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  1. Don’t know enough about this program yet I’m told I may have this option, so I’ve been notified that on my appeal 1 denied and remanded to the AMC this was in Dec of last year. Looking at decision I noticed that they decided my neck disorder was not caused by my skull fracture but I never claimed the neck disorder just the skull fracture which hasn’t even been service connected.So I walked my happy ass to the RO the guy behind the glass called my number and looked up my claim, then calls me to walk me back behind his desk here fill this out? Statement of support of my claim he told me to write : my original claim for basilar skull fracture in 2010 was never service connected even after my NOD from 2012 and not after my appeal was granted in 2016 but used to deny service connection for my neck disability in Dec 2017. How is this possible that I have never been rated or service connected for my skull fracture but apparently used to deny a issue that I never claimed?
  2. Well i didn’t hire an attorney I spoke with a VSO he said he sees my claim for the skull fracture and in the new decision it states my skull fracture never caused a neck disorder which I never claimed it did, just filed for Basilar skull fracture in my NOD from 2012 which was never addressed in the decision from 2017. He told me what to fill out and we submitted into the RO. My appeal is currently with a rater at the AMO since Feb. now I have a feeling it will go back to the RO yet again for the BS to readdress the issue then back to the AMO for the last issue to never see the light of day at the AMO. No more working on my claim for me they have all the medical records submitted into the RO and The BVA dated and time stamped to avoid confusion... other then my confused self
  3. I would be ok with that but I need a vets.gov, status line to RO and BVA, think that would cover it. I think I’m completely giving this summer to my wife and kids I have 3 doctors appointments and that’s it for the VA no worries about my remanded issues it is what it is. Awaiting a decision in feb. March April and May sure it won’t change all summer... jfrei taking the summer off from all except my family June 1 so any tbi question important ask before then I’ll check maybe monthly for the summer thank you all for the support!
  4. I hear you all but I didn't want to do this alone Gastone I had a lawyer who got tired of me and figured he didn't see me getting more money then the IU, so when my backpay from 30% to 90% came through in 2016. He then had me file for IU which then was granted in Jan .2017 which was also made P and T backdated to 11/2016 when my recent employer put me on medical hold permanently until I was healed from my TBI. This is a hobby answering questions on here and going to my treatment... My wife keeps me in check but hates dealing with the side effects of new meds and my TBI. I'm getting another drug change after complaining about fatigue on beta blockers for my migraines. Thank you all for hearing me out this is my place has been helping me since 2011...
  5. Is your IU Permanent and total. Since it’s a factor based on your TBI your IU should be mine was the same I had to file for it they won’t give it to you. And yes your IU p and t just like mine was stated due to the permanent nature of your TBI
  6. They can never get my claim right since 2010 I’ve been fighting tooth and nail to get what I have obsessions and research for the past 4 years straight about to have my wife divorce me. But she stuck it out the hard part and now I’m 100 scheduler p and t onset date of 11/16/17. My claim was from 2010 when my original decision and was 90 percent ok they corrected it finally in 2016 but not backdate it to when I filed my claim in 2010 but the best part is when they remanded two issues one currently in the blackhole of the AMC with an advance on the docket and a congressional inquiry still with one person awaiting a decision for my post thrombotic syndrome well documented so it’s just a waiting game. Not my issue it’s the fact they granted my sTBI but denied my skull fracture since my first page in my record had a typo it said skull fracture(neck fracture) not a doctor apparently the clivus at the base of your skull is the clivus. They xrayed my back neck not my skull and denied it now I have to waste my money to hire a IMO to review my medical record s and previous cat scans mris. just to say what not one but four other doctors who attended me in my coma did in 2006 opinionated about having a skull fracture against there one Dr. D.S. sorry started laughing to my self in a maniac phase thought it originally said BS at the RO who looked at me wondering why I was laughing at him...I am sorry for this rant. Am I doing the right thing about hiring an IMO is there a quicker way of getting this appeal finished the right way I’m to the point of driving to the BVA in person as it’s an hour drive maybe two if I get lost in traffic, the RO said said I didn’t have to wait for the remanded issue to be finished to appeal the decision my mistake my 120 days are up? What would happen if I show up at the BVA asking how to reconsider my claim with my 100s of medical records and opinions? I am losing it my wife needs this VA shit over with I don’t want to lose her to my OCD of this shit sorry about my language...
  7. As much as you will try and fight getting your TBI and PTSD they will try and combine them im sure your tbi seems to be a higher warranted rating then your 30 % for PTSD.combined along I would take a guess of at least 50% or 70% alone Hurry up and file you have all the evidence submit it with your new claim try to submit all the evidence make sure to bring copies of all tbi history records that highlight claims your bringing up to the C and P inspector.
  8. Thought I had to wait until the remanded issues on the appeal were resolved the RO contact of mine said no now I either have to file Cue or he suggested my best is to file for a reconsideration with all the supporting evidence and a statement of support stating I want a reconsideration based on the facts that their one doctor failed to even look at the issue area in question and focused on my back and neck instead of the bae skull fracture. I have the medical evidence that shows the exact location and what residuals are left from this. I’m not going to benefit anything for continuing this battle with the possibility of getting an eed but with this would have to be rated at least 30%... but is it an option maybe even quicker to file a new claim for the exact injury and location as my intial worded claim was alittle confusing to them since I but Basillar skull fracture(neck condition) since that’s what the doctors wrote on my ER records which was then changed to the clivus but that was 7 days later during the re-evaluation... Ask to have my EED changed to the original claim from 2010 as it is the same issue?
  9. Has anyone heard of doctors saying well your heart beat is permanently superimposed ischemia due to being in a coma for over a month? I said in my head not to the doctor at my exam, what they hell does that mean I’m stuck getting these random heart pains out of no where. So I understand pyramiding and I’ve already have three conditions service connected secondary due to my sTBI. I was told I should file for this by the RO, as if I unexpectedly die due to my ischemia secondary to my coma/ sTBI it would help my family out. I kept my EKGs from my personal records and the doctors name phone number is on there from the navy and writes on the EKG old ischemia residuals of prolonged hospital stays while in a coma.... will refer to echo but never had one done since I forgot and then was honorably discharged. I’m already at 100% scheduler P and T so nothing to gain or lose except if they want to review my file and see I was approved for SSDI last year. Can someone explain to me for my family why i should maybe file this to have it on my disabilities being P and T it doesn’t matter what I die of I thought? pic of the EKG
  10. Is this veteran send the C and Ps to anyone to see if it was service connected?
  11. Did you happen to ask if it permenant and total to the doctor? I laughed when they granted me IU had to appeal for permanent and total but when the RO was making the ssoc they granted it instead so I was IU PT...long journey
  12. Have you every been diagnosed with an Adjustment disorder or ptsd related to you TBI...
  13. jfrei

    Expedited Claims without cause?

    Not sure if you tried contacting your state senators office they have a VA rep you explain your situation and then if they deem they submit a congressional inquiry which usually gets the ball moving where ever it’s at....

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