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  1. Still hanging around :)
  2. Retro in the bank, haven't received the big brown envelope yet.
  3. Logged on to ebennies yesterday morning to see if anything had moved (wasn't expecting it) but was suprised to see "pending notification" so I got very antsy! Around 4 p.m. it moved to complete, and I wanted to see what I got, so I checked the letters - 80% - I did a little dance, spun around, then checked my application that I had locked in and it updated to show 70% PTSD and 30% Hypothyroidism. I updated my dependents and filed that - it was approved within 30 minutes, then I filed a new claim for secondaries on some things that were denied - waiting on the notice before I do a NOD on
  4. Present and mostly accounted for.
  5. Still here - still waiting - still hopeful
  6. My regional office is Waco, TX and file was transferred to Lincoln, NE and both were at "preparation for decision" then the Waco part changed to "Gathering of Evidence" then when I looked deeper it said "Lincoln RO Local Opinion" with a 2 month deadline. What is this?
  7. Congrats on the win - keep up the fight!
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