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  1. So I asked why my examiner said doing my TBI-review that she doesn't believe in seperation of mental health diagnosed issues with a sTBI. I said well I guess the VA gets what they want, they sent me to 3 C&Ps and finally the last doctor will help them out by not seperating symptoms. Sports rehab doctor doing TBI reviews why isn't this a mandatory Neurologist job yet? Outsource rep said you don't want the person doing the TBI review D.X with ptsd that's was the C&P you were at. I said she was able to seperate be issues of my TBI and my PTSD. The Chronic AD doctor was able to do the same but they lumped it all together. The TBI-review doctor did say I did have a comorbid Chronic AD exaceberated by the TBI but she said nothing on the PTSD D.x. I'm deleted the previous post I lost myself in confusion... Does this sound like a possible separation of PTSD and my TBI?
  2. Yeha I've gotten through to them and got my answer to my SSOC of my denials apparently they said call back next week and we can talk about my recent C&P exams I just had for my last and final initial VA claim and I'm ready for a break for my family time.
  3. Tell him you get through it hangs up automatic after 17 minutes call again until someone picks up someone will pick up. This is an office of 3 employees and It sucks they have helped out countless vets please tell him to keep trying before 9/11 when its disconnected.
  4. This is the only group of individuals I trusted when answering the phone their because it never changed for years always the same three as far as I know and they have helped the Vets I lead to them in need of aid and no of course 9-11-2017 is their last call day. Ill be hoping to get an email soon in the next week.
  5. Knee C&P exam

    Don't overstress yourself get some sleep although I never do or did I guess try count sheep rocks whatever it's you want.... zzzzzz
  6. What were they marine I can't read your mind we don't think alike?
  7. DBQ C&P

    My guess it would depend on the Rom of motion you have in your foot still or the amount of pain from the motion. But I'm no foot expert but I'd guess 10% for the pain...
  8. This VA game has literally driven me mad and I hate thinking about the countless time of my life I wasted already with my disability claim. But it if I'm not doing it No will... continue on with my story after my appeal. It still continued after my 5 wait for SC for my TBI because they they denied my skull fracture saying it never happen they had a doctor who disagreed with several other doctors who had already diagnosed me when I was in a coma in 2006 and the DVT in both my legs. I only filed for the left leg since that was the one that was a reoccurring after the fact Injury of pains in my leg and was prescribed lovenox and painkillers for the leg pains. Last month now it's still being being evaluated with MRis and X-rays by my primary doctor. I was just issued my SSOC on Friday so word on Monday it's been 7 years now in July since my intial.
  9. Good or Bad C&P

    Hey Buck I'm not sure where you saw that I have. 10 percent for a issue related to a right broken hip and right broke foot and the other is for a DVT in my aleft leg I got when confined to the bed for months and those legs air pumps failed to keep my blood circulated I guess? This was when I was in service so it was all Service related.
  10. Good or Bad C&P

    I never recieved a rating yet they decided theyd open a can of worms. the exam on May 22 was for Mental Disorder for any other than PTSD but because he was able to seperate the symptoms between my TBI my adjustment disorder and PTSD they called it that any ways on my Permanent and Total disabled rating I was made this year with this claim still pending and another apppeal pending. The VA has just sent me to another PTSD exam and another TBI review is on Wednesday and finally I'm done done done I just say my appeal was completed yesterday on my wife's birthday Birthday that's a good sign. Can't wait to share
  11. Okay i just assumed because I didn't have it before my military service my TBI in service must have caused it guess that's why I have to wait for a C and P and find out? My neurologist just say it could have but not a definite yes or no
  12. i was thinking the same thing and had a three hour talk to my TBI team in Wilmington De today .
  13. If my Regional office has Service connected my sleep apnea and given me a Cpap Machine would I have to go to another C an P exam? Sounds like a waste of resources
  14. I started taking 25 mg 4 a day for 7 day a then she wants me to go 100mg 1tab twice a day. It's only been 4 days now the lightheadedness is going away now so hoping it gets better hoping no more side effects like hair loss or crazy anger I been reading...
  15. I Don't think I should have agreed to this. I really feel like Im starting all over again, cant even keep a thought, without losing a thought a.