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  1. To be honest as in my DRO hearing/review I am not a fan of just letting things stay or not knowing what going on with my claim. So you could clear up all of this by walking into your RO and walking to the service desk for speaking about your disability claim which is how I found out who and when my hearing was and will be with and the DRO meet me and my wife. So I recommend for answers you want and not a phone call to Peggy or Aunt Tom feeding you BS if your able just pay a visit. My Regional office was in Philadelphia doing this got me answers and after my hearing as well. She or he may often have to ask general counsel I think it's call if your retro is hefty for Th RO to cover and a complicated matter. This can also be another hurdle to clear if the DRO denies and they believe you are right as was my case. Don't believe the lie DROs cannot grant all claims but they can help with your appeal if it must go that way...
  2. Just was wondering if this could be made a forum to discuss how one would qualify other then being OEF/OIF veteran and being 100% disabled?
  3. I am looking into how to make my S to an L. Just recently I was given 100% rating for a combined TBI/PTSD and if you sum up all my other disabilities it comes out to 70%. How or what are the requirements to make this transition? I"m sure the RO will overlook anything they can just like my denial for the caregiver program for my wife because I was on 100% IU for my TBI rated at 70%. Which I believe now I may question there motive as I look into myhealthnet record and it also has changed from 90 to 100% P and T
  4. No never and I've had 3 TBI reviews in less then two years but now it's been increase to 100. I will say as soon as I had one done I got a copy see what they missed and at the next one made sure i had the medical evidence to prove my issue/claim. Seriously the first TBI review when asked if I had scars said no How the f*** do you miss the 4 inch scar on my throat and the scar across my nose from a feeding tube. I made sure to bring it up she took pictures this time and kept my recent MRI and neuropsych test I had all done by the VA hospital in Wilmington. They do take very good care of me if they didn't go through so many doctors causing wait times that are crazy long...
  5. I'm not even sure this decision was even needed since I won my appeal in June where they already said I was P and T at 100% with no mention of IU. But another thing I did which I haven't heard if anything came about because of this new decison but the letter thAt says your P and T does it say at 100%. If it does actually call Peggy say I know My rating equal 90 but I have this decision that says I'm 100%. They should say you can expect a call in 14 days or less with your answer...
  6. Finally after lucky 7 years

    Thanks everyone between not sleeping over stressing has made a long month but I'm hoping no more worries for as far as the Va is concerned time to focus on the family who have dealt with this crap for to long.
  7. this is is how I know I'm 100 scheduler and the P and T came actually before the increase in June and so when I walked in on Friday decision in hand from my winning appeal with my newborn and three year old,. The guy at the front desk looked at my P and T decision with the new decision walked back to the officer in charge of the RO he came out apologized said it's been cleared up now in a new decision sent out but when you get the letter from this morning just disregard it . You are P and T 100 scheduler we made a mistake....In my head wow they actually said they made a mistake never have I heard those words...So ROs apologizing and granting my appeal in 4 weeks when making the SOC maybe something has changed!!
  8. My reason for them not seperating makes sense I guess any comments didn't know they had a ptsd/TBI protocol or what have you all I know is it's finally 100% scheduler P and T
  9. smc math

    Hey Alex You seem to not have your head on a swivel like i do about SMC( Shake My Cranial) I'll admit I don't know much about SMC other then I was given S when I was IU. But now I'm 100% scheduler P and T for just my TBI residuals. . I have 8 seperate other disabilities 3 are secondary to my TBI 2 30% 1 20% and 3 10% and a new claim I'm filing for my sleep apnea already dx and using a Cpap by my Va hospital. How or what could I possibly qualify for? I was Denied caregiver program due to me being only IU at the time I applied and her opinion I'm not severe enough wonder on Monday if she'll say that same thing again ..
  10. Make sure you know the definition of prostrating and what it means my mistake got me nothing but Service connection... better then a denial I'm guessin..
  11. And it may be a bit unless your experiencing a financial hardship losing your home or death bed as such is what I have been told. And yes this sounds about the right time for as SOC or SSOC if it's a remand as my experience has gone with my 4 appeals so far all in my favor it's funny how the BVA practices their own law but the Regional Office ignores it until upheld by the BVA...
  12. I was 90% P and T IU SMC S and when I filed for an Adjustment disorder it triggered one DBQ which then in turn triggered two increases for my TBI residuals and my PTSD. Now today I am 100% scheduler P and T and SMC S ...
  13. MyhealthVet/Ebenefits?

    Lol to many passwords for me and I thought i was smart to keep a page on my desktop that had all my passwords until my computer was hacked changed all my passwords now I just deal with forget your passwords procedures over and over
  14. Finally after lucky 7 years

    I'm told for the big one property tax in Delaware I have to be a resident for another 1 1/2 to apply for exemption living in Delaware
  15. 100% scheduler P and T with SMC S man that was not easy. But here I am at this point need another hobby other then obsessing with my claim that's over now.... could this help my SSDI hearing in December? I hope so