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  1. basham


    I am struggling from month and am so afraid ends wont meet for me. I have a 14 yr old son. I have claims in. one is for a 6 month time frame I spent in the hospital. Is there anyway I could ask for this claim to be processed on a hardship. Is that out of the way or is it possible?
  2. On filing a form 9. This is where the NOD comes into play. As I stated for months I thought i was under a recosideration and found out they were gathering information as I had submitted a form 9. This is when I sent another notice that I had submitted a request for reconsideration. I then received a letter. "We received your written disagreement with the Department of Veeans Affairs(VA) decision of April 19,2011. Since the disagreement was received within one year of th decision, itwill be treated as a notice of disagreement. If you he new eviendence to submit, please write us back with ths evidence and we will treat this as a reconsideration. Please write us and let us know which of these options is your choice. If we proceed as an appeal , this letter describes what happens." It then goes to say in bold letters " Will VA try to resolve my disagreement?". " This local VA office wil try to resolve your disagreement through the Post-Decision Review process. As a part of this pocess you must decide how you would like us to handle your appeal. You may choose to have a Decision Review Officer assigned to your case or to follow the traditonal appeal process". These statements are exact as in te letter I received. The letter goes on to explain The DRO process and th traditional apeal process. I choose the DRO but as the letter said its suppose to be a reconsideration. So i hope you can see where I am lost and they are to. The ladie was correct i guess by saying the NOD has to be initiated by me, but they choose to use the term "NOD". I had a new C&P done under this request along with adtional evidence from my VA Doctor. One other thing that was strange was the reconsieration was put in for increase from 50% Schizoaffective Disorder. When I went for th C&P exam it stated " EXMINATION TYPE: mental disorder". The addtional evidence my VA Doctor submitted had me Diagnosied as Schizophrenia, PTSD, Major Depression and Suicidual Tendcy. He stated that my condition was severe and I was not able to work.(yes I have put in for the UID and the paperwork has been sent to the VA from my last employer). So I am only guessing that they just put them all together and called it Mental illness. Please is there any advice as to where I am at with this and if it appears there could easily be confusion what should I do. I dont know what to do because you really have to read through the notes to see my reconsideration is ready for review. I have been calling everyday to try t find the answer.(hope that is not bad) The most I get if the person seem knowledgeable is my records are ready for review. I can't get the answer as to who is ready to review it.
  3. I have a few claims in but my reconsideration is what my concern is. I call that 1-800-827-1000 number to find out what the status of my reconsideration is. A few months ago there was some confusion if I had put in for a appeal or a reconsideration. A NOD was sent to me requesting exactly what system I wanted to go with. I had the choice between a reconsideration, DRO or a traditional appeal. I choose the reconsideration. I had already notified them of that decision months ago. I just excepted the fact it did not happen even though I had already requested reconsideration and had received a letter from the VA saying they received the request. I have everything in as far as evidence and ready to have my claim reviewed. Well when I call the answer I get is that my "records are ready for review". Then I ask ready to be reviewed by who? I promise I can not get a answer to that question. Today the answer was "their handling your claim at the regional office in Columbia SC. Then I ask who is going to handle it? What is the next step, then i get the answer is "its ready to be reviewed" I can not get a answer as to who is going to review it. Its like a circle question. Can anyone tell me what may be happening. My reconsideration has been in since May 2011. I had a C&P exam for it in August 2011. My initial claim goes back to Jan 2010. I know these time frame is nothing compared to some people but my case has been cut and dry and ready for movement without any confusion or addtional informtion required. (Open, eviedence submitted, ready for review) Case closed or should I say case still open. Where and who is my claim ready to be reviewed by?
  4. i was placed in the hospital in nov 2009, but my claim was not submitted until mar 2010. can i receive a 100% disability during my stay even though the claim had not been put in?
  5. I called to find out what the status of my reconsideration. Am told that yes all the evidence requested is in, to include paperwork from ssd and c&p exam with addtional records from my VA Doctor backing my condition. I have been rated as imcompetent with a 60% rating, I guess the other 40% is suppose to go to work. I have also put in my paperwork for UID. Finances are tough for me and all i can get out of them is yes its all here. Please lead me in the right direction, I need some advice is there someone that can help me outside an Attorney. Everything is in and I am sure I will get 100% with UID. Is there someone else to speak with?
  6. There was know break in my stay and i dont have anyone helping me with my claim, they want me to choose between DRO, Reconsideration or a Traditional appeal. For seven months i thought the were doing a reconsideration along with a unemployabilty. I kept telling them a reconsideration was in, They even sent me a letter saying they were working on the reconsideration. I keep calling 800 number. They started mixing me up. All i knew is that it would be crazy to do an appeal when I could do a reconsiderationl. I had 18 months of doctor care notes, weekly visits from a nurse, and my condition had worsen. That had not been reviewed. so thats why i did the reconsideration, They have everything in hand now even SSD notes. They sent out the form to my last employer, he has sent it back in and there is nothing eldedse to submit. They are just waiting on me to tell them what i want to do. I took a hearing again and my hearing is off the chain ,did C&P for ears doctor says it would cause me problems in some jobs. I also had a new C&P for mental illness, the doctor agreeded with the the doctor recommendations of unemployability and the incompency...... do you know what will be best for me to do....Basham
  7. I was in the hospital schizoaffective disorder,ptsd, major depreeive, agoraphobia, anxiety disorder-...my sc is scizaffective disorder 50% tinnitus...Tank you
  8. I was in the VA hospital for 6 moths in 2009-2010 is there a claim or form i can get some type of pay. I heard that you are suppose to get 100% disability while you are there. Please help me to find out is there paperwork or what. 3 months out the time there was know claim and 3 months claim was in. Thank you, also do i have a limit with how many questions i have posted?
  9. What's on your mind?

