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  1. Okay so I get this letter in the mail. Oh dont you love getting VA mail. This is in reference to the NOD that I filed a couple of months back. They say I can have a DRO look at or just continue the tradtional appeal process. hmmmmmmmmmm. Idk what to do. Then they have something called Clear and unmistakable error - de novo review. Im starting the think that I will need a BA in Veterans Law to understand thses letters along with the process. Anyway, I have to respond to this letter. Do I take the DRO and risk them denying the case and then have to go and wait on the tradtional appeal or to I just go straight to the tradtional appeals process? Anyone go straight to the appeals process?
  2. Morning. So I have an appointment with a non VA neuro doc. My reason for going is 2 fold. I would like to get a IMO however for my claim however. I just want him to help me with theses headaches. You know how you go to the doctors and sometimes they want to piggyback off of what the other doctors have done. I want him to start from scratch and to figure out this problem with my head. I think I have been on every medication and I am tired of taking all of these pills. What should I take to him? What notes and items have you taken to your doctors?
  3. Good Morning! Its a good day today. I don’t have a migraine... God willing I did not speak toooo soon as it is only 9 something in the morning. I would like to send off my NOD today. But it looks like I have some work ahead of me. I am looking at alot of the previous post and see that I have to tell the VA "why they are wrong". Hmmmmmmmmm I guess I am correcting their work for them. Ok So I’m rated at 30% for migraines. The reason they said that its not warrant for 50% is because they are not prostrating, or frequent enough and it does not effect my ability to work. I’m not working now and have not been. What do I need to state in my NOD. The migraines are coming more frequent. Hell 99% of migraines are prostrating for me. I cant do anything when I have them but throw up and sleep or 3 or days. I feel like this is a partime job just trying to deal with the VA and the paperwork and it gives me a headache just dealing with them. I heard that it’s taking about 3-5 years for approvals from the NODs? Do I need to submit medical documents at the time with the NOD? Because they may want to do another exam anyway?
  4. The increase would be for the migraine headaches. Im going to give the neuro doc a call. They wrote it. I dont think it would be rude to ask for more details.
  5. Pete 53 I just ready your words in blue! They rock! Your claim is your responsibility to manage. Don't depend on a Service Officer to meet deadlines or even file a proper claim. You have to double check and verify that all requirements are met. The VA shows no mercy for failure to follow their regulations
  6. So I went to the VA to get a copy of the medical records of my appointments so that I can file my NOD. I read the progress notes and I am PISSED off. First off I don’t remember saying ¼ of this mess that is on the progress notes. And they also think that I have a flat mood every time I see them. I’m not flat! They think Im not complying with the meds. I’m sorry after taking medication that makes you so dizzy you cant stand up. Yes I am discontinuing it! I’m not going to deal with 6 weeks of being a zombie and bubble guts to know something if something is going to work or not. Ughhhh. I got a migraine just reading that mess. Do I need to get an IMO? Im trying to get the rating uped from 30% to 50%,
  7. Yes, I have id the triggers. But sometimes. hmmmmm they just come on.
  8. I will check the notes from yesterday. Currently I dont have a job. When you do your Migraine Journal what do you include do you type it? I know when I get a migraine trying to write or type sucks.
  9. Does anyone use Promethazine/ Phenergan It seems to help me just a little bit with the migraine headache
  10. What treatments are people getting for migraines and at what hospital? I am looking for something different maybe alternative therapies that the VA will pay for like acupuncture.
  11. I tried it. It really relaxed me.
  12. right now I have my medication lsiting, my notes from nero, I can get some letter from old co-workers and family and the dates and discharge notes from when I was in the hospital.
  13. I have not turned in anything as of yet. I wanted to have eveything to hope I dont have a long wait for a decison.
  14. Has anyone used the hyperbaric chamber for treatment of Migraine headaches? And does it work for you?
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