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  1. Post script (ps) IDNK should have been IDKN (I dont know now). Sorry, I jest. Getting this way on clash of clans. LOL ( laugh out loud ). The game is addicting, a good diversion. Al
  2. I thank you guys for all the input! I belive I will just let the sleeping dog lye. The money lost is far out weighed by the gain of peace of mind. I will try to get the design letters togeather and post though if you wish just for discussion purpose. Thanks a lot Al
  3. Now I'm tossed as to should I or should I not appeal this. It may have been error of mine or the vso in applying for TDIU. I certainly do not want to risk any decrease, because this and my ssdi are my only source of income. I do not need to go through the stress of nearly losing every thing again. IDNK! Al
  4. Wow! Overwhelmed! I need to digest what all you said here. The unemployabilty rating was prior to ssdi. Ssdi was for all including back, depression, migrains and more. No I do not have copies of the c&p or the rating decision, should be able to obtain from vso right? Or do I need to request from regional office? Al
  5. Berta, Yes I'm recieveing ssdi, and vet benifits @ 100%. I do have untill May I belive to file the nod. They based the denial only on the 50% low back problems which is the reason I'm not employed now. They ignored the 70% depression with anxiety disorder which makes work life nearly impossible due to the fact when I'm not able to do the tasks expected of the job by anyone else because of my back, I become a real ass, and lose controll of myself. The anxiety and anger issues are exposed and acted out. I did quit my last job due this, that's when I applied for the unemployabilty the second time. I had applied about six months prior and was denied because I was working full time. Albeit under severe restrictions that continued after second back surgery. I think all they looked at was the fact I had a back problem without regards to the fact that continued employment would result in more damage to my back, and that the depression issues would likely result in me not keeping any job for any length of time. Should I try to run this through my vso who suggested I let the unemployity sit and apply for full benifits by requesting a increase due migrain headaches. Result increase of 20% which got me the 100% rating ? Al
  6. Ok if they looked only at one of many issues that I'm rated for, would that fact alone be enough reason to appeal? Are they not to look at the whole picture which had me rated @ 90%? The main ratings are 50% low back, 70% nuts! with tinnitus 10, migraines was 10, now 30%. I really don't want to take the chance that going through a bunch of c&p would result in a reduction in my rating. The low back and mental health issues should have been enough alone. Thoughts?
  7. I first filed a unemployabilty claim which was denied. Then vso recomended I file for increase in comp which was approved 6 months later. My question is I belive the denial of unemployabilty was wrong and should have been appealed. I think that with the claim the original unemployabilty claim was reopened which would resulting somewhere around 18,000.$ in back pay. Should I now appeal the unemployabilty claim, or be glad I'm now 100% t&p? Thanks Al
  8. I have a pending tdiu claim. on the ebenefits site additional info required states an ace review. What is this? my cvso had no idea and neither did the state guy. what is this?
  9. I don't belive you've hijacked this at all. This info is exactly what I'm looking for so I know what to expect. Reading your info from the code suggests you have been jacked,and a nod would be in order. Crap I want to send a nod for just not being informed as to what the h--- they are doing with my claim if anything at all. The way the surgen wrote my release to work date gave me a month. When I went back to get the 30 staples out the PA said that's when you can start pt not work. So now I get to fight va and the short term people. This also is tied to work comp which seems so easy this time,( last time I thought lawyer wasn't doing his job) but now the atty is doing every thing and I do very little of the battle alone. This is what I'm going to do if and when I get another stupid responce from the VRO, I WILL HIRE A LAWYER. I think the VA is way better at ignoring a vet than helping them. The medical care is GREAT, it the raters and that part of the system I feel is lacking compassion and feel they are in such controll they can do as they wish. A experienced lawyer should be able to expedite the process and get a better result with a lot less mental anguish. I do belive the people at regional don't really give a rats ass! My thoughts only. Good vent also thanks for the reply to my post, being hijacked or not just says I'm not in this boat alone!Thanks again guys.Wishing all a better if nt a great new year ahead! Al
  10. Thanks guys It is connected and the varo does know. So now I wait.
  11. Hello all. Question is once out of surgery and now recovering from being cut open. Does it take huge amounts of time for them to get the tempory 100% goin? I'm going to be missing about 12 weeks of work think it will start b4 I get back working or do you go to poor farm firstAl
  12. Reporting in; Wishing all a safe and rewarding new year!Al
  13. Welcome JSIt's ok, had me miffed too!Keep posting and your rank goes up! Heck of a lot easier than it was in service!Al
  14. Landluver

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  15. Landluver

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    How do I get a copy of the "c" file?Al
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