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  1. I love how SSA calls me asks me if I want Part B I said no VA covers me for everything since I live. Ten minutes from their hospital and when it’s outsourced using choice it’s paid for so the Va said it’s not needed. Then elect me for B anyways I swear if I don’t check I wouldn’t have noticed. Is their a way to opt out now for B or is permanent I’m only 33?
  2. So how I won my appeal i had a vocational analysis done by Mr. Clifford services. Not promising or promoting but at my hearing the judge called their vocational expert he asked him over the phone if he agreed with the reports final assessment he said yes absolutely and then looks at me said he reviewed over 1000 pages of medical evidence from the Va issued a bench decision I looked at my attorney he said that’s good it’s immediately granted and retroactive to the date you filed. So you are already 100 P and T. So file appeal and get a vocational expert assessment and submit it in for evidence see theirs isn’t looking into your VA records when you get an IMO vocational assessment you submit in all your records to them not just an over the phone call from SSA hired expertise.
  3. I just want to put out my number for texting questions relating to appeals and or TBI issues. I’m not selling or buying anything so please no Robot callers or spam. Just legit questions I find it hard these days to sneak a peek on here due to my small children need constant supervision at 4 and 2 but I want to thank everyone for their help and constant striving to help others I just hope wish to repay the help I have gotten through the website... 215-803-8055 Jamie
  4. jfrei

    VA and other insurance

    So the new thing when I check into the VA is do I have insurance anywhere else and now being an ssdi recipient for two years I’m now receiving Medicare. Anyone know when I go to my appointment and tell them this what exactly will change I’m not being billed for anything ever being 100 P and T?
  5. A heads up when verifying if your a human being it says to put your initials don’t forget to include the & in the middle. I just hope I don’t get any robocallers but I figured I got declined button and block why not....
  6. I have tinnitus scars and headaches all rated separately from my 100% tbi residuals. Don’t let them lowball your headaches I was 0% and now 50% highest for migraines because I was never given a separate C and P from my TBI from 2010 to 2018 no C and P then magically I was scheduled for one and they raised me to 50% imagine that. I’m done wasting my time worrying about when it was given I have a family to raise 1 and 4 year old who have spent way to many hours in with me at my VA appointments. But read the exam before you go and for goodness sake read what prostrating means?
  7. I had the same thing 3 different times I don’t want to be a Debbie downer all three times turned down only rated SMC S. Just wait for the decision...sometimes if you go under compensation and you click the benefits on the side tab it tells you if your rated benefits such as Education for dependants and what your current SMC level is I knew my was denied for a higher rated since my rated date changed but level was the same
  8. That’s a positive TBI exam glad they didn’t sweep under the rug...
  9. That’s usually a good sign next if you had an attorney would be another claim for figuring out attorney fees. But sounds like a good outcome
  10. So I think that’s my best choice Supplemental claim, at least i will be able to see the reason for a denial when they have all evidence collected together to issue the new decision to me just sounds like a new name for what was a reopened claim. This new system is maddening you master one way and they switch everything to confuse us veterans all over again. Again they should tell vets when the monies to high we can grant you your false hopes
  11. So I have filed for an increase for the AA three times and each one they had only one piece of the puzzle never review all three for my claim at one two different 21-2680 and one aid attendance C and P never were grouped together for anyone of their decisions. The woman I spoke with said I should filed a supplemental review cite the relevant evidence as my best bet for a real decision. She then said I can also ask for an EED for my migraines also cite the relevant evidence to get it backdated to 2010 even though it was SC until 2016 through an appeal. Glad I’ve kept all my paperwork just putting it together. Anyone have any thoughts about the supplemental review is their a way to just have it sent to the BVA since the RO is petty and useless?
  12. They said my level of S is all I’m entitled they said they used my 21-2680 as evidence. But when they denied the aid and attendance claim they just defined what it is cited none of the form my doctor filled out and then for the favorable findings in the decision none at this time. What do they call the 21-2680 for my doctor filled out as negative? This game is so over repetitive
  13. I not hurting but just tired of wAsting my families time with the VA games. I know I have lots of evidence now just looking for a good IMO to show the evidence and write his opinion. My migraines have been plaguing me since my 2006 TBI yet the Va says it wasn’t until my C and P in 2018 that it was 50% not that it matters even if they say it was 10% in 2010 it would have changed my 100% from 2016 to 2010. What’s your advice on which method I should take as far as an appeal and if I should hired an attorney again to hand out another 25k of my retro?
  14. Agreed took me 6 years... then came and said my issues were 90% but Permanent and total 2016 , then they said I was TDIU a year later 2017 , then they said I was 100% scheduler P and T in 2018 but backdated it to 2016. Needless to say i could have stopped at any one of those times but I pressed on because of hadit..
  15. It’s hasn’t been a year yet and I filed and was granted the 0 in 2010 I had multiple trips and to the ER for them and never was given an exam I filed for an increase in 2016 2017 2018. They never gave me an exam separate from my tbi review except in 2018. And the doc said they were post traumatic migraines this time to my TBi at 50% secondary to the residuals. I couldn’t file an increase sooner since it took that long for service connection in 2016. Then they said it was P and T in 2016 but said my migraines secondary were still 0% I was frustrated but I wasn’t unhappy just coming from two back to back appeal wins. I filed for increase in July and yet they still put the EED of June...
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