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  1. Apparently I applied on the 5th and it’s pending must have forgotten. The man was like condescending when I asked how long does this normally take he said not long at all. I guess I shouldn’t have been sarcastic when I said yeah just like 6 years waiting for an appeal is quick....sad thing was is i was serious about it being quick I just wanted a guess to how long i wait
  2. Glad it’s only going on one year I better get on it I’m confused I was made 100 IU but P and T on Nov 11 2016 but 100 scheduler P and T this last September either way i better calm tomorrow it’s a snow storm here so now I’ll do my research before my doctors appointment on Friday not sure if it’s automatic wife was concerned when here life insurance said I don’t qualify due to my sTBI. Thanks buck
  3. Is there Life insurance our there other then the VA SDVI insurance plan basically covers funeral cost if im lucky for my wife, my recent award was my increase from 70% to 100% for my TBI award letter dated September 22 2017. I met with a financial councilor who said I was eligibile for his listed life insurance companies due to my disabilities but my wife is. I know being just over my one year since my new rating and I honestly had no intentions of dieing so I just shrugged insurance off but I just wanted to know they will be ok if I pass kids and wife. Not sure how DIC works I’ve only been P and T since 11/16 and married since 9/2/11. What’s the criteria and will my kids still be eligible for. Their DEA benefits?
  4. Updates

    I was told Vets.gov gets it information from ebenefits and ones down they both go down...
  5. Maybe I should reach out to my exam doctor she’s an outsourced VES doctor.
  6. What’s in your wallet? Sorry I’m a smart ass
  7. Not going to jinx myself but it’s a long process to begin and is almost over the first hurdle. Been working with the county to get tax exemption law changed for any P and T 100.... I’ll post when. It passed don’t want to give false hopes
  8. C&P Examination

    Like he said if you have been out of treatment for years they just want to see if you’ve improved so to save them some money...
  9. Nope it just sounds like a company that the VA uses for when they outsource your exams due to wait time called VES except the veteran does it kinda like an Independent Medical Opinion as long as the doctor is in the field of whatever your getting examined for had they not been on California I may have tried to use them.
  10. Just curious what was your range of motion was for the 10% intial exam but with the Rom in being both at 85 I would think your increase will be granted your guess is with the raters. My guess is 50% but I know that could be wrong so I’ll say 30-50% for a “ROTR” range of the raters...
  11. You may get lucky but unfortunately I doubt it, it has to be the exact phrase and before someone disagrees with me I want to bring up my last exam from last year which the doctor states “it is at less likely as not” and I am still waiting on my appeal for the next step which was remanded due to this error. They stated the doctor could be contacted to clear up the typo but if they are not around anymore then another exam will be ordered.
  12. That is what I meant the Special Adaptive it was pending decision approval then back to gathering evidence in three days...
  13. When you call the 1800 number does it show that’s it been flagged for hardship yet or that it’s still pending your hardship to be granted?
  14. Can you post the lazy SSOC, just so we can see the wordIng?
  15. Well filed for a SAH/SHA grant for my home this past November and it was pending awaiting my RO to send my disability rating to them. Five months later and I call to see the hold up and I’m 100% P and T for my TBI how is it difficult to pass the word from one building to the next. Well yesterday it went from that to Decision pending approval and now today it’s back to gathering of evidence. For a second I thought hey maybe this will go quicker the a disability claim, guess I was wrong. Anyone have any experience with the SAH grant for homes? And is the way mine is moving normal?