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  1. My local Va here in Phoenix sent me someone's else's records and it was a big ass pile of papers. I call my VA rep and he sounded like he really couldn't be bothered by it all. So I seal them all up and sent to to the records section of the Phoenix Va hospital and ask for a phone call or a piece paper saying they got them and explain that they weren't my records. They did call me and thank me..You don't get that very often..
  2. Well, nothing from McCain yet and don't expect one. But the IRIS did answer me and you know what? They contacted the Phoenix VA and ask them!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I wrote IRIS back and explain to them the answer they gave is the one I already know and that I want to know where it states that I can't have these supplies. I am service connected for this condition and all service connections are suppose to be cover, so show me where I'm not. No answer yet and more then likely won't get one...Such is live...
  3. Had this old timer living across the street from me who was around 87, maybe 88 when he got his claim and he had to get his congressmen involved to get it. He is 96 now and lives in a nursing home here in town. In WW11 his ship was sunk and he spent some time in the water and lost part of a finger. He rake in some good money let me tell you. They gave him 100% and had to back pay him from WW11 time. He still gives the Tucson VA fits...hahahahahaha...Last yr he fell and broke his hip, had it repair but more is going wrong with it and the doc's say his bones are to frail to fix. So now he chase's the lady's with his walker..hahahahahahaha....And of course he is a bit crazy....1 minute your his friend, the next like who are you? Stay away from me...
  4. I have 10% for the ringing in the ears thing (Both ears) and 0% service connected for hearing loss, I have a hearing lose but not enough to rate above 0% but they (Phoenix VA) did give me a hearing aid for my right ear. It did make a difference, I could hear the birds sing again and that was above the ringing in my ears..hahahahahahaha...
  5. I talk with the Tucson advocate yesterday and she told me that Phoenix and the Tucson VA are one of the very few VA's that DO NOT make it a practice of suppying Test Strips and Lancets to Vets with Type 2 diabetes. I believe it comes down to the dollar thing and the almighty dollar is worth more then a vets life. Its dealt with on a case by case basis they claim. But they told me that without even hearing my case( so - so much for that lie) So if a Vet that is seviced by the Phoenix or Tucson VA gets the strips and lancets with Type 2. Well, they are lucky people. And does not matter if your service connected or not. 9 times out 10 the answer is NO. I do have a email to iris been about 3 days now, no answer. (suppose to answer within 5 business days). I also just shot off a letter to Senator McCain (Our senator for AZ) I don't expect much from him taking in his voting record for the vets (90%) against us. He will never get my vote and I'm a Rep. I'm getting ready to shot another one to Senator Klye, he has a better voting records for the vets. I know this will put a big ass flag on my VA records..but crap, deny a service connected vet his/her medical suppy's! Na, ani't falling for it, Its pure B.S.. I even mention to the advocate that I'm service connected for this condition (Type 2 through Agent Orange), didn't phase her a bit and just said it came down from above her pay grade. Will let you know as I find out more.
  6. Just to lt you all know I have a email in to the VA asking the question why? I have left a phone message to both the Phoenix and Tucson VA advocates office's and yet to recieved any call back.
  7. Thanks Pete, It sure was the darnest thing I have ever seen, I was in browse, but I pick ONLY that one item out of it and it posted my whole MY Documents. Yea, it sure did post the Mother File..hahahahahahaha..but all is good now. Thnaks again
  8. I just move my whole "My documents" some where else, so all that is there is the PDF file I tried to upload and you can't open it..so forget about it... I don't know why when I tried to attach 1 file it took all of my document file..now that was a strange one...
  9. Please don't open that attachment I was trying to upload a file for Type 2 and my whole "MY documents" or most of them got loaded and it has a lot of private info in there. I'm in the process of getting the whole thing remove now. But the jest of the document I found states from what I can read Type 2 should be tested around 3 times a week BUT!!! It would more or less be at the doc's call to let you have the testing supplies...
  10. This is why, I ask for the Reg that calls for the treatment and whats included...I'm not going to fight with a knife and the VA have the gun..I lose, you lose and every vet lose's for treatment under this condition or any other condition for that matter. I have been a member of this board for yrs, but post very little, I read and enlight'en myself with your alls knowledge. This board is been a great help for all vets. Keep up the good fight and never leave anyone behind.
