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  1. That’s what occured I believe except in 2016 they made me go to three in one year and two ptsd reviews. Yet in the end they said ptsd was a symptom in of my TBI and said it was 100% P and T funny I was given SSdI before they finally made that VA decision but instead of an EED of my claim in 2010 they said it was dated the day they did my reviews.
  2. Well for one they kicked the can about service connection until then and used the C and P from 2010 in 2016 when service connected to give the rating then they ordered new tbi reviews and Raise it when they granted the service connection in 2016 and not when I filed in 2010 and the P and T until my attorney sent an appeal, which never made it there bc a month later the RO said the evidence says it is P and T so we can just award it instead of sending it to the BVA I was happy for years that I got it right finally but now I’m looking at it with my wife who was in school starting in 2014 and graduated in 2017 with her masters that’s a big chunk of loan sitting there. And It can’t be forgiven but with two kids it’s always there on the back of our minds, like if we really needed something we can’t get another loan somewhere with our home and the school. Refinancing all our equity into another Mortgage would be like started over from.
  3. True I’m just thinking the we’re just working on the back log for appeals and most exams could be done virtual if they had to be, a Come out way better then they used too...
  4. Also i was contacted by VES about my increase on scars and to do a VideoConnect not sure if it is easier that way for your disability. But in my case it’s easy to see another 13 scars with my condition so I said xxxx it. Tired of this well we can’t do this in lockdown bullshit. We can serve in a war in lockdown but getting what is what we deserve should not come second to a lockdown especially when our clock is ticking everyday. Sadly some don’t make it to the Va finish line and is a xxxxxxx pandemic of its own...
  5. Back in 2013 when my spouse started her masters i said don’t worry the VA will eventually pay it while I had a two year appeal pending. Then 2016 comes but they. Backdated my 100% to 2010 but not the P and T. I was just annoyed but happy They got it right but now we have a 40k masters degree loan never getting paid off while she’s part time now it seems like an EED claim might seem worth while....
  6. So I was made P and T 100% In 2016 after my Cue Appeal went through yet they said no wait it wasn’t when I filed my claim in 2010 but 2016. Is there a lawyer that specializes in EED cuz this is BS?
  7. Gulf war window is officially bigger then I thought
  8. my C and P is scheduled for a Saturday at 1030 VideoConnect exam the 26th. Hope it goes better then my last va appointment VideoConnect that I was only able to see the doctor for seconds before we did the whole appointment using texting.... Nope Iraq and Afghanistan vet
  9. I have long way to use my DEA benefits. My kids are 3 and 5...
  10. jfrei

    New 21-2680

    Nothing ever is with the VA but they are getting more efficient. Hell my new claim 5 days old has a C and P scheduled
  11. Then my dumbass falls down a hill at my family’s cabin of all rocks and this beauty hypertext extended ....
  12. So apparently the VA has said it was Psoriasis Vulgaris but that doesn’t explain why I had to buy medical tape and arm compression soaks for when the pain in my wrists and elbows become so bad I can’t do anything unless I have them on. But I don’t understand it I keep them on for a month or two and tape my wrists so I can pick my 3 year old and it feels good for like a month or two and then it’s back to compression soaks and taping wrists and sometimes my ankles. I don’t know how my knees are the only pain free joint on my body ugly red knees but pain free....
  13. No just filing an increase in already S just want it right so I’m not stressed ablut losing my rating
  14. Ouch I’m only 30% ones on my throat and the other is on my face. But the new ones are ugly red and itchy all over my arms and legs. I just figured They screwed me in my residuals tbi and ptsd rating for 6 years before they said wait it’s not 90% p and t Tdiu but 100% scheduler, no wait it’s scheduler and p and t the next month. So this one rating is going to max out at 40% I guess I can’t complain unless the doctor says the scarring is from a new condition which was caused by TBI residuals and not the scars it was already rated on which opens a can of worms of tbi reviews again even though I’m P and T I’ll be mad.
  15. So I was called by the RO in Arkansas about my new contention he said I would file for an increase in your current scars rating which was due to my tracheotomy from my TBI I said it’s a new condition but still considered exacerbated by my TBI systems such as PTSD. I’m confused by this cause it Is not the old scars I was rated at 30% bothering me but it’s still scars secondary to my TBI residuals that are all over my legs and arms. But they won’t let me file for new scars again. since this issue is already service connected secondary to my TBI, but my exams been scheduled Really quickly. Has anyone ever had seperation with the ratings for multiple scars or I was just assuming they would lump them all together which is why I said ok I’ll make it increase to the RO gentleman?
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