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  1. The big difference between being rated 100% by the VA and disabled by the social security administration is this: You can reach a 100% rating (scheduler) by the VA with no rating that is 100% because they add disabilities. This is how I got to 100% The SSDI requires that you be 100% disabled, which is an entirely different thing. You can have a 70% rating for anxiety for depression from the VA and 50% rating for your back and so on, but if they don't make you totally disabled in the social security folks eyes, then you won't get it. The weird part was I was disabled by the SSDI for s
  2. Congratulations. I'm inclined to agree with Carlie's point regarding the quickest way to get things rated the way they should be. I retired in Aug 2004 and was finally rated at 100% effective July 2008. A long journey but well worth it.
  3. I got the letter from the Social Security Administration, fully favorable with onset of disability of August 2008. Back pay was received this past Saturday. Got the envelope from the VA today 100% P&T dating back to July 2008. Waiting on the retro pay from that( well 80% of it anyway, have to pay the lawyer). I went from 90% to 100%. Should be a halfway decent deposit. I want to thank everyone here for their help and examples of perseverance.
  4. Thank you all. I received my retro pay on Saturday. Two days after I received the phone call. Now if the VA could work that fast lol
  5. I just called my attorney, his assistant said the same. She actually seemed excited for me. I appreciated that
  6. I just received a phone call from the social security administration verifying asking me if I still want direct deposit. Verified my address and bank info and told me I should here from them in 6 - 10 days. I have to think this is good news on my SSDI, any opinions?
  7. I can only tell you what I did to get service connected for my headaches. I kept a headache diary (I used Excel). I noted that headaches pain level 5 and above were recorded. Listed what I had to do for the headaches (medicines, lie down, cold compress, go to dark room etc.) and most importantly, what the headache was linked to, what was happening right before I got the headache. In my case it was anxiety. In your case, you would need to note where else you have pain. Finally, how the headache effected my life, work and personal. I know longer have excel, but my diary is attached. I sent in
  8. From what my attorney told me, it is a lot easier after you turn 50. I don't agree with it, but am glad I'm 50 now
  9. I'm just glad I didn't have to go through what they put you through Josephine. Just in time, my house needs to have some work done on it
  10. I had my hearing last month. After being sworn in, they went over my disabilities and asked how the affect me (for the major ones at least). There were questions about my last job and why I had left as well as questions about potential jobs. Near the end, the vocational expert gave the numbers (federal job classifications) for past jobs and then went on to say I could not work at any of them. Then my attorney asked if there were any jobs that I could do, based on ,y anxiety and migraine headaches, and the answer was no for each. The Administrative Law judge asked for me to be tested for anxie
  11. Congratulations. I volunteer at the local hospital. It is fulfilling.
  12. I had a claim at the VA for anxiety induced headaches which I am getting on an average of once a week. Had my C&P June 4th and have been waiting since. Last Friday I sent an IRIS inquiry and found out a decision was made July 2nd and that finance had to do some work because I had POA with an attorney (I appealed my TDIU claim that was denied). Finance has to decide how much the attorney gets and then authorize payments. I pointed out to the VA what the attorney was hired for and that was not how I got an increase. I also asked how long. The nice woman told me that the attorney typically ge
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