  11. I already got my claim back and I'm at 20% for Type 2 (Agent Orange) and yes I'm a Nam vet, served with the 25th inf in Cu Chi 66-67 time period, but not with the Rangers at that time. I served with A/75th Rangers out of Ft. Hood Tx Mar 1971- Oct 1972, then back to the 25th Inf, but this time in Hawaii 75-78 may Warrant in 76. Does your friend who lives in Scottdale use the Phoenix VA? (I think it and the one in Tucson are the only VA's in AZ so he should) The VA at first gave me everything, meter/test strips and the lacents, but told me once they run out I'm on my own, I double check just last week when I was up there and was told the same thing again in the Diamond Clinte (sp). I have a friend of mind who lives here in town and use's the Tucson VA and he has Type 2 also and they told him the very same thing..must be a AZ thing...But he got in a program run by the VA for 1 yr that gives him 16 strips per month and lacents and pays him 20 extra bucks every time he comes in to get his blood check, but thats only for 1 yr, then he is out there fishing again. Had a friend of mind just pass away who was in F Company for awhile around your time frame, We called him Bone, His real name was Charles Hegerboom or something like that..he live in N.C. I guess him and F Company didn't get along in Nam or out of Nam (I guess there was some problems at one of the reunions and Bone was kinda disowned) He was crazy..kill a few folks that broke in his house he found out who they were hunted them down and killed both of them with a shotgun. I think he was a tunnel rat for awhile also in Nam. Well, after the 1st disagreement with F company he transfer to the 3/4 Cav and drove APC's. So the Phoenix VA is giving some vets what they need and some not....Now go figure....
  12. I sure appricate the input from all, its like I stir up a hornets nest..hahahahahaha, in the good way. But with all the good intentions could somebody please direct me to where in the 38 I would find that I'm entitled to the Strips and Lancets? If your going to a fight with a knife and the VA has the gun, guess who loses? We do..Now if I have that info and can show it, (I will print it off and take it with me) now my knife is a gun and bigger gun then their gun. I just call my buddy today (He was up north on a family visit run) he has Type 2 also and he use's the Tucson, AZ VA (The one I plan on transfering to from the Phoenix, VA) and he told me they told him the very same thing, no strips or lancets until he gets to Type 1...Now he has entry a test program the Tucson VA is running on Type 11 and the they provide him with 16 strips per month and Lancets and pay him an additional 20 bucks everytime he comes in to be check. I say ani't that some shit sarge! Anyhow, Can anyone provide me with in writting info stating what Type 2 is enttiled to as far as meds, strips, lancets, meters, etc. It would be a powerful weapon to use against them. Thanks Dennis A/75th
  13. Thanks for the reply and I kinda figure that..the smoke is about to start..Damn Phoenix VA and USE to like them...Now pee on them, I'll take my business to the Tucson VA...I live in Casa Grande, kind of in the middle of the two.. Again thanks for the reply's Dennis
  14. I would also like to add that with Type 2 debetics, The VA WILL NOT give you the Strips and lancets to measure your blood sugar. I'm service connected for Type 2 due to Agent Orange. They (Va) gave me a reader, 1 box of strips to stick in the reader, one box of lancets to poke yourself with and meds. They will continue the Meds but, NOT ANYTHING esle they said I'm on my own..duh...I'm service connected at 20% just for the Type 2 and over 50% overall..I thought if you were service connected everything was covered? Well, ITS NOT!! They said (va) that I have to progress to Type 1 before they give me the strips and lancets..duh again...Isn't the whole point is to try and not advance to type 1 or at least slow it down. Well, without the tools to momitor myself..guess what? I see type 1 right arourd the cornor. Does Anyone know where it states in the VA regs where we don't get this items and service connected for the conditon? I sure would like to read that. You can reach me at dman00194875@msn.com. Dennis Rick
  15. Let me just say this about this situation. I at one time held a Top Secert SCI clearance and I have no idea if it effected the release of my records, but I will say this. In 1984, I was informed to request a copy of all my military records ( I had left the service in Dec 82). This person told me to request them though the NSA and I did (now I have been told thats impossible, but I did) and recieved a hugh packet that had all my Clearance's and the people they interview (just the SS blackout)medical records (even the one where I was in the hositipal in Nam for what they call "Battle Fatigue"). You wouldn't believe what they had... Well, to make a long story short, with the events of time and many move's two marriages and going back in the service and retiring and working for the Federal government as a Fed employee (retire from there in 2002 and military 1994) and held a Secert clearance Final). I had misplace lost what ever, but to this day I can't find most of those records. So I wrote to the NSA, (2003) to see if I could get those records again, well their answer was, who are you? You don't exist, we don't carry personnel records here except for our own!! So I appeal their deceision and got the same results. (I know where I requested those records from), they told me to check with the FBI, I hey-haw around and finally did it this year and guess what? I don't exist with the FBI either. Here I held a Top Secert SCI clearance (you's can't go much higher), then as the job change and out of the military and working for the Feds, I only had a Secert Clearance and that was a "FINAL" in which means the FBI has check you out!! I also spent some time as the security officer for my unit ( I was a Warrant ). So I kinda knew the drill. Also I know this, everytime I write St. Louis for my records ( I do it every two yrs or so, just to see if anything shows up), well my records get smaller and smaller..I'm sure soon I won't exist there also. So I can understand some of what the guy is saying, however, there are buddy statements that can verify some of what he is saying, you don't have to go into detail..but, it might be enough to state your case. Good Luck Dennis
