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  1. Inflation rate is at 14.2% as of today, Senior Journal.com said as of Sept.15th projections are now being made that the increase for 2009 will almost certainly exceed six precent.
  2. Gary you are so right: McCain said he would support the Veterans on Friday Night Debate, but it is a known fact that he votes NO on every thing for the Veterans,and I am affraid that if he gets Nominated the Veterans and SSD people will be shafted. I do think we will get higher than 2.5% but as it stands now the gentelmen told me it was 2.5%
  3. I contacted the office of Daniel Akaka (202)224-9126 . This year's cola increase, which will be equal to the annual SS increase, has yet to be determined. But as it stands as of today the gentelmem told me that it is 2.5%.I told him that does not pay for gas or heat this winter. And it does not even cover for inflation. Has anyone heard different?
  4. Don't know about VA covers for it, they should if it is SC or if 100%. Recovery time depends on you. If you do the exercise faithfuly, After the stamples are out it will go much faster, I had complications 5wks after my first one with a heart attack but after HS I recovered quickly, a year later when I had my second one I was back to work in 9wks. That was in 1998 & 1999 I have not had any trouble with my knees. Although I will give you a hint and that is to go to a pool that has a whirlpool do your exercises also learn to get on your knees in the whirlpool, you will be on fast recovery fr
  5. U.S. Senator Daniel K. Akaka, Chairman of the Veterams' Affairs Committe, issued the following statement regarding the Senate's passage of S.2617 The Veterans Compensation Cost-of Living Adjustment Act of 2008 S.2617, intorduced by Senator Akaka, will adjust veterans compensateion rates to keep pace with inflation, effective Dec. 1,2008 According to recent data provided by the Dept of Veterans affairs, this increas will go to 2.8 million veterans and over 300,000 surviving spouses reciving dependency and indemnity compensation. The bill now moves to the House of Representatives for thei
  6. I would call the 800# get a hold of your Rep there and ask whats going on. We live in WI and I would call them 2x a week Tue. and Wed they where very informational on our claim, told us when it was done,what % and how much we were going to recieve, it took us 7 months. Good Luck to You JohnM's Wife Dianne
  7. Good Morning to All! John and I went camping this last week. We talked to a Vietnam Vet. He has a lot of medical problems, as of now he is getting 100% because he has postrate cancer, put was told his % will be droping because postrate cancer is cureable. Ok he went to his VA Rep to appeal and his Rep also told him that they are now accepting heart conditions, ( with out having DMII) which he filed many years ago and was denied. Has anyone heard or now about heart conditons being accepted for compensation? I have been looking and have not found out anything. The only thing I found is with D
  8. We have sent the form in for Dr. Bash to help us with my brothers claim. Does anyone know how long it takes for him to reply and how much it will cost? Thanks for advise in advance. Dianne
  9. I was always told once a diabedic always a diabedic. My brother was told in the early 90's that he was a diabedic plus had high bp. he had controled it by weight, his primary doctor had told him he is no longer a diabedic,because it was controled on his medical reports (several) the doctor had wrote down about him being a diabedic, in 2006 he had heart surgery, his bp has been up and down for years,in Vietnam ground for 1yr.1965-66 (Army) they have denied him for heart & ht and said DMI was diagnoised after, which is not true.We will be going to Milwaukee for a hearing on this, When I do n
  10. John had neck surgery c2 to t2 end of Feb. he was in the hospial for a month, he is getting along good, but after surgery he had some difficulty with his blood pressure. but here is my Question. I need to help him with bathing, he can not lift anything, and I just got hollered at by the doctor for lifting, he said we should hire someone to do our lifting. My lifting limit is no more than 5 lbs. I have a bad back and had 3 RF's done since Oct of last year. Would this qualify for us to file A&A for the both of us? Thanks for your answers in advance. JohnM's Wife Dianne
  11. Talking about the 25%, How does on look the origingal document up that states about the 25%
  12. Hi, I am John's wife and yes I have fibromyalgia. Yes my legs where bad and it started out in my legs, It felt like every bone in my body was spliting in half.it wasn't long before it affected my whole body, at night I would scream because I would hurt so bad and then I could not sleep, and what ever, do not touch me because any touch would hurt me. I take gababentien for it, up to the max of 3600mg and learned to live with the rest of the pain, but at least with the medicine I can sleep. I hope this has answered some questions for you, it took 2 years before they finally diagnoised me. Other
  14. This is just my take on it. My husband has a hearing problem, they conceded that he does and its on his discharge papers. We have fights almost every day because he can not hear me and what I said. But they denied him for hearing loss and ringing in his ears, twice and he now is to the point on whats the use of fighting for it after all he is 100% so he said it isn't going to matter anyways./ In reading many post on the board it seems like they deny hearing loss a lot. I don't want to be negative but I think if there are other medical problems than the Vet should go for them and then also add
  15. You were looking at Vetran, Souse & child. Veteran & Spouse is 2669
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