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  1. Howdy everyone, I know that this is a petty much the same old question. Last year in Dec, I have my ICD implanted and filed my paperwork like the beginning of the month to place me 100% UI. Had my hearing in March and petty much was told that I'm unable to work......Ok I know that, but my question is that I know it take 60-120 days to get any word back from the VA. Well I'm still hear and waiting and no word yet. So what do I do or who should I call and see where my case is at?
  2. I had my implanted in Dec 14 2010. I feel better, it corrected the problem for the time being. If you like to sleep on your left side, then it sucks....You can't raise your arm for about first 6 weeks, if you like golf or softball can't swing a bat. til 6 months.....I haven't played any sports yet, tried to swing and it hurt like hell. All in all I'm doing better, the DOC's at Shandi are doing a great job keep an eye on me.
  3. Howdy everyone, I have a question and wondering if anyone or everyone could give me a straight answer? I'm 33 with a ICD.....yes it was service connect, my heart failure was getting worse and its was time for ICD to help me. I was wondering how much do the VA listern to C+P Doc, which the Doc told that I would be unable to work? Plus I'm afraid that the VA would declared that having a ICD improve my health, which won't make any sense to me.
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