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  1. Berta your statement "You received an Award letter for AO NHL dated Sept 27 2010 but then 2 months later they gave you a C & P for it?" tHAT IS A CORRECT STATEMENT.
  2. No VSO just a lawyer bt the name of Theodore Jarvi Esq. Had not antiscipated needing him since I felt they were doing okay. I definitely do not fill so now so I am going to turn the hot seat and ignite it under my lawyer and Jarvi both.
  3. Yes I live in Louisville, Kentucky; although I doubt any one is with any VARO" Thank You for the information. Randall
  4. Did the VARO send you an award letter for AO NHL dated September 7,2010? NO the date to be specifivc was September 27, 2010. Was there a statement in the VA Award letter they sent that said "what we will pay you" and then a statement as to the EED and the rating? NO to all three "what is EED?" Was there a rating sheet with their award letter?
  5. Berta to me it appears thay lost the award claim folder. My wife and I went to the C& P Office on 20 January 2011 to check on where the award claim folder is and we received a rather covulated answer that they were going to send something to the VARO on 21 January 2011; assume it is ths Doctor's review of Award CLaim Folder? Bear in mind that I that the C&P Doctor for Non-Hodgskins Lymphoma conducted his exam prior to his dated C&P finding of November 2010. The original Award date is September 27, 2010. To date they have delayed working the award by almost four months. Berta
  6. DOES ANYONE HAVE A WORKING IRIS E-MAIL ADDRESS? One cited by VA still no joy as of late last night no go. rthomass
  7. I made one of my periodic tours to my AO to let them know that I was stillone of the Viernam War Veterans that ply the hall of the hospital and The Regional Office. The real reason was that I had received Blank forms ; you know the ones they send you after you have submitted a claim. Now I want to let you guys I am close to the Louisville, Regional Office (9 miles) so that is the one I use. Now you say so what they want the Vet to fill out the forms and return them to them so they can proceed to process the vet's claim. Now these blank forms have the Louisville Regional Office Ltterhea
  8. Okay veterans, don't shoot the messenger but I got through to iris use the following e-mail address: vairissysadmin. Hope this is the right chuch and right pew. Try it guys it worked for me. Randall VAIRISSYSADMIN
  9. The great wall of VA continues to grow ! Hope that it caves in on them !
  10. My fellow Vets : WACO IS NUMBER ONE, I have encountered despicable VARO's but WACO is number ONE.
  11. There was once a United States Senator from the state of Wisconsin. While in open session of Congress another Senator inquired of Senator McCarthy; Senator have you no shame ? Perhaps that statement should also be asked of the Veterans Administration and especially WACO VARO. WACO have you no shame ?
  12. Berta I attempted to use a 1999 award based on a Thailand Veteran's exposure to Agent Orange.......He Worked at the base Gym near the perimeter. Perimeter awards for security guards only is again sad and ridiculas. I even found one AO Thailand Award was based solely on receipt of the Vietnam Service and Campaighn Medals!
  13. Excellent advise Berta! I believe the VA wants to limit awards to those who walked the perimeter.....Air Force Security and Military Police Army. To allow this limitation is sad. Personally I am in posession of a document that Vetean Brian Leif sent me stating the need for Ranch Hand Peronnel in Vietnam to aerial spray the bomb dump due to the high foilage hiding land mines, cobra etc......... This particular base was Nakhon Phanom Air Force located in Northern Thailand across the Mehkong River from Laos. Any one needing this document should contact me. Certainly disproves VA's perimete
  14. I was stationed at Nakon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand, August 1969 thru August 1970. Diagnosed eith Non-Hodgkin'a lymphoma by VA in June 2003. September 27, 2010 (yep) years I recived an award for posure to AO. A classified report "CHECO report" was prepared1in 1973 by two USAF Officers on the defense assessment of all Thailand bases). The report bluntly stated that the usage of AO was utilized at every thaiand base. I went the Direct Service Connection route but if you were on a Thai Base at The perimeter you might have a good chance. Randall D. Thomas Sr. 66190, MSGT,, US
  15. May God be with you in your time of need. No I am not religious as they say but I do believe in the healing powers of my God and Jesus Chist. McAfee I too was very scared when I was diagnosed in 2003 with Non-hogskins Lymphoma. After a slew of sicknesses I am still here! Why? Because God So deemed it. I will pray for you and Mac I surely ask for your prayers. Veterans are all brothers. If I can help let me know. Randall D. Thomas Sr.
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