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  1. Very good news to hear I’m glad to hear this and look forward to when I finally get time to file for my SMC after my rehab visit....
  2. Sorry if I misread this anywhere but have you tried contacting the one at fault who may have with his insurance had the specifics or details of the incident?
  3. Wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all and have a great thanksgiving to you and your families...
  4. My TBi is considered secondary to my TBi and it also depends on how your TBI will be connected And if it doesn’t get connected then you won’t be granted for your headaches until your tbi is connected that’s at least how my was rated and connected. Why is it not connected if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. IU and SSDI

    I have 9 SC disabilities and one of them is 100% and the others combined would be 70% by themselves... hope that’s enougb the denial said they weren’t severe enough but I’m hoping the hearing will show otherwise
  6. IU and SSDI

    I’m only 31 OEF vet P ansT TBI residuals so SSDI has been nothing but denials but now I’m waiting for my hearing which I was told would take years but when they found out about the P and T they scheduled it in August for this December in 30 days. Still unsure of what to expected what they will ask person questions at the last second makes me blank out but that’s why I hired the attorney....
  7. IU and SSDI

    If you don’t mind me asking your age?
  8. IU and SSDI

    Did you use any IMOs at all or get a voc assessment done at all? My age being in my thirties is my only downfall for SSA
  9. In my case they granted me my service connection first then sent me back to another exam but they went off the first exam to determine the back pay initially
  10. Sleep apena

    Yeha I took the test took two days and the machine said I about 4 hours of sleep... much of my memory issues is related to my TBI and there would be no way to differentiate between what causes my symptoms that all are attributed to my severe tbi rated at 100% now. Other then me having a BMI of 28 and a neck of 17 my waist is still only 34....
  11. C&P Exam is all over the page

    I would think 20% which is the lowest rating in this dx but might be confused with the actual correct dx of your exam...
  12. Help filing

    So you are not 100% P and T?
  13. I filed for an Chronic adjustment disorder and instead of a separate rating since I was 90 IU P and T the raters decided that my TBI residuals should be rated at 100% instead of 70 and it’s dx code says 9411 under PTSD but was 8045 when it was just considered as my tbi residuals. I don’t even know how or what got me to scheduler anymore I almost need to get a VSO just don’t have time to visit a RO for help with two little ones...
  14. Just my issues with the RO my TBI was at 70% and with the other SCed issues 90% I appealed its Permanent nature by a NOD with my attorney it was made and changed at the RO that my IU was made 100 P and T in just 3 weeks where the RO was writing their SOC and said o wait this is Permanent now after his TBI was in 2006. Five months later my claim for my increase went through and the RO tried making me 100 Scheduler for just my TBI but take away my P and T already established by the appeal granted at the RO never even went to the BVA.. I went right to the RO and had my appeal they already granted for my TBi as P and T which is when they said it was a mistake to have me schedule for another TBi exam and it is P and T but I had to go nuts and march into the RO. To be clear I was IU for after claims finally granted backdated to May for 5 Months only before I was made scheduler...
  15. now I under stand I just had to submit the old dx code for correction in their system...