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  1. Congratulations. I'm inclined to agree with Carlie's point regarding the quickest way to get things rated the way they should be. I retired in Aug 2004 and was finally rated at 100% effective July 2008. A long journey but well worth it.
  2. I got the letter from the Social Security Administration, fully favorable with onset of disability of August 2008. Back pay was received this past Saturday. Got the envelope from the VA today 100% P&T dating back to July 2008. Waiting on the retro pay from that( well 80% of it anyway, have to pay the lawyer). I went from 90% to 100%. Should be a halfway decent deposit. I want to thank everyone here for their help and examples of perseverance.
  3. I can only tell you what I did to get service connected for my headaches. I kept a headache diary (I used Excel). I noted that headaches pain level 5 and above were recorded. Listed what I had to do for the headaches (medicines, lie down, cold compress, go to dark room etc.) and most importantly, what the headache was linked to, what was happening right before I got the headache. In my case it was anxiety. In your case, you would need to note where else you have pain. Finally, how the headache effected my life, work and personal. I know longer have excel, but my diary is attached. I sent in a copy of the diary with a letter saying I requested disability for headaches secondary to anxiety. Just like that, nothing fancy. I brought a copy of the diary to the C&P and offered a it to the examiner. She declined and told me I did a good job describing cause and effect. The diary helped me do this as well. I recommend doing this for anything that you want to claim service connection for so that you can have 1) a history and 2) be able to review before you go to the doctor or C&P Forgot to mention, I also gave a copy to my primary care physician. Just keep it updated. I got 50% for my headaches. HeadacheDiary.xls
  4. I'm just glad I didn't have to go through what they put you through Josephine. Just in time, my house needs to have some work done on it
  5. Congratulations. I volunteer at the local hospital. It is fulfilling.
  6. I had a claim at the VA for anxiety induced headaches which I am getting on an average of once a week. Had my C&P June 4th and have been waiting since. Last Friday I sent an IRIS inquiry and found out a decision was made July 2nd and that finance had to do some work because I had POA with an attorney (I appealed my TDIU claim that was denied). Finance has to decide how much the attorney gets and then authorize payments. I pointed out to the VA what the attorney was hired for and that was not how I got an increase. I also asked how long. The nice woman told me that the attorney typically gets 20% and that my claim back pay went back several months. Also told me I went from 90% to 100%, I'm amazes and happy that she actually told me. Now I'm just waiting on SSDI, I had a hearing on that July 12th. The attorney for that is confident that will be approved as well. I may be giving up some of the money owed me in both cases, but I will be getting a pretty good increase.
  7. My VA psychiatrist has asked me the last few sessions if I had seen a lot of combat or was abused as a child, neither of which apply. In the Gulf War I was in the rear advising the RSLF. Saturday, I was talking to a fellow veteran and something clicked which caused me to remember an incident from while I was in Germany in 1987 - 1990. One tank gunnery I was on the platoon qualification course and we were at the final firing line and as planned we did a spin and smoke (turn in place and turn on our smoke generators). The smoke generators work by shooting diesel fuel onto the exhaust. Anyway, we did the maneuver and went to the initial firing line. When I got there, I got a radio call saying that there was flame 5 feet long shooting out of the ass end of my tank. We did the procedures we were trained to do, and it did not put out the fire. I opened my tank commander's hatch to evacuate and my gunner slid right by me in a panic, got out of the tank and got behind a berm. Then the maintenance sergeant showed up and reminded us that we had live main gun ammo on board, some of which is in the hull, so we had to go back on the tank and get the ammo off. When we finally pulled the engine right there on the range, there was a hole in each of the fuel tanks you could stick your head through. We had been very lucky. After I remembered this and told my wife about it, I was just totally exhausted and had to go home and lay down. Even now I can feel my heart rate increasing thinking about this. Id my forgetting this incident normal? WHat about the exhaustion in remembering and telling my wife?
  8. Not to be an ass, but the standard I found on the internet is still two fasting glucose tests. This is because it is cheaper. There is a movement to use the A1C test, but it has not been adopted yet. Bottom line is I agree that those tests should be done, but they are not the standard yet. http://health.usnews.com/articles/health/h...e-diabetes.html
  9. I just heard back from the VA nurse. I have had two high glucose reading in a row, 2 weeks apart. She said the doctor wanted to know if they were true fasting labs. I asked the nurse who in the hell would want to fake them. Anyway, I told her they were so she said I am now classified a diabetic. I was not in Vietnam, so there is no presumption there. I have been having elevated blood glucose readings going back to 2002 (I retired from the army in 2004), have had high blood pressure since 2001, and high cholesterol since 2003. The three HBP, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes have been shown to occur in groups (get one probably will get the other). Does anyone think I may have a chance to get this service connected?
  10. Amen to that Larry. I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate because I kept going and going. The medicine does help a lot. Down to twice a night and able to drink before going to bed. No more going thirsty. They check my PSA every year as well.
  11. I am rated at 90% including 70% for depression and was denied TDIU on initial decision and NOD. I hired a lawyer
  12. I was denied shortly after I quit working, appealed and then was denied again. I waited until I got the updated rating and filed a new claim. I could have appealed but with the waiting period, I won't lose much money this way, and hopefully will get it sooner
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