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  1. Well fellow Veteans I apologize for missing formation. Even though VA Medical Center is helping me I still cannot hake the almost pain I have. going to try a hot tub, at my expense" to see if it helps.
  2. Hello my friends. I am feeling better now that my psychologist helped me obtain some of my medicnes. Sorry I am late for Formation!
  3. rthomass

    Roll Call

    Congradulations Scraperhand! Been married for 47 years to the most loving woman in the world. Asked her to marry me on the second date; how is that for being romantic.......no I'm just lucky.....she aid yes! Be good to her and it will be a good marriage. Best Regards Randall, Louisville, Ky
  4. This is rthomass signing in for August 2011. Trying to get back to being more active. Damn AO just will not leave me alone. God bless all my fellow Vets......you are all like family to me. Randall (rthomass @ Louisville)
  5. No I am not getting SSDI since years ago the Social Security Administration stated that I did not have suficient paid in hours for disability. I served 20 years in the Air Force and Twenty years Civil Sevice (Post Office). qualified forCSRS (combat related) based on Agent Orange Exposure while stationed in Northern Thailand at Nakkon Phoanon Royal Thai Air Force Base; just across he river from Laos. Took over seven years and Three lawyers to win my claim.......lots of research and the great help of MSgt Priessman of Texas. Randall Thank you all for your interest. Poison "Dioxin" is horrible! Sicknesses continue on and on.
  6. This is Randall. Louisville, Kentucky checkIng in for July 2-2011. (rthomass). I am fighting the good fight. I did recently receive 100% P%T plus CSRC. i AM BLESSED!
  7. What rain ? Just liquid sunshine here in Kentucky 137 Detrby Town! rthomas checking in with a new permanent award of 100%; now I can get me some shoes and store bought teeth. Award is great; only problem was it took over seven years to get it! Thank all at Hadit for your support and knowledge. Randall
  8. Carlie I have looked for the February 2011 roll call. Except for Papa's I fail to see it.
  9. Berta your statement "You received an Award letter for AO NHL dated Sept 27 2010 but then 2 months later they gave you a C & P for it?" tHAT IS A CORRECT STATEMENT.
  10. No VSO just a lawyer bt the name of Theodore Jarvi Esq. Had not antiscipated needing him since I felt they were doing okay. I definitely do not fill so now so I am going to turn the hot seat and ignite it under my lawyer and Jarvi both.
  11. Yes I live in Louisville, Kentucky; although I doubt any one is with any VARO" Thank You for the information. Randall
  12. Did the VARO send you an award letter for AO NHL dated September 7,2010? NO the date to be specifivc was September 27, 2010. Was there a statement in the VA Award letter they sent that said "what we will pay you" and then a statement as to the EED and the rating? NO to all three "what is EED?" Was there a rating sheet with their award letter? NO I posted internal VA contact numbers for the director and a VSM at Lexington the other day here. Okay and congradulations. GRADUATE ! Nov 2nd 2007 American Military University !
  13. Berta to me it appears thay lost the award claim folder. My wife and I went to the C& P Office on 20 January 2011 to check on where the award claim folder is and we received a rather covulated answer that they were going to send something to the VARO on 21 January 2011; assume it is ths Doctor's review of Award CLaim Folder? Bear in mind that I that the C&P Doctor for Non-Hodgskins Lymphoma conducted his exam prior to his dated C&P finding of November 2010. The original Award date is September 27, 2010. To date they have delayed working the award by almost four months. Berta they have given me exactly zero comp. Wife and I though we would go to the Louisville, Ky RO and try to get more confused. As I read their regulations they have to pay me 100 % until the cessation of tratment plus six months afterwards. I have had regular Oncology Doctor appointments since I gave them my claim January 10, 2005. NHL found by VA June 2003 and due to ignorance I delayed my own claim. ONLY GOD KNOW THE INNER SANCTUM OF VA Thank You for all the help you render us Randall
  14. DOES ANYONE HAVE A WORKING IRIS E-MAIL ADDRESS? One cited by VA still no joy as of late last night no go. rthomass
  15. I made one of my periodic tours to my AO to let them know that I was stillone of the Viernam War Veterans that ply the hall of the hospital and The Regional Office. The real reason was that I had received Blank forms ; you know the ones they send you after you have submitted a claim. Now I want to let you guys I am close to the Louisville, Regional Office (9 miles) so that is the one I use. Now you say so what they want the Vet to fill out the forms and return them to them so they can proceed to process the vet's claim. Now these blank forms have the Louisville Regional Office Ltterhead. Now you know i've gone off the deep end..............not so quick guys the envelop was dated 22 January 2011. I had already taken these form to the Louisville Regional Office ,October 2010, all nicely fille out and duly stamped by the Louisville Regional Office. The counsellor was totally befuddled.....aren't they always. On top of all this a thorough search of the office failed to find my claim. Now mind you I have lost 60 days to date. I gave the RO guy a complete new copyfilled out all duly stamped and dated in October 2010. Now it only gets better. They appear to have no idea where my for Award For Agent Orange Exposure received September 27, 2010 was. I have a copy of my C&P conducted two month ago on this award.....Yep right! They have lost, misplaced, shredded, vaporized or what ever. This Organization is beyond help! A read of Hadit would really be an eye opener to them. Perhaps it should be mandantory. I can tell you I feel like hell, I'm confused, Depressed and fell like this will never end. Guys as you know seven years of VA is enough for any soul. May the bird of Paradis fly up their nose and an elephant caress their toes! Well now I lay my head down to sleep hoping to wake up to a new bright world where the VA takes care of their Veterans because of th service to their county! I can only think to get with my lawyer and prepare a letter and send it to their Inspector General. 7 years of litigations and now this !
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