  16. What is this even doing on this thread..??? I thought a long time ago...Crap like this wasn't suppose to be posted here, that it was for Claims etc. This has turn into a Bush bashing form and no where near its attended purpose. You people don't like our country get the hell out and go live in Iraq and follow their laws..lets see what happens. You ought to be blaming the sorry azz who turn him in...NOT BUSH and as far as Iraq goes IF Clinton and his admin would have been doing their jobs there very well might not have been a 9/11 or Iraq...If Clinton would have taken out OBL when he SHOULD have, no 9/11, no Iraq and no Afgan. So before you all go blaming Bush..you better look at the whole picture and not just some left handed article you have read that didn't cover the whole thing... Now what did Berger steal out of the classified libary, papers that prove Clinton didn't do his job and was at fault for 9/11? You all are ex service people not a bunch of whinners...complain about the VA as all of us have done since it started...You all act like it was Bush's fault since the VA began. Grow up. Dennis
  17. Has anyone here had any dealing with using the Federal Tort Claim Act? I was prescribed the Meds Lovsatatin and Ketoconazole to be use together. (By the VA) I develope a cramp in my right lower calf that will not go away when I walk. Can't really walk more then 50 ft without starting, then I stop and go a little further and stop again and so on. I have been to the VA for this and stop taking both meds and starting excersing everyday (streching the legs, etc) and it has improve a little, but not much. The VA ran a bunch of test and shook their heads, like with their hands out going I don't know. Well, after checking on line I discover the compination (sp) of these two drugs could have kill me for one the other is the conditon that I have now. I talk with my VA rep and he said I could go for a 1152 of use the Federal Tort Claims Act ( in other words sue the VA ). My rep said that a 1152 would take about 3 to 4 yrs and maybe, and he said maybe (about 1% percent make it) I would get a win and then maybe 10% on it. However, if I were to go with the FTCA I could get a lot more that way and its easier to prove my case. Anyone out there ever have any dealings with this and how would I contact them to start a case? Dennis
  18. My wife currently draws SSDI and when she turns 65 it just flips to SS retirement..No lose or gain. Now, I think what the other person was referring to was VA disability flipping to SS Retirment at age 65. Now this sucks. What (like me) Retire military and Federal goverment under FERS. I am already drawing some SS retirement until I reach age 62 (591/2 now) then early SS retirement kicks in. But, the important part here is the VA Disabiltiy flipping to SS retirement...For one I'm already entitled to x amount of dollars for SS when I retire, will this be increase by the VA disability? And next and most important..once it does flip to SS retirement, remember that tax free money you was getting for the VA disability!! It now will be taxable under SS retirement and also subject to wage earnings etc. If I read what I saw correct, thats what happens..WE are screwed!!! I say leave it alone..For one its TAX free money..if it flips to SS retirement, now they can TAX it! Two..Just how will this effect ones SS retirment, I'm currently 40% drawing 566.00 per month, will my SS retirement be bump up by the same amount? I don't like it one bit....Its scary..very scary and we could lose some dollars here..One for taxs and two (undefine) will our SS retirement be bump up by our VA disablity amount?
  19. Hello, Dennis Rick here, I was just reading your part about your knee and if you can get it upped please let me know. I have 10% also. My Rt. Knee is a mess ( got hurt on a jump, A/75th rangers) I have had two surgies on it, it will go straight minus 8 degrees ( not all the way straight) and I can bend it 90 degrees on a good day. I am in constant pain with it. I have put in for a higher percent and got turn down.. The VA Docs say all my muscles, tendons etc are screwed up and my knee is is rubbing the other part. I also wear a strap to lift the knee cap up so it won't rub. The Docs say even with knee replacement it won't help the muscles, tendons etc and I will have the pain forever. They think some of it might be coming from my back (10% for it also and it was hurt on the same jump) But no VA hosipital in AZ has a back clinic. So they won't do a knee replacement nor can they help much at all for that matter..no back clinic... So they dope me up..wanted to put me on mophine, I decline thank you very much, but I do take Vik-o-din muscle relaxers, anti-infam..can't spell it..you know what I mean..serval times a day. 4 times for vik-o-din. And oh about a year ago I put in for a secondary condition for my feet for while I walk they fall alsleep..ever heard of that? feet going to sleep as you walk..its a funny feeling..well its been a year now and no word on the exam..Rep keeps on them..but..shit I don't know.. I have had to go to a wider shoe in order for me to walk without my feet falling asleep plus inserts ( my gait has change since the two surgies and other things in there to move my nerves around) its a real joy walking.... So let me know how you come out in getting your rate up..I would be very interested..
