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  1. What if I file an increase and at the new c and P I ask the doctor if he can state the skull fx as a cause to my migraines or not? Is that evidence the board could use to grant service connected and or lump in with my migraines properly so as not to be considered pyramiding like my PTSD and TBI, failed to separate. Three years of trying I gave up.,.
  2. As for the skull fracture it was never service connected but remanded just my migraines were. I have been getting treatment for my migraines which was service connected in 2010 at 0% even though I received treatment for them 2010 to present day. The cause of the migraines va and choice doctors now say it could be a residual from the skull fracture at the base of my skull at the clivus that or my diffuse axonal tbi cannot seperate the two. Spontaneously my skull dc healed after a month from dec 29 2006 to Jan 21 2007 but the Va doctors for the BVA or RO looked into my old X-rays or catscan and said the skull fracture never existed in 2017.Then a choice doctor this year said it did happen and started me on Nadolol saying the skull fracture could be the cause of it.Not sure if its considered pyramiding, since the skull fracture is a cause of the service connected migraines at 0%.
  3. For shits and giggles see what they have listed under your Benefits section. That’s usually reliable if you have them listed here... IMG_2073VAmenu.pdf IMG_2074vamenu.pdf
  4. jfrei


    So basically since they made my P and T date Nov 2016 instead of July 2010 when I discharged she’s not eligible unless this appeal goes through and will give me the onset of my P and T at my discharge in 2010..thanks again for the info
  5. As far as the skull fracture is considered it was denied they said that my medical evidence from 2006 2007 was incorrect and their doctors review the X-rays and cat scans and it was their opinion I didn’t have a f, even though multiple doctors opinions said other wise. I have had just this year a doctor opinion my migraines which is already service connected to causing my headaches funny all the work they do for my headaches I still get weekly not daily now is rated a 0%.As far as DVT being denied they said just because I have pain in my legs still and the doctors have suggested residuals from my bilateral DVTs the RO says it could be a neck disorder which then they denied saying my neck disorder wasn’t caused by my skull fracture so they denied it before my skull fracture was ever service connected. This storm is all over the place they say it happened in service not causing a neck disorder but deny it saying they argue with the doctors from a decade again then approve a choice doctor to care for my migraines saying yes it could be they have lasted this long to to the fracture leaving residuals...
  6. jfrei


    Thanks Berta I was actually approved for the 10k already two months ago and more recently denied from the private insurance company. Thank you for the DIC reading and I just don’t want my wife to struggle with the VA if I go it won’t happen soon just want to have her and my ducks in a row,
  7. so I received the AMC denial of my DVTs in service related to my TBI/COMA. I had dx in 2007 mostly and multiple paperwork I submitted in with my claim in the original appeal that remanded this issue to the AMC. I also experience random leg pains and experience times of heaviness in one or the other leg causing me to fall. I've had more recent an MRI of my spine and lumbar which was searching for an answer to the leg issue but found no DVTS again 10 years later. Now I had the past in service dx of my DVTs so how can the RO/AMC deny my claim based on no new dx and not even citing the old dx in there evidence? Do I need to do another Support statement to the BVA directly asking the BVA to reconsider the new AMC denial of the DVTS without reviewing the medical records from 06,07, and 08, I have another motion currently there pending for asking them how did my skull fracture get denied as you called it a neck disorder and in the denial you said the neck disorder was not caused by the skull fracture, but without ever service connecting the skull fracture? The fight is never ending its been since 2011 that they initially gave me just 10% before fighting it and now 100% EOD of P and T since 2016. All this stress of getting my EOD of 2016 to 2010 is such a pain in the something, but worth it if it means possibly of it helping out my family with me being denied health insurance from another private company so the basic 10k is it and that wont help my wife and kids afford a decent life if I do go to early.I am not even sure they would get DIC benefits since we got married in 2011 the month after I was completely discharged and both our children are under 4. I had signed the waiver to stop the appeal from waiting 30 days before certifying it to BVA and to send it immediately back to the BVA. And new evidence to be reviewed at the BVA only no RO review, so if I call the BVA status line or IRIS message asking about the old dx can they say if its in my file for the BVA to review? Sorry all the questions and circles just fed up with the VA at times...
  8. jfrei


    Not really sure how this DIC benefit works? I was denied life insurance due to my excessive medical records and want to see what the criteria is for my family I was made P and T Nov. 11,2016 and was 90% backdated to July of 2010. I currently have an appeal in works so that may grant an EOD of July 11,2010 for my 100% but with anything back pay related over 25k its a fight to the end. But its in my favor as soon as the BVA looks at it again after my remanded issues were denied due to not reviewing all the evidence and see that yes I had several DVTs in both my legs in connections with my TBI/Coma in 2006 in service. I don't understand the delays of the RO I thought the AMC would see it, but denied it without citing the evidence in the diagnosis in service, but rather a current MRI that was taken to see why if at all I experience pain my legs currently in 2017.
  9. I called them well more specifically the director who routed my call to a representative working on my claim. So I am awaiting for it to be recertified to the BVA again see how long that takes. It’s only been since July 3 so technically he said they have 14 days to wait for new evidence even though I signed the 30 day waiver. And it’s the AMC now I was corrected multiple times by them and the RO... Who remembers the office of case management until they shut there number off a year ago for helping to many vets...
  10. Lol I guess it’s not that much less money and you get it quicker but I guess it makes sense if it’s paid when only in school and summers are off in college
  11. jfrei

    Migraines (Also Claimed As Tbi)

    First off how old was this claim was your C&P pre 2008 then you should be sent to another exam. Lol I had 3 before service connected 2010 2015/2016. They always want to low ball you, migraines are secondary to your post head trauma. Sorry I just saw this not answered and what medical evidence from service is your ticket the RO sucks and delays your life out of you until you get to the BVA we’re they take the rules seriously. Any updates...
  12. it’s basically the same amount 44k instead of 46 in less time. Why?
  13. I have had this happen logged in the next day and went back to gathering evidence then went to a C&P. But it could be numerous things you could try sending an IRIS message or calling the BVA status line 827 number knows nothing once it’s been certified I can here the broken record line they repeat to you on the phone.
  14. I called and two weeks later I received an email from the Head of the AMC informing about my decision and how my appeal was moving on ward back to the BVA after just 5 months. Not getting sucked into that black hole for years... lol
  15. Yes and here we are on here, sometimes I feel like an internet veteran troll bot lol colluding with vets in an unprecedented manner daily...

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