours and the xray showed me backed up which he gave me something to release the bowels. He did not want to give me a pain med because I am constipated and it will make it "worse", so I did not get any pain relief even as he acknowledged my pain level and my attempts to walk and get up.

    The kicker and insult to me was my "Diagnosis: Constipation" The doctor said he felt the constipation is causing my back pain. Constipation was not what I came in for, this can be a symptom of what is wrong but they did not do a MRI or Xray on my spine. I do know that Saddle anesthesia or cauda equina syndrome can cause constipation but constipation is a symptom of something not a cause or I might really be crazy can someone help me with this. Also, is there something I can file in my record about my severe lumbar pain vs. constipation.

    Oh but look. My nurse went looking for me and this was actually ONE room next to the ant room, nothing closed but she went back up to the front with my script and said "he already left, there's nobody in room XX, he must not have had back pain after all, my wife just shook her head as I could not even drive. Someone even put in morphine for me but I never received it b/c it can constipate me even more and I know this but my back pain is still my first problem as I cannot even get out of bed by myself the the flexerall and tramadol my pcp prescribes for me.

    I'm unsure if this site will let you upload videos but I can try in the AM

    Thanks and sorry for a dumb post but I appreciate any insight.

    YelloowNumber 5

  16. If anyone is good with EKG/ECG's can you give me input, also is my blood test concerning bun and white blood cells.

    This is from 2010 and I've asked my doctor about this, this was acutually the email I sent them via secure messenger. My blood pressure has been high as in 170//115 but they don't seem worried on finding the problem. I was told basically this EKG was a "fluke" but without any further testing completed.

    "I would like to go over my VA CP EKG from 4 Nov 2010,


    A. Sinus Tachycardia

    B. Possible Left atrial enlargement

    C. Nonspecific T Wave abnormality

    D. Abnormal ECG"

    3. My blood test for the past few years there are a few tests that have been out of range every year.

    A. Bun has been low three of the four last test (last test was a 6 {Normal 10 - XX}), how about more comprehensive testing on my liver or kidney or are these low test results ?normal??

    B. I?m pretty sure all of my blood test my Mono % or #, MVT, Lueco are high. What does this mean? I thought it meant an infection but nobody has ever said anything.

    any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  17. john,

    I do get leaks often and curious as well. I can control the leaks for a time period but unaware of how long this might last. I use the nasal pillow mask which I love since it is pretty easy on me.

    My problem seems to be the hoses.........I set them in a position not leaking but during the tossing and turning they start to leak. I thought the CPAP used to work very well for a while but now I'm with hands in the air. I am 100% compliant with the CPAP and I have a fit with I have to sleep without it.

    Another thing that seems to help very much is getting the new supplies every six months which I have not done lately.

    Besides getting OSA SC'ed is everyone being successful in treatment? I have not been successful.

    Doctor says because of the shape of my nose it is hard to get a good seal? I guess that part must be true since I often wake up with the mask squealing and leaking. Other times my nose and face is very sore so I can't wear the mask. I have been through many masks. My private doctor is a real nerd and it often feels like I am in "Wonderland" when I am talking to him but he supposed to be the best in my area. I deal with doctor, sleep lab, Bpap provider, insurance company and medicare. I can't seem to get them all in line. For the last year I have been dealing with this frustrating situation and feeling very sleepy.

  18. I have a question.

    If I submitted a claim right now and this claim more than likely will be denied and put to the DRO and BVA...........now in six months I have another claim I need to submit will this second claim "slow" down this first claim or will this second claim get put to the side.

    Thanks in advance.

  19. PR,

    My wife and I have Apria and American Home Patient and had problems with both which I now believe now every durable medical equipment provider does the same thing.

    Numerous billing issues..............then they Apria recharged us for full payments two years later. AHP made double accounts and wouldn't consoldate them and after going through our records with AHP after you carry a credit for 2 months they took the credit and put it to a ZERO balance.

    Needless to say we are still looking for someone to use for a DME. I would say it is a local office matter but with AHP I contacted their HQ and they had no clue of where our prepaid account balances where going.

    Mistakes we made were by paying ahead of time and paying more than the min.

    OK, had a new sleep study and they'll be putting me on a BiPAP, which I'll be going thru Medicare and my Medicare co-ins for. Has anyone any dealings w/Lincare or Apria medical services, either good or bad?? They appear to both service my area in NC and in VT, when I'm home, but I don't have any experience w/either. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks again!


  20. It does write the data directly to the smart card. We never had a problem with ours but maybe demons did something.

    Well, I had my annual CPAP appointment today. Last year they told me I had missed 25 nights of using it and that I only used it for 4 hours a night. I didn't agree but said nothing. I faithfully used it every night since for at least 7 hours. I have a claim in for it so you know I will do whatever it takes.

    So today I asked about usage of the CPAP. She showed me the report that I only used it 4 hours per night and that I didn't use it for 344 night within the last year. I was furious. I said her program was wrong. She said nothing was wrong with the program. I said then the CPAP is wrong then she said the CPAP was fine. So I said then you are saying I lied. She said yes. I asked for her name which she didn't like and said to go ahead and complain about her. I assured her I would.

    I asked for another CPAP because it was wrong. She said I could get one next year. I said and you will get the same results too.

    I was told that I have severe sleep Apnea and I'm supposed to trust this machine.

    I just sent my Senator an email. They have helped me twice before.

    I hope you all have better luck with your CPAP.


  21. Barry,

    Sorry to hear that. I did not miss (not notified) a C&P but have missed a two tests and two appointments due to zero notification by the VA. Just a hint start calling the 1800 number or check myhealthvet weekly and seeing if you have any appointments sked, no means should you have to do this but you have to get better than the VA at their game.

    Hopefully, you have called someone and it is straight now.


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