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  1. it is the 2014 version that was just okd to aquire the medicine by the National Institute of Drug abuse finally signed off on Gov supply it for clinical trials- find it on (countercurrentnews.com)
  2. Need Ortho for Kid - anyone have exp with what plan to get for Son and read no. Ortho cov with Met until 24 mo later.suggestions? Thx-
  3. El Paso Tx- shooting at Va here of Veteran and Doctor- I would be in way surprised that the shooting here was in some way related to having Veterans Meds yanked away from them. Sad- Don't know identity of Vet or Doc yet but might know Doc. DEA and all there wisdom of pushing Va To treat us this way. : ( R.I.P.
  4. Sorry out of Pocket for a little while- yes My concern is that champva paid those 2 huge amounts without any adjustments whatsoever according to champva rep is because the billing codes used by the Hospital for those 2 particular codes are not questioned or really looked at closer and broken down like the others were- on top of that the hospital told Me upfront our share would be 950 now looking at 2300?? after calculation of the overbill.
  5. I have noticed on a recent explanation of benefits that most charges were adjusted with amounts allowed but when the item had unclassified and observation/recovery no deduction on amount allowed was done and I am talking about miscellaneous $4287.50 billed $4287.50 allowed and observation/reco $8253.30 billed and $8253.30 allowed- spoke to Chad at Champva and was basically told that they were allowed the full amount for both because they picked the right billing codes that seem to be above reproach? Is there any recourse for this type of billing ?
  6. last question-on Form 21-4140- what is the (station address) ? and I am assuming file number is probably My ss- Thanks !!
  7. Allright Guys- I will print one out -fill it out and fax it to Dav to submit on My behalf- seems to be better with Dav submitting any paperwork. Call Me crazy but the Va seems to allways get it that way. : ) thanks for advice Some Folks are Freaky about sending anything in without being asked for it?
  8. Not shure if I should download and send in the no employment questionnaire or not just over a year now and nothing received in My mail yet? Thanks in advance for advice and suggestions : ) I have read pros and cons about taking it upon Myself and just sending in the Tdiu questionnaire when one is not received - looking for a little insight here - thanks.
  9. I know that feeling all too well right? CONGRATULATIONS-ENJOY !!!!
  10. Awesome!! Good for You Guys.Enjoy and reap what You Sowed : )
  11. Awesome!! Good for You Basket : ) hide most of Your $ and tell NO ONE. ENJOY!!
  12. Hello! I am looking for advice on getting My S-DVI insurance going -I have no insurance with them and am within the two year period of a new service connection and not shure how to go about it.Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
  13. Ok thanks for the reply and I will submit My forms twice this year .
  14. Hello all- I was awarded TDIU in Nov 2013 and am not shure when I should fill My 21-4140? I was thinking on filling twice just to be safe and have DAV do one submitel for Me.-Thanks in advance ; )
  15. Hello Everyone! I just noticed recently that My State Farm Carrier deceided to hike My bill again this year it is almost $1,100.00 for a $105,000 ish Home here in Texas???? I thought $800.00 hike last year was high from arround $650.00 any leads on a non CROOK Insurer would be MOST appreciated : )
  16. I have applied for most benefits that go with TDIU with P&T but I am unshure of the disability life insurance and the waiver part of it now I am at 100% P&T and am within the two year mark on getting a new service connection granted-any advice on how to apply for the coverage and get the waiver on payments for it would be most helpful-Thanks in advance : )
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