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  1. You can’t receive them both for the dependents each dependent receiving ch35 gets deducted as a dependent....
  2. I can’t remember what number it it which is the part about If you can work and what not due to your disability that’s the biggest factor in my experience is
  3. I’m telling you if you want to fight my doctor differentiated my symptoms of each dx sTBI and ptsd and then also put the percentage of which contributed to each and still lumped it together but made me 100% P and T for my TBi
  4. I like the BVA decisions but I’ve actually had better luck with google playing around with searching exact phrases in “.@@@@“ that your searching with also veteran appeal. But it gets frustrating hours of searching, I have had my share of wasted time doing this but oddly it did end up paying off, whether it being dumb luck a win is always still a win however you get across the finish line.
  5. I am not disagreeing with the above statement but rather adding that exceptions have and are made if your in some sort of hardship and or you have a congressional inquiry flagged on your file....
  6. Phones are like another way they can send you a denial and say F U always go in person they won’t ever give you a straight answer on the phone...they do that you asked the front help not the C and P people who can and will if they don’t call VES and they’ll tell you how to get it I don’t understand how each veteran is a case by case excuse to delay the access to their exam
  7. Its not really that bad more or less waiting for someone’s last signature delays but go and ask I had to wait two weeks for both of mine after they were completed.
  8. Sorry some times I get a little overzealous when I skim read and answer but don’t call the 1800 number if it’s easy to go to your RO just walk in and ask the person at the desk for compensation and disability claims
  9. You are right it’s that if your C and P was done at the Hospital they print it but I believe you have to wait ten days and VeS exams you can’t have any current pending appeal with the exam I think you can have a pending claim, but you still have to wait two weeks after the exam. Just ask the guy at the RO when you can get get a copy theyll tell you on spot..
  10. I’m sure it was said but you go to your local VA hospital records department and they have you hand fill out the request I think I had to wait ten days after the exam for them to print out the records on the spot..
  11. Also if you go on Ebenefits and you look up your letters Benefits summary letter it will tell you on the bottom of its P and t just take a look or also click on the commissary benefit letter will state your P and T if it’s so.
  12. Now I don’t have issue with a veteran getting what it’s deserves from serving. So this may sound like a scam to get the lawyers a pay out but at the same time if your hearing is damaged and the VA says it can’t figure out what caused it and denies it this should help support your claim. If you served from 04-15 and we’re deployed or hell if you still have the plugs like me... you should get a IMO to explain the recall and your hearing problems it’s not rocket science for the doctor but the VA will just look like a deer in headlights with a denial waiting if you don’t have some form of evidence waiting and if your off to your C and P bringing evidence about the recall could be extremely weighted evidence their doctor has to consider. I was connected with tinnitus and hearing loss the doctor at my C and P said it was due to work environment issues and hearing protection but somehow the Va said nope it’s secondary to your sTBI but your tracheotomy scar from the coma isn’t secondary to it. The benefit of the doubt is in the veterans hands and sometimes we have the burden to show its a possible cause to my Hearing damage, 3M paid the government 9 millions in fines from concealing it from everyone. It’s our turn wish I didn’t have a shit memory I’d make a good advocate well there’s always Hadit
  13. Also like my migraine claim it was granted with no C and P it was combined with another C and P done by my TBI review. But after years of VA care and then an increase I filed after 7 years of it being 0% they said sorry it’s 50% 0 but your 100% P and T so doesn’t make anything go up in. My take is no matter what the VA says your entitled to separate exam not done by a biased examiner who feels your TBI is 100% so all your secondary disabilities are null and just a check in the box. Call 1800 help nothing line and ask what exams were order for claim....
  14. I am going to try this can’t hurt other then my a No...I’ll bring in a copy of my appointments from the past year off Ebenefits
  15. So basically me driving to my appointments for my treatment five times a month for the past 2 years could have been reimbursed? I only live less then 15 minutes from my VA hospital so I figured I’d be wasting my time but after two years it would start to add up
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