  20. I have been taking this Med for about 6 months now ( second time change on the Meds) ( First time on another type, I had a real bad reaction, so I changed) I started having the cramps about a month ago..thought it was nothing more then not having walk for awhile. I use to walk everyday, but since I have went back to college ( under the Voc Rehab ) My study's have slow me down as far as walking. So I play it off as that...But when it got to the point that standing and sitting my right calf stiff'en up...I said self, this isn't right, so I went up to the VA and they at first na, it couldn't be the Meds..you have taken them to long, it would have shown up by now ( sometimes bodys take longer then others)They ran through a bunch of tests and were putting thiers arms in the air..saying we don't know..but it could be related to my bad back and the muscles are pulling from there..BUT....Phoenix nor Tucson VA have a back clinic the closet one is in San Diego. So..I did some trials myself, first I took my self off the Med and waited about 4 days..Urine clear up ( Brown is a side effect and one should stop the meds if that happens) Cramps now are not present in standing or sitting, but the calf tight'ens up and losen'en up while I walk but not cramping. So on the 5th day I call the VA (30 July,2007) and inform them..they said it could also cause muscle damage and for me to not take it again and they would get back with me. I'm more worried about the damage the Meds have already done and if so, can I put in a claim against the Va for said damage ie, Muscle damage? My readings prior to the Meds were 201 after Meds around 175...I was just a little over to start with..Maybe I just can't take the Meds, My body saids no.... Thanks
  21. I had a reaction to the med by the name of Lovastatin (Cholesterol). Urine was Brown and had bad lower Right (calf area) leg cramps. Now one of the side affects in that..however, it also includes Muscle damage might accured. How do find out if there was Muscle damage? I don't think the VA is going to help me there ( VA Meds by the way). And if I have muscle damage how do I put in a claim for it? I did call the VA and they told me stop taking the Med and they would get back with me....hadn't happen yet. Thanks..
  22. Hollywood, You have 30 posts..oh wow..you the man....Oh yea I'm sorry for misspelling moveon.org.... And my sentences? Take a good look at your own...Why I don't post that much? There are some very smart people here, WHO help people with thier problems and are not bent of bashing anyone. From what I can see of you I have more time in the crap house then you do on this earth...But thats goes to show you what this America is made of now..smart punks like you. You are what this form is NOT about...On military.com we are getting rid on the ones like you one at a time...They come and we show them the door... Your not here to help any Vet, you are here for you own self serving interests. I have learn a great deal from this site and have recommended it to a lot of people..but, if they let people like you invade this site..I will not anymore. Either Serve the Vet or move on..So far I haven't you do much except to find fault in a system that has it faults longer then you have been alive... We all want it fix..but I don't go around and put the blame on one person..you can't thats impossible, but excuse me..I know you can. Point a finger..now doesn't that sound famililar? (sp) Thats you... I came into the service in 1965 and retire in 1994...So mister, you don't tell me a thing...
  23. I don't post here often, mostly when I see idiots starting to use this form a place to bash Bush..This form is not for that...Go some other place like moveom.org and do that. Second the VA problem has been going on longer then most of you have been alive..but yet you bash the current President. Well how about Clinton when he took all the medical away from retiree's. You Bush bashers need to get a grip...This form is not for that..It about problems etc with VA claims etc... Now go get a life so where else....or keep me off this list, because I don't bash Bush...
  24. Just kinda want to know, You sign your post 2/75th, are you a Ranger? Second, from my experience, one can wavier up to 30% disability after that you are medically discharge. So I'm at a lose as how you are doing it? The only way I can figure is that your unit does not know of your % and once they find and they will, you will be force to retire and might have to pay back any monies you collected either from the VA or duty time since your rating or both, it could be considered fraud. I have done some checking, and my thoughts were confirm, 30% is top wavierable, now that runs state to state...maybe a little more or a little less depending on the state. Now since you are in the Reserves and Reserves play a support roll and not a combat roll and your needs may be in big demand, you might and I repeat the words might be able to get away with it. But not for long....One thing for sure YOU CANNOT collect both disability and reserve pay regardless of active duty or drill time. You must wavier it and once you do that, the cat is out of bag. When was the last time you re-enlisted? Was it "after" you recieved you disability rating? if so there is a spot on your contract that ask you if you are receiving disability pay, if you answer this NO and are..You just committed fraud. If I was you, I would retire and do it A.S.A.P (friendly advice). Thanks for your service. RLTW Dennis Rick
  25. I won't use this forum to debate this anymore then it has been, However, if anyone would like to continue the debate and keep an open mind and not in a state of denial. My E-mail address dman00194875@msn.com. Dennis Rick
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