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  1. I feel like I xxxxxx myself this year as I didn’t feel like waiting for my form from SSA to file tax returns my wife got here’s i filed first week of January. I did the same thing last year idiot I am I thought ssdi was only to file in state taxes I recieved a notice I owe from 2018 luckily I had it saved so I paid it I’m sure I’ll get the same notice next year. I’m not like most I usually plan for the worst, and I usually recieve the worse so no harm no foul.....
  2. Like the title says never missed a mortgage payment, but now two kids needing my watch how if any protections for people with VA loans in this time of crisis of missing a payment and Wells Fargo payment past due ?
  3. I did they have the virus checks at the front Entrance in Wilmington De
  4. Everyone in Delaware got the call all restaurants closed by 8 as with all liquor stores no groups over 100 gathered all gyms closed.... not picking on the VA we have all got our stories about them.
  5. Hope everyone is well and ok. To think we have to worry about the VA and now this crap is getting ridiculous....
  6. It’s years away from any type of settlement anyways it’s all a wait and wait tactic for 3m. I recieved updates on it all the time for suit isn’t even on the table until 2021.
  7. Also if you go into your local VA hospital, you can request the copy of the report from QTC. I’ve done this 3 different times and I was handed a print out of the exam every time. Once you have that exam you’ll know what she put.... I like all the answers but nothing we can say will change the VA decision or the QTC exam report.
  8. Supposedly I read this and it said that issue is either out already or in the works....hurry up and wait head tuck in between our legs
  9. I know you can’t be granted retro for the caregiver program. But since I was denied for whatever the reason was what essentially can they saw if I appeal there decision now? I’m still 100% P and T
  10. But you can get IMO who feels like your reason is correct write a opinion use that as evidence file a DRO if you’re retro isn’t going to be over 25k. And that’s the quickest or you could just reopen in a new claim with the new evidence. Both have worked for me and I wasn’t worried about retro just that they got it right...
  11. As with my TBI they will include 3 conditions with it connected but your awaiting a C and P for each or just for the rating im not speculating this is exactly what happened to me except my 3 connected issues were lightheadedness and dizziness and not vertigo, post traumatic migraines not headaches I know they are the same thing just worded differently...and fatigue the same
  12. Hard to say I would say ebenefits has changed. Are you referring to VA.gov the replacement did you check you current rating? It took me awhile to figure out where it was in the new website I was so used to Ebenefits. But check here for your current TBI decision.... it will have a breakdown of what was denied and rated it can’t disappear... unless processing it currently
  13. jfrei


    It may be a recent grant was awarded with back pay and if you have attorneys fees then they are paid before any retro is fished out. But I’ve never seen this worded like this then again the processes have change since 2016....
  14. I have to say my VA records similar to yours where they lowballed my sTBI at 70% but gave me IU 100% made it P and T if that makes any sense. It took me six years to get jt corrected and my 0 for my migraines took 8 years to finally get bumped up to 50% but since they had made me 100% backdate to when I filed when I fixed my TBI I didn’t worry about the EED issue that and like you I was granted SSDI for them already which is one of the factors that made my increase very quicker. I was just concerned on getting the correct rating after 8 years for my headaches, but the way the two are worked they won’t hold each other up. As far as it was concerned in my case I had an active appeal for the Permanent and total when I filed an increase. The increase went in light speed in talking about 2 months for the 0 to 50% jump. The Permanent and total appeal was apparently something they missed when they made me 100% scheduler. I walked into the RO with my IU P and T award and I asked the Head officer in charge at the RO to ask him the question and he came say my paperwork said they didn’t see my old decision from Philly and the next day new decision 100% P and T. I also live 10 minutes from my RO makes it easy not sure if it’s as easy for you. Lost in my head sorry so if you have an appeal already in the works I would file an increase and if it’s black and white get the increase that’s probation weight for the BVA to look at that’s just my advice.... get it right the BVA will Correct the EED they have never failed me shocking I am a fan of the boards decisions usually
  15. Wow i thought mine was a huge mistake from 2010. And was 100% but even just 10% over 40 years is a huge chunk....
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