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  1. I can say with 8 years experience, The Va will use every trick in the book to deny a claim. If you have the stregth to hang in and use the advice of those who have been there, You will finally succeed. I can't type what they put me through. Anyone that wants to follow my journey, I keep it on Hadit. Bless all of you. Josephine
  2. I am a litle late, but I am still here and most grateful for the help and assistance I received from so many on this site. Thanks for much and forever grateful. Josephine
  3. I was told today that only Appeals Department and BVA are not workiing and that all claims are being processed as ususal. If you .have a claim in process it should not be delayed. Source came from a DRO.
  4. Thanks Free, I will be honored to accept the award. A Big Hug to You also. Always, Betty
  5. Thanks Free, I shall admit and plead guilty to all you said. I would not shut up. I was the biggest nuisance on Hadit. You must admit, I did get attention. It was called help me or kick me off the site. Help did pour in from all directions and I still see myself headed to Washington, D.C to the Forsenic Psychiatrist for my final trial. The trial of my life. I remember at the top of the mountain, saying a prayer for each and everyone of you. As I have said the names went on and on. The long battle was finally over for me. I know that I first filed in 1978, bu
  6. Hi all. I am sorry that I have not posted, but honestly, I haven't had enough sense to know how anymore. Berta and Free thanks so much. Gosh, I remember all that fight just like it was yesterday. What would I have done without you all. The names could go on and on and on. . Everyone needs to hang in and keep fighting. When you get so low, there is always someone on Hadit to bring you back up. In the end, I must say it was worth it for the BVA Judge to finally say." Service Connected". Pay her back 16 years. I will always be grateful to each and every one of
  7. Hi Free, I am doing fine. After the VA got through with me, don't have too much sense left. More Anxiety than I ever had. I read your post, but lost as how to helo you as you did me. Keep at it. You are young and your are strong. You guys kept me going and so sorry, I can't do the pay back. Always, Betty
  8. I fought them for years and thanks to Hadit. I won. It was a terribible battle of lies. Thanks Hoppy for telling me what to do. And of course thanks to everyone on the site for keeping me sane and going. I was ready to quit several times for I didn't think I could take anymore. With research from members on the site the battle finally ended. A bg thanks to everyone and I will always be grateful to all of you. .
  9. I am a bit late as usual. Can't keep up with the time. I am enjoying the pretty weather. Trust all are doing well. Always grateful for all the help I had on Hadit. What a battle I had to fight, but with everyone's help. It was accomplished. Thanks so much. Josephine
  10. This is only my opionion. I went the IME route. For Psychiatry I went to Washington, D. C. for an examination with Dr. Crowley. It was well worth it to me for my case was 40 years old and I was paid back 16 years.
  11. HI Everyone, I am a bit late, but I am still here in Virginia. Josephine
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