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  1. So does this sound like I have an EED claim? Original award of 0% for my headaches and then increased to 50% for post traumatic headaches due to my TBI in 2018 but my TBI was in 2006. Not sure if you can fight for an EED for 2010 since the original was a grant based on CUE in 2016 of 0 percent yet the increase was dx based on my post traumatic headaches from my tBi
  2. so being that they said my EED was June of this year and not when I filed from 2010 can be appealed? If that’s correct that would make my so called 90% over the 100 hump backdating my. 100 to 2010 and not 2016. This game gets so confusing..
  3. Gave google a search and filled out the case evaluation. I don’t think proving my 50% migraines began in 2018 12 years after my TBI...but who knows how the dice roll because if it is shown that it should be when I filed even if they kept my tbi at 70 that still puts me over the 100 ticker with my other disabilities. Great now something else that’s going to bug the f out of me...
  4. Do you have an idea of where to look the VSO I was speaking with has feel off and won’t return my emails?
  5. jfrei

    Attorney Fee Eligibility Determination

    True but in my case the appeal was won they said it was permanent, but the award said no dea benefits. Which is why I appealed and the RO saw the mistake and change my award letter to P and T with DEA ChampVA benefits. Appeal complete 21 days just last June 2017. I’m just giving an example of why you may appeal a win at the BVA...
  6. jfrei

    Eligible for Medicare due to ssdi

    Thanks they have dental through MetLife I will definitely be calling him. I already spoke to some one last week they said it was outgoing and the place who did my wife’s surgery said it would take ChampVA why we went there to have the surgery they just can’t be on hold for 45 minutes a call like I was before getting the answer... maybe Mr Johnson can explain the delay
  7. jfrei

    Eligible for Medicare due to ssdi

    Thanks I’ll ask about the payment methods this was almost as bad getting them to pay the hospital for childbirth expenses...
  8. jfrei

    Eligible for Medicare due to ssdi

    yeha just when I see things going my way I get reminded how unaware to details, I was like ok dependents benefits went thru I assumed so was Medicare for my one, four and wife . Felt so lost going to my state social services for help with purchase of care in Delaware so I can go to my 2 to 3 appointments a week. Sad the VA here doesn’t have anything other then dragging two kids into my appointments...
  9. jfrei

    Eligible for Medicare due to ssdi

    So wait I’m the only one eligible for Medicare not my spouse who is 33 years old and not my children who both receive dependent benefits? We have a struggle with champ va all the time we are now on the phone with the collection agency saying it’s going to effect our credit next week when I call champ they say it processed and going out wha a xxxxxxx joke 45 minutes wait to say it’s processing and the collectors don’t care what they say to me...why do they not have a website to be able to see all this like ebenefits I’m irate now when I call tomorrow the collectors calling my wife’s part time job..
  10. Yeha I don’t think the Wilmington Va has one att this location but I look into it, it took 6 months of me complaining about a changing station before they put one in the men’s bathroom.
  11. jfrei

    Eligible for Medicare due to ssdi

    Thanks for all the info I’m looking into this mostly for my wife and two kids...
  12. I have been getting SSDI since Nov 2016, I have doctors stated all of this stuff and yet my age is the factor I’m sure just another fight having to appeal like everything I’ve won so far I do mean everything DEA,P and T, it’s like I know what to expect
  13. I was wondering if anyone has used this program to help pay for their childcare? I have two options really one is send kids to child care and actively do my treatment twice a week or not go to most my appointments so I can pay my mortgage and bills. Feel like I am selling them short by not making it to my appointments but keeping them under a roof with electric is more important...
  14. So with my SSdI claim which was granted partly due to the mental RFC and the physical RFC done by my primary va doctor. Has anyone ever submitted in for a request for aid and attendance? Just looking into more evidence to give them... or anything that I used for my SSdI claim like the exam they sent me too in 2017
  15. no Problem Berta thank you I honestly never looked at the list I’ve just learned the hard and long way...

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