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  1. My appeal is only one year old but I have never received a SOC or a Form 9. I sent a query to St Pete via iris about 6 weeks ago and got the return email saying they should get me an answer in 5 days or so. I have seen nothing since. I sent another query about the first query last week. Nothing. anybody else having trouble with iris?. Slowlane
  2. Veterans should not have to go thru all this sheite. Unfair. They dont give out bonuses for HELPING Veterans.
  3. They got it just the way they want it in the C&P department. Never even had their hand slapped. Time for the American Legion and DAV to make some noise about C&P's.
  4. THE GOOD: Probably get Service connected. THE BAD: Probably get lowballed.
  5. Your RO has claimed PTSD and as a side effect they have misplaced everyone's file and can't remember anything. They also want compensation.
  6. Not knowing any other way to get an answer to this, I would try an IRIS inquiry. If they are still working on your primary's they should have at least told you that they were. Thats just cruel and uncaring to let a Vet just wonder what happened. Dont ever quit
  7. If you were schedular or temporary at 100% ......they will take another look at you at some time depending on your RO. They held a C&P on me without notifying me. Go to ROI and get a copy then you can probably find out what they are up to.
  8. To Kate7772 All of these people have provided you with love and help, please don't give up. Take your case apart to smaller pieces and work on them separately until you have enough to put it all back together into a strong piece of work. Help here is endless and you will soon learn enough to start helping others. Hang in there.....you are not alone. Slowlane
  9. I cannot believe that they did not find that 215 documented service for you in the beginning. They are completely on your side and they will go to no ends to find such information for you. After all, they are there to help you. They have a duty to assist so just sit back and trust them. I'm sure in this case that they just slipped up and overlooked something and the employee that was responsible will be harshly disciplined and warned only once for this major violation. scuse me while i kiss the sky
  10. Secondary or Residual is where I spent a lot of brain cells trying to figure this one out. That would be the VA's job. So, anytime you file for compensation and you don't know whether it is Secondary or Residual just put it as "Secondary/Residual' and let the VA figure it out. For crying out loud they do this for a living and they are supposed to be helping you.
  11. This is absolutely criminal that we must accumulate this much knowledge to defend ourselves when the VA has a duty to help us. I personally know 3 Vietnam Vets that will never have anything to do with the VA because of their chicken ways.
  12. Always the same..........the VA is screwing me or will screw me ........ Always the same..... When has the VA ever said ........"We tried this and we tried this and we did this and we did this and we kept running into dead ends because of this....if you could help us fix or find this we can make this work" .... I thought they were supposed to be on our side. I really dont think the VA is trying to help us. Why would they not want to help us??????
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