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  1. Actually, this is an old post. The way I was able to receive them was to request them via 10-5345a. All I had to do was specify the exam dates and that they were by QTC. Good info though for those that have the same questions. Thanks for all the responses!
  2. Hi Buck52, I was rated for the 70% PTSD was when I received an increase to 100% P&T from 50%. So basically, the 100% P&T was a product of the 70% PTSD, along with increased/additions of several other ratings. Does this fit the category you speak of? Thanks
  3. I've been 100% P&T with 70% PTSD since 2010 and I'm wondering if I qualify for any type of SMC. My total rating if I add everything up is 240%, but I know it's not calculated by just taking everything and adding them up. It doesn't speak to SMC in my award letter or rating decision either, which is why I'm asking this question. Thank you
  4. Ok. Thanks everyone for the replies. I was just curious because when she is not in school in the dorms during those breaks, she's back with us and even though we're supporting her during the months she is IN school, we're getting the 35 benefits to help with that.
  5. Basically, my daughter is finishing her freshman year at college, where she was staying in the dorms etc., and receiving title 35 benefits. The question is: Does the monthly child benefit $290ish) start back up in between school years if she comes back home during the long summer break? I know this has been asked and probably answered many times, but I've searched and searched and nothing comes up that pertains...and my head is killing me... So, if anyone knows the quick answer, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Seminoles! I understand it stops when her Chap 35 starts. The reason I asked the question Was because my verification of benefits document shows my compensation amount as of 1 July WITHOUT the amount for her. I thought it would stop, as you and others have said, the day she starts college, which is 24 August. That's my confusion. Shouldn't I receive it for July and maybe August? Thanks
  7. Old post but I'm trying to find out a couple of things related to this topic. My daughter turned 18 before she graduated HIGH SCHOOL and the dependent benefit was stopped until I re-applied based on that she was still in High School. She is now planning on using my Chapter 35 to help pay for a university. So my question is will we still receive the dependent benefit if she's living in the dorms at college and using the chapter 35? Do I have to re-apply for the benefit once she starts college? Thanks!
  8. FYI - I went to Audie Murphy release of records and talked to them. They said that QTC C&P exam results won't be in my regular out patient visit record. However, I could get them by submitting VA 10-5345 along with the top page of the exam sheet they sent to me with the appointment on it. Wonder how long that will take. I may as well just request my entire C file.
  9. Do I need to get them from my "C" file? Or does anyone know where else I can maybe go other than waiting a year for them from my "C" file? Thanks
  10. My first C&P back in 2004 was done by an 80 y/o GP contracted by QTC. He could barely walk much less do the exam on me. It was a head to toe claim and service exit exam. Needless to say it wasn't a benefit to me. My refile C&P's, also done by QTC in 2010, were specialized to BH and orthopedics. The docs were professional and very empathetic and compassionate as I went to them on some of my worst days. I would also recommend you bring any records that are germane to the exam. My experience, especially with the Behavioral Health exam, was it's better to have them and not need th
  11. What if they were external? Do I need to go get them from my C file? Or can I request them from QTC?
  12. @toddt Where do we have to request them from? I had C&Ps done with QTC a few years ago and still haven't received them. I submitted a 10-5345a. Is there somewhere else to request them from? Is it possible I can go to the VA and do a records request right there?
  13. I'm not looking to gain an increase as I'm already 100% P&T. And this surgery will, if anything, decrease my ROM because I need 4-5, 5-6, and 6-7. Flexion and extension become minimal at best with that type of fusion. I'm looking to get a decrease in pain and pain medication dependance. Thanks
  14. I searched but found noting specific, so please bear with me. I was found 100% P&T in 2012. I have since been in a vehicle collision where I was rear ended and it exacerbated my pain and neurological symptoms. If I go have a fusion, does anyone know if I can be reduced for the part of my rating related to my cervical spine and radiculopathy? I imagine most 100% P&T's aren't frequently subject to review, so its not like its a red flag, however I'm concerned that after such a surgery it may be used subjectively by the VA and bring me grief in the future. Trust me, I want to feel bett
  15. @ricknewman5 - I just happen to be a retired Army 1SG if it's me you're referring to. I guess your jump to conclusions that I was Navy speaks to your knowledge of anything at all regarding this forum. The rank on my profile has to do with my post count. Look below the picture for branch of service and you'll see your error. Also, what my military record is or isn't, is none of your business. Anyone, (primarily speaking of you by the way) that comes in this forum and makes generalized negative statements is truly sad. You can't possibly know anyones situation. To say people are scamming the gov
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