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  1. Of course not but I was told it’s a FDC and my 21-2680 is here so you can maybe guess my slim chances of an easy dent or grant?..
  2. Not sure if this will be enough for L but I’m curious to thoughts? Since apparently my doctors are getting upset I have to bring in my children since I can’t afford daycare for them in my Poly trauma treatment at the VA hospital.Im ok with what he put on the form it’s accurate so I am not going for anything higher then L just the extra money would help just to go to my appointments childless to actually start getting progress...
  3. I spoke with my attorney he knew... weird I think it was just an issue with them transferring over to Vet.gov from Ebenefits it looks like
  4. Mine had said the same thing and it was a grant.even with all the issues...
  5. This isn’t a rating im 100 Pand T this is just for the caregiver program. I was told that bc my re-enlist code was RE-1 when disacharged and was redeployment after my TBI I don’t meet the criteria of one step away from a nursing home without my wife...she went on to say your aid and attendance claim is not going to go through either I’m livid I know the rules and regs I understand that as far as SMC L I qualify for just have to wait forever and a day for the approval whether it has to be done with an appeal im sure like everything else but one can hope a FDC might Actually be accurate for once.
  6. So the caregiver coordinator team is trying to say they looked into my application but they have to deny for reasons surrounding my sTBI and issues they have with it. I’ve already had my 2006 sTBI case won with a BVA Judge so how can this caregiver team tell me that this TBI is not eigible/in the line of duty. Even after my service department said I was in the LOD and the BVA Judge.How many times does this issue have to be judged? And if my Aid and Attendance claim goes through and I’m granted at the least L wouldn’t that support my caregiver application?
  7. Honestly I doubt that will happen someone raised 20 million alone on donations for the wall...
  8. I never was granted SMC yet it’s in Prep for a decision since Dec 18...
  9. Is there a CVA website for recent decision?i don’t know how I have never stumbled Upon this and my OCD ... http://m.uscourts.cavc.gov/
  10. I have had my claim in since just this Dec 12 went into as an FDC six days later preparation for a decision and that’s were it been for a month now. Why is it SMC claims like mine always will get denied at the RO and dragged out to have to win at the BVA? I’ve looked up past BVA cases exactly like my situation almost to a T and all were granted in favor for the veteran. They always state requires medication management due to my memory issues and can drive anywhere as long as my spouse.” Not all conditions enumerated need to be met.” Turco V Brown 9 vet App 222,224) 1996 Why is it when the claim is still at the early stages when submitting evidence you can’t site past BVA cases to help strengthen your current claim?
  11. I sent her a picture of it and she has her military ID herself thanks everyone
  12. My wife wants to know if she is able to pick up my medications otherwise I’ll be short for the weekend and cannot get to the VA myself tomorrow? I never really thought about it seems legit but I’d rather ask instead of her waiting to be told know. She’s a ChampVA recipient but it’s for me so I never asked before?
  13. Yes sir I hear you it’s just that she has a military ID since I’m Permanent and total. Well I at least had to ask the place in SC just wish he would said oh yeah she can hop on..

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