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  1. I don’t understand how in the world they get these dates correct ever on the first shot. Point being made I was made after 4 claims for an increase rated for my headaches at 50% having been 0% for 8 years never having a exam for my headaches to be evaluated in my 3 prior claims just grouped in with my sTBI residuals rated at 100% P and T. But then last year they gave me an exam by itself for my headaches I think because my TBI was finally made P and T in 2016 not dated back to my claim in 2010 when I was only made 90% total with all my other conditions. But had my headaches been rated 50% prior I would have been 100% way prior in 2010. Call me crazy and I know I am what I am. But it’s only because of 3 years of fighting from 2014-2017 I am 100% P and T SMC S and have now devoted most of my time with my two young children won’t get this time back. Financially struggling like most parents having to pay for preschool in Delaware with my wife working a part time and me disabled gets a bit tight. Having said all this is there an easy way to file an appeal to my headaches that I’ve been to the ER of and on since 2010 while being rated at 0 which magically turned to 50% 8 years later. Filing has become a mystery to me now after just two years it seems methods have changed but the end game still shows no change in if it’s an certain amount of retro it has to go to the BVA anyways. 90% to 100% doesn’t sound like allot but take that times 6-7 years which would be my owed retro. I have plenty of evidence to show the increase should have been granted prior but aware it takes allot out of me and my family when it becomes my new OCD issue to deal with. I’m past the one year mark from the last increase and I don’t think CUE can be filed for a disagreement with EED so is it money I lost? I’m not mad because I’ve spent countless hours raising my kids. Back pay would amount to 100k roughly just from that small increase of 90 to 100 times 6.5 years just another what if has anyone filed an increase and at the new exam bring on the evidence to establish an Earlier EED trying to use the VA to show they made a mistake with their own doctors
  2. Is there a program to help pay for a bathroom remodel to help shower yourself due to limitations of my current P and T disability? I just want to get my shower redone tired of falling in my stand up shower.
  3. Honestly same story here mostly but I wasn’t awarded a Purple Heart for my sTBI . But I had to get a occupational assessment from a doctor when they said I was 90% IU and P and T. I laughed a year later after the assessment awarded SSDI and 100% scheduled P and T. I’m not promoting people business o don’t think It’s allowed but I will say I paid 500 bucks for it message me I’ll give you his name a Dr credentials. No point on delaying what you deserve this person will also wait till your awarded or work out a payment plan for the 500...,.
  4. If This was an error as it was in my case be damn sure it’s a cue claim so they can see oo shit we made a mistake...
  5. I’m not sure your level of cognitive ability but as for me I was pissed when I was rated 90% P and T. One was my sTBI month long coma so I filed a DRO review which she also saw the mistake and rushed my appeal to the board and it was granted after two months. But barring a huge mistake why poke the bear....
  6. It will say If it’s P and T which if you have a family ChampVA is good usually
  7. But it will say under the VA letters if you are or aren’t rated 100% for Tdiu or if it permanent and total.
  8. Funny I was allowed worried about this when then made me tdiu P and T in 2016 and then 1 year later made me 100% scheduled p and T by continuing to fight bc of Hadit. Even here my fights never over it was a fight then to get family VAchamp then life insurance in case I die.... never stop going until your dead
  9. I have been a member since Forever I had no idea what this was until the last place I was fired from said somethin to me about it...
  10. Just throwing this out there if your unable to work as was my case i applied for SSDI which is your next option!
  11. Not trashing him but this was the doctor who wanted 10k for his report.....just a heads up down range unload show clear!!
  12. All of those numbers are BS. They will come and past and drive you crazy even with a hardship on top of it being designated a CUE claim proven after their fault in 2016 so obviously It still happens...
  13. I also agree and want to add if your filing a DRO review that’s what you want to bring to the review as evidence this is what I did. And doing this with the DRO and my attorney when we suggested CUE to her she agreed and she actually handed my cue case to the BVA in a manner of speaking for a decision in four months and yes it can happen in Philly which is where my DRO review happened and Cue claim decided in under a year... obviously my claim was sooo xxxxxx they saw and wanted to fix it even the VA makes mistakes I don’t hold harsh feelings anymore four later now that is lol
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