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  1. Jfrei, I agree strongly with Bronco and Gastone. It's time to get a knowledgeable legal beagle to help you win. Think about it this way sometime there's comes a time in life when it's better to get a good 80/20 split as we get older damn it's not bad to go no lower than 70/30 for peace of mind. Good luck and God Bless.
  2. Congrats it's encouraging to everyone still waiting. Enjoy Life, Good Health. celebrate this victory with your family.
  3. Hello Ms. Berta and Happy Thanksgiving, I posted Panama Herbicide Exposure research in reply to questions from Maestro and Sammy104 dated May 10 and October 16 posts. The Hadit Forum is a great place to research all Rainbow Herbicides, TCDD, Silvex, Tordon 101, Dioxin and Toxins use outside Vietnam. It takes many years of due diligence, research, sorting through (unredacted) herbicide inventories, camouflaged shipping documents, to uncover evidence and chemical ingredients within rainbow herbicides, that strengthen your exposure claim or appeal. The VA and JSRRC are adversarial,
  4. Panama 2,4D, 2,4,5-T, Silvex, Paraquat, Diaquat, Pesticides Toxins Research The Museum of Natural History in Washington D. C. wrote about Fort Sherman “Agent Orange was first used here, at Fort Sherman.” Smithsonian also taught a class through STRI Office of Education, Marine Environmental Program bridging STRI’s Marine Education Program Activities with Panamanian Curricula: A Synergistic Approach, called “Pesticides In Panama: How Serious Are They?” In this curriculum, they talk about Agent Orange used off the coast of Panama. They also state that Panama imports 700 million tons
  5. Berta Stated: Question, the pdf Jumpmaster, with the USAF archival BS in it...... is that at CCK's web site? (Yes, the uploads had links to CCK News Articles.) EVERY vet here should be concerned about this. (Ms. Berta, I agree there’s tons of “Horse, Cow and Pig Manure Decisions” spewed out of ROs nationwide.) Yeah I know, it is AO, Thailand, limited interest unless you are an AO Thailand vet but my point is, how careless is the JSRRC as well?????? (I believe JSRRC research is deceptive, the agency is not careless, and colludes with VA retaliatory decisions related t
  6. Good Evening Ms. Berta and Hadit Veterans members: Sharing three PDFs uploads that I believe all VARO’s DO NOT WANT VETERANS to SEE. I hope the files encourage Veterans to never stop fighting to SC herbicide used outside Vietnam (Korea DMZ, Fort McClellan, Okinawa, Johnston Island, Thailand, other CONUS bases. Some herbicide exposure claims can be a quick and easy to win; but many will take several years to win. I’ve always believed VA is our worst enemy AFTER discharge, upon return to civilian life, working with physical injuries, and diseases associated to herbicides (Tordon 101,
  7. Review the Health Effects in Vietnam Veterans of Exposure to Herbicides—Tenth Biennial Update – The Agent Orange Act of 1991, extended by Public Law 107-103, direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to contract with the NAS to conduct a comprehensive review of scientific and medical literature on health effects from exposure to Agent Orange, and to conduct biennial updates. The statute directs each new NAS committee to determine, to the extent that scientific data permit, meaningful determinations: See more at: http://nationalacademies.org/hmd/Activities/Veterans/HealthEffectsVietn
  8. Hello TxVet43 The files are PDF uploaded for Information that hopefully will aid Korea DMZ Vets who filed claims, received a denial and did not appeal the DOD and VA have changed the dates that AO was used so it like watching a bouncing ball. The Military Policeman served at the DMZ October 1965 until April 1966 according to the BVA file. The date/time period in my opinion creates curiosity or doubt that AO was used earlier than DOD and VA presumptive dates setup for Korea DMZ veterans exposure service as April 1969 to August 1971. It's fascinating how one case of AO exposure is gr
  9. Bronco, I agree strongly with all repliers....frustration is mental torture you've been through other battles and won in years past. Hey buddy you're at a point where you need to take a few days of tactical R&R go through the RD with a fine tooth comb. You've inspired a lot of people at this site over the years...I am one who can say that even where all the evidence is there to prove your claim most raters will never connect the dots. It happened to me and when I reached my final point of frustration and clearly saw all pieces of my evidence puzzle were in place I hire my attorney and st
  10. DFAS AUDIT POST UPDATED On July 31, 2015 retiree account statement message section online states base on information received from the VA your CRDP amount is XXXXX dollars. The nice DFAS customer friendly lady advised there's no completion date, your RD award letter is in file but nothing has been done, because it had not been entered by VA folks and gave me the call Peggy at 1-800-827-1000 when I started to laugh, she cracked up in laughter and said it takes 30-60 days to complete after VA INITIATES the audit. but I don't see any date from VA.. I called Peggy and advised DFAS stated nothing
  11. Congratulations on the add of dependents Julie1975.
  12. Pete 53: Thanks for replying....you can believe I never give up...just like the Engerizer Bunny I'll fight VA Fraud until my last breath. Pr...How you doing Airborne!....You guys taught me a few years back a CUE cannot be filed until the decision is final. Asking them to CUE themselves was my first thought/plan of attack. I needed input from my Hadit warrior family for encouragement to make sure this War Hound was on the right scent, it doesn't pay to bark up the wrong tree. Ms. Berta: Thanks for your non-binding opinion. It's a damn shame that Veterans are cheated after winning our s
  13. Did Your VAMC Commit (CUEs) Mass Denying Your FY 15 Clothing Allowance? Good Afternoon Hadit Warriors! I t never ceases to amaze me how many times can the VARO, VAMC and their interconnected business division “Screw The Veteran 24/7/365” while decision makers inside VA’s World of Oz skip along that yellow brick road, cheerfully clicking heels , singing out “deny, delay, deny again, let’s never stop denying until they’re all dead.” Yes check out this PDF highlighted mass denial for clothing allowance decision that sped out of Houston faster than a speeding bullet. Many years will pa
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