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    Welcome, I am from Virginia Josephine
  2. I am not sure how this law will play out, but I have a letter from the VA stating 100% P%T. I received my application from our Tax Commissioner. I gave them the completed application, a copy of the letter from the VA a copy of state taxes for this year and I included a copy of my picture of Service Connection. I was told all was in order and would be processed. Josephine
  3. Congratulations!! The best to you and yours. Josephine
  4. Congratulations! What Wonderful News! The best to you and yours, Josephine
  5. Yes, a fight for your life you will have. I have been there. I believe you posted you were acting strange in service. Is this in your Military Medical Records and were you on meds for a mental conditon in service? If so, do you have these records. You filed for a mental condition in 1990? What mental conditon did you file for? I know I filed for nervousness, but re-opened the earlier claim under anxiety. In the end, the words came out to mean the same by the BVA Judge. I sent all of my post medical records and military records to a Forsenic Psychiatrist for his review, but did go to see him after he studied them for about 3 weeks. I was treated for a nervous conditon, or personality disorder in service with Librium and discharged for what they called a "Personality Disorder". This Psychiatrist was able to review all my medical records, which I had for 40 years and was able to state what the military called a "Personality Disorder", was in fact the beginning of my Anxiety. I was awarded 100% for "Chronic Anxiety P&T in 2008 and 100% in 2005, but was awarded by the BVA Judge retro to 1992. I sure hope this helps you some. This was an extremely hard claim to receive and was only accomplished with all the help of each and every member of Hadit. Always, Josephine
  6. Congratulations! The Best to You and Yours!
  7. john999, It sure was a heck of a battle. It was a Big Cat and a Small Mouse all the way! I couldn't have done it without all of you. After a 40 year battle, I tell everyone," Never give up" ! Thanks Josephine
  8. Carlie, You are one of the Best!!
  9. Hi Everyone, I am still here and very thankful to all of my Hadit friends. Betty
  10. Beautiful weather here in Virginia. Spring is almost here. The best to all of you.
  11. Congratulations!! The best to You and Yours!
  12. Hi everyone, I am still here in Virginia. The weather has been chilly and way too cold for me. I would love to have some of the Florida Sunshine. I would like to bury my body in the hot sand. Boy, does that feel good to me already. My shoulders would love it. God Bless Everyone and Many Thanks for your Kindness. Betty
  13. HI, Please remember I am not a service officer, just giving you my opinion of what I read. Please forgive me if I missed something, but I think the report is very favorable to you. Seems pretty clear cut to me. Betty
  14. Congratulations!! The best to you and yours!
  15. Congratulations, Mike The best to you. Betty
  16. My husband receives his meds by mail and they have been wonderful. His heart medicine alone would be $400.00 a month, but at no cost through Champ VA. by mail. He has always received them on time and the telephone assistance is marvelous. He has Medicare A&B and Champ VA pays the rest. We never worry about a dime for his medical expenses. I highly recommend them to anyone. Betty
  17. Happy New Year to all of my Hadit friends. I was blessed with a White Christmas and lots of Wonderful Blessings. I wish the best for each and every one of you. Don't give up on your claims. I waited almost a life time. I want to thank each one of you for making this possible. As "Free" once said, " I am like an old 78 record that will not stop playing". Thanks Free and Happy New Year. I want to see many claims won this year. Always, Betty
  18. HI, I also wish to welcome you. Someone will come along soon to assist you. Betty
  19. Hi Ron, I sure am happy to see that 100% by your name. I know it took a long time to get there. I wish I knew the answer to your question, but I am sorry that I do not. My Best Wishes to you. Always, Betty
  20. Mcafee, Happy to hear your surgery went well for you and that you are back home. Time is what you need now and plenty of rest. God Bless, Always, Betty
  21. Congratulations and Happy Holidays!! Betty
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