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  1. Well it’s not always accurate, and the va.gov is alittle better but still a circle games of back and forth I don’t even remember when I called the 18008271000 number and waiting 30 minutes to hear a person explain where my claim is. But also an option my thing id check before I call is to look In claims history but easier to call right now. Currently they are bridging the old ebennies and into the va.gov for claims filing and reviewing now automatically switching you over to va.gov for your claims if you go through ebenefits. Got this message when trying to look at my claims went to both sites myself...
  2. Nothing if you like to eat crayons 🖍, but then again sometimes i find myself pondering the same questions at 6 in the morning?
  3. It’s gong to be a long rabbit hole but you will come out my started in 2010 didn’t finish until 2016. I had many other self damages which prolong this but listen here and you won’t make the same mistakes I made. If you have a recent diagnosis or an old one gather everything about the instance. If old I would recommend hiring a doctor for a independent medical opinion before you file. If you filed already better get on that IMO. Seems like a high cost when you start asking for one I didn’t have one resulted in 4 tbi reviews and then 3 ptsd exams. They couldnt separate the issues I spent years of wasted time fighting for two ratings but now I just don’t give a F I’m 100% P and T how ever they want to call it whatever. Don’t get all caught up in the SMC game money wishing if you rate something like that I’d know about it or you would. I’m content with SMC S and if I ever get worse with my memory I’ll file for T but I’m caring for two children could always use money for them but I’m not so crazy I need a caregiver lol well just don’t ask my wife who works part time due to my health concerns but she doesn’t need to bath me or wipe my ass so then there’s that. I can walk you through the hole rabbit hole and VA bullshit I’m sorry everyone I’ve been away from had-it popping on here maybe twice a month kids got me going bonkers. Not sure but ask for my personal email in a message since I can’t post it for people that need help with a TBI claim shoot me an email I respond way the quickest . As you can see I run around in the rabbit hole allot get lost and start rambling on here. Back on topic so now you have the diagnosis you need to figure out if a LOD was one of so what was the outcome. If it’s was in the line of duty get the paperwork as evidence they are going to check everything about the issue whether they need to or not. Trust me they will do their own LOD even if you have one, don’t wait 5 years after a decision like me causing me to file CUE claims which a win like mine are few and far in between. If you don’t have LOD they will do one based on everything they dig up, was it willful misconduct or not, was anyone reprimanded during this so called examples of being knocked out, why did anyone get NJP or not. But you were cleared to go back to duty by a doctor or not, I’m sure or not little details like that can be missed. Not sure exactly where the issues happened here or abroad need more info to help out with the rest of the claim. Yes buddy statements are ok but doctor opinions are way more solid evidence to use. And yes it it’s kinda costly for doctor opinions but it does payoff with a finished claim in under 3 years give or take however new claims are moving even faster these days I haven’t filed for anything new since early 2016. So after you skim this book I wrote send me details about the claim like when who what where’s and why?? I have allot more stuff to tell you just wait to file unless you can get all this stuff quickly go Ahead and upload it all on the VA.gov website does save allot of time if you don’t have access to your RO with a fax unlike me I live 7 miles away so I pick and choice what I want faxed or uploaded in va.gov. The madness of the VA claims has drove me mad and anxious but I’m still breathing so I guess why I’m here helping out have a nice day....
  4. How does that make any sense when Medicare is only for myself not for my dependents and ChampVA is for them only and not for me? Seems almost like pay for part b and then pay for costs associated for my families with ChampVa usually very little but my family always has unexpected medical trips I mean I have a 5 year old and a 2 year my daughter heart is one in 200,000 babies with a Right-sided aortic arch is a rare anatomical variant in which the aortic arch is on the right side rather than on the left. A lot of money going to doctors to finally said she’s fine she’s just had a different heart.
  5. They will and should be evaluated separately after years of fighting don’t let them xxxx you like they did me initially. I’m rated 100 for tbi residuals 50 for headaches 30 for dizziness lightheadedness..... sorry but at your exam your tbi make sure he differentiated the issues otherwise they will be lumped and a fat 0 for your headaches like I had then magically poof 8 years later 50% the highest for headaches sorry I failed to read this prior but get your Exam report send details if they lump it which they will try unless they say your SMC S which is a possibility so get your exam post it i can tell you what i think will happen, VA can get complicated...
  6. File for it, get a new exam an independent medical exam from a reliable Dr. You can find on here so you have recent evidence of your TBI and current well-being. Which is what I did and I went from 90% Unemployable P and T to what I should have been which is now 100% P and T rated from the start. But that’s not as big as jump in pay but helps with my families wellbeing.
  7. Lol I was thinking the same thing either that or your family’s bill will come back and say we won’t pay for it it’s out of network suck it up buttercup and pay it yourself....
  8. Not that it’s every going to be to the candidates but what happens to champva if Medicare for all becomes an actual thing? We will be forced to give up our champva that we earned and have to put money we don’t have into Medicare for all... just a thought ...
  9. Ok I’ve actually had this happen a few times sometimes the evidence needs to be processed before it shows back up. Happens if you did it late at night or the weekend sometimes. They will show up at the latest 3 days later barring no holidays....
  10. Just got off the phone with my States senators office they will be looking into the Bill and why it’s just sitting in the VA committee for me and give me any updates with regard to why it’s stalled. So the politics will show its true colors to see What where and why and how to get it brought up for a vote in the senate....
  11. Right about the cause of the scar Buck why they have no reason not to call it secondary. I mean I know they have a limit on how many secondary you can have but they saw what the cause is in the exam which was to breathe while unconscious after the TBI occurred yet they didn’t make it a secondary condition. Just annoying I guess I just wanted to see since my claim for SMC T failed as they said it wasn’t severe enough because they failed to make two other of my service connected disabilities secondary to my TBI like 30% I’m connected for dizziness and lightheadedness and the 30% for my scars. Just pondering as I do in the mornings driving myself mad lol.
  12. I’m saying it was SC at 30% but saw it’s not secondary to my sTBI the reason I had to have scar in my throat due to being in a coma but hey I can’t start being picky I got something I’m grateful just find it stupid that it’s not considered a secondary disability due to my sTBI
  13. So residuals of a TBI with ptsd as a system are 100%, my migraines are at 50%, and my tinnitus is at 10% which all are secondary to the TBI, how is it they feel like they can rate me 30% for my tracheotomy scar from my TBI and not consider it secondary it’s very dumb issue I believe.? I don’t know if it would require them more benefits having one issue giving me Over 200%.... I know three is usually the max but a blatant scar issue resulting from the coma from the TBI is completely ridiculous...
  14. Luckily with my P and T when I filed my appeal the RO when prepping my appeal noticed the doctors all said it’s permanent so basically wasting the judges time for something moot....all in less then 3 weeks
  15. Sounds about right I sent this to my senator to see WTH the committee of the Va is doing from IRIS
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