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  1. I was the same thing I'm 90% scheduler granted IU and the retro active 100% P and T the letter stated backdated to the day they granted me IU. But apparently still showing 90% on Ebennnies so I called to ask why the person said well your 90 so I said the letter with my appeal decision for P and T says nothing about IU and says 100% P and T shouldn't that be reflected in your computer or ebennies he was confused sent in an inquiry... the rest of the 6 page letter says nothing about IU but explains why it's considered permanent and total. I am correct in assuming it should be a 100% on ebennies or not?
  2. Uploading Documentation

    Wow a little back dated but I have the PO box to mail it to the BVA which is what I had to just do.. let me know if you want the address or if I'm to late
  3. claim status

    As was mine then pending decision then back to Prep the. Again to pending approval in the last two days... feel like licking windows would be better to pass the time away...
  4. Hopefully many used it when I gave it out for a few...
  5. Had there been any changes with your claim
  6. And now back to pending approval suspense date on Tuesday this time and my appeal was just picked up by the law judge. Luckily I just mailed out the evidence the Regional office said didn't exist from the trauma center about 20 pages and a copy of SSOC I highlighted where they said it didn't exist and they changed my claim into. a neck disbabiloty so I'm done with that BS hope the BVA calls out the Regional Office now I can Fa getaboutit and got it pwrslm..
  7. From S to R2?

    What is that rater under?
  8. Now it's back to Prep and for one week I've been told anyday now I can see the decision you'll be fine just wait and now. So I wait and I see it moves back and anyday turn into the end of October. What the hell is wrong with these people for days I'm told don't worry then today I'm told well it happens sometimes.. I answered it happens everytime and then I have to appeal because they've never gotten it right the first time. I hung up after that... the language in my head right now toward Peggy or Tom or whatever his name is fluding my brain housing group...has anyone ever had this happen or maybe just a day glitch I'm hoping the office of case told me this morning it should be 2 to 3 days Top then Bamm oh wait it seems they missed something what else could they have missed? I was told today I'm 100% P and T im not getting any retro just some local property tax help with this new decision which could help me out tremdously.If they had a decision that was about to be approved and it was apparently good for me as I was told why the change of heart? Does not sound good I'm clueless as usually... Ebenefits Fockery
  9. eBenefits SNAFU

    Same here I was told Claim was closed and now back in the preparation for a decision in 4 hours ...
  10. Yeha and Peggy just said I'm awaiting final review someone messaged me from the Va saying my decision. Is 2 to 3 days away. And now it's back to Prep for a decision yet again I seriously hate this game!! Another called they say it's been updated to Prep for notification oct 30 completion date so confused going to drive me insane called back again bc the woman before spoke very little English and I couldn't understand her but apparently it is back in Prep for a decision WTF
  11. So I'm sorry to sound like a newbie I'm still trying to figure out if IU is moot or what. The letter also says they granted this the day they made me IU at 100%.
  12. Still unclear about this it says 100% P and T backdated when I was awarded IU... I'm just a little confused how they do their decisions they first denied my P and T filed an appeal 4 weeks later they changed their mind. Had I not appealed they would have screwed me... Va is so inconsistent
  13. How are you 80 for your TBI? 70% or 100% is possible unless your adding your secondary disabilties with it. Are you considered Permanent and Total for your TBI?
  14. You got me crossed eyed from going back and forth lol.
  15. They granted me IU that same day they granted my Permanent and Total I was 90 for six years but finally gave up trying after 8 jobs from 2014 to 2016 my last one had put me on medical hold. Due to my TBI and then let go that November they granted me IU and the. Five months later I appealed the for P and T and then they back dated it to when they granted me IU. I just wanted to know why my medical record still shows 90 if my award letter says 100 p and t