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  1. Just noticed on my award cover letter says 20 percent for left foot and 20 percent for right foot plantar fasciitis. In the award wording it says 10 percent for right and left foot each. What's on ebenefits it says 10 only for feet only, just one percentage. Does this sound correct? Thanks everyone..
  2. Hello everyone, after my initial claim was complete after retirement I still had some residual claims to include retro, dependency and claims on anal stuff and a toenail fungus contentions. Now listen to this, a week ago Friday I was given one week notice for termination. So this past Monday all my claims started moving forward. Tuesday all but one wenet to prep for notification, Friday they all went to completed. There is no update to AB8 regarding percentage and no retro yet. So beginning tomorrow of my unemployment I hope numbers show up and percentages are increased that way I'm not stressing too much on my decreased income. Have a blessed day
  3. Hello fellow vets. I have had anal leakage and itching for quite awhile now (i know, gross) that has started in service and documented. I have good weeks and then some real bad weeks but it figures that this is a good week for me and I have my exam this Friday. How should I go about explaining to the doctor my problems and at the same time get compensation for those bad weeks? I know this is a broad question but I would like to see what others have to say. Thanks!!
  4. Hello all, I retired on 1 December 2011 and got my C&P exams on the 14th of December. Since it was only 14 days since retirement will I have to show proof of service connection? I am having trouble finding my records for 1 contention. Thanks all
  5. Hello fellow vets, I would like to share with you what my prayers to God did for the family this week. My spouse (vet) got full chapter 31 vocational benefits from the VA to finish her degree in nursing! We no longer have to put her school on the credit card. This is her life dream so this is a big deal. I have been bored with my "job" for the past couple months and have been looking for a challenging "career". I finally got a bite on my resume and hope to have an interview next week if it's the right challenge I'm looking for. All of this we have done through prayer and believing God will come through, I challenge everyone to try this because nothing happens by coincidence!! I pray for everyone on this site and all vets that they get what they deserve daily.
  6. Hi fellow vets, I received an iris a and confused to whether a AEW is a good or bad thing. Below is the message... I am a length of service retiree. You may be eligible for full or partial concurrent receipt of VA compensation and military retired pay under the Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) and/or Concurrent Retired and Disability Pay (CRDP) programs. Your retired pay center (RPC) has been notified of this award of VA compensation. If your RPC determines the withholdings from your VA compensation should be retroactively adjusted due to CRSC/CRDP eligibility; VA will be notified and will adjust your VA compensation accordingly. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) handles the processing of these cases, which are being worked in the order of oldest to newest. Currently, DFAS is reviewing retirees’ records to identify records with possible payments due. When they identify a record that meets the criteria for possible payment, they issue an Audit Error Worksheet (AEW) to VA, who will then review the AEW and the Veterans claims folder to determine if payment is due. If payment is due, VA will send the payment and a letter with the breakdown of payment. If the Veteran is not due a payment, VA will issue a notice explaining why the Veteran is not entitled. The Veteran does not have to submit anything for this process. Our records indicate that we received your AEW on September 18, 2012, and a claim was opened to review and process this document. Once completed, you will be notified via U.S. mail of the results.
  7. Makes a lot of sense, thanks for the information.
  8. Hello all, I just got my initial claim for disability a couple weeks ago. I retired from Washington state and moved to Oklahoma. My ebenefits has always said under the jurisdiction of San Diego CA. I went ahead and turned in paperwork for additional dcontentions to San Diego then I get this letter from the Muskogee va here in ok that they received my claim. Ebenefits says Muskogee also. Is this normal for my packet to move around like this? If so, I sure hope things are faster at this branch !! Take care all.
  9. Hi les, no on the iu. I just got my initial rating a couple weeks ago. I'm still able to work so I will wait for iu a bit longer. Take care
  10. Hello fellow vets, I recently got my rating a couple weeks ago and I would like some input on some disagreements I have with the rating. How should I get started, I have a year to appeal so I'm in no rush. I'd rather concentrate on a well written NOD than a sloppy fast one. My issues are below, PTSD..... (currently 30%)I think my exam results more closely resemble the 40 to 50 percent in the CFR 38..... Right leg radiculopathy (currently 0%) same as above for a 10% rating.... Hearing (currently not service connected) the results were good but my military records show a steady decline...... Looking for at least a 0% for down the road. I've spent 21 years in the army.. Maybe one or two more things, I just forgot Thank you for your input Joel
  11. Also, I noticed on page 2 of my letter that I may be entitled to additional benefits and to submit a statement in support of claim for 3 things that I already got seen for by qtc during my C&P exams. So I filled it out and sending in today, sounds like they just need that statement to make a decision. We'll see.
  12. Thanks aggie for the good information, taking a deep breath and moving on....
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