  10. What's on your mind?

  11. Life Is What You Make It

  12. Life Is What You Make It

  13. I was granted 50% schizoaffective,10% tinnitus and 0% bilateral hearing lost with the fnding of incompetency. The board denied me PTSD, major depression, general anxiety disorder,agoraphobia and ADHD. My claim was put in while i was in the VA hospital for 6 months in Alabama. All of the illness had been diagnosed by my Doctor from the VA. I was told that I was denied these other illness because they will only grant you compensation 1 mental illness. Even though I dont know the system but it seems but all the illness is related to ptsd but i guess i got granted schizoaffective disorder. Also why would they rate me incompetent and exspect me to go into any kinda job. April 2011 is when my claim was process. In May 1 month later later I put in for a reconsideration. During the 18 months my claim was in I was Put in a Program called Mental Health Intensive care management. A nurse came to my home once a week to check on my condition, help me keep my medication straight. She reported back to a team where my Doctor was over the team. My condition became more severe, medication wasnt helping. The doctor diagnosed me with the same things in my first claim to include unemployable. For the past 7 months i thought they were doing a reconsideration, The doctor did diagnose me with schizophrenia. From reading up on it it was basically the same as schizoaffective and schizophrenia even though from reading my doctor notes schizphrenia is more severe. I had alot of addtional evidence that was not reviewed. basically they admit to the mistake even though I did not have a full rating to request for unemployability, DAV said put it in because in some case they have the authority to grant it without the 70%. With in 3 months i had a C&P set up for mental Illness and hearing. the examiner went along with my doctors note for the past year and a half. My hearing was shot this time to the point where the examiner said I could problems in certain condition. I was a ammunition Inspector. Had alot of ranges and demolition. Now they have sent me a letter to saying if i have additional evidence send to them and they will treat it as a reconsideration, a DRO or a traditional appeal. I am confident with the evidence I have. what should i do to ensure everything is where it should be and what will bethe quickest best route to take. BASHAM
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