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  1. They are getting better with moving quicker on IU claims so as to not create more of a financial hardship that would ensue if you were not given IU. LHI is great at moving quickly for us and this is why you have an exam but just don’t go an say I’m fine and I’m working at your appointments or you’ll be denied IU. State why you feel like you can’t work back up with medical evidence, are you currently working? This is one question they will ask the C and P exam questions are somewhere on here to review.... also as I did file for SSDI if your unable to work having one claim for the VA won’t expe
  2. I would have been at my RO raising hell over a year to implement call the whitehouse hotline at least they get you an answer you deserve...
  3. Headache and migraine 0% for 6 years and then bam got my first migraine exam solo not with a tbi review and wow 50% keywords (prostrating headaches) I didn’t even know what it was in 2010 until after my first time exam so I said I don’t know that’s what got me the 0% but then two increases along with my tbi increases they increased my tbi to 100% but said 0 for my headaches. Then my first solo exam I was increased to 50% almost 8 years later....just because this time I went prepared and made sure it said prostrating headaches at least 4 times a week. It’s wasn’t a lie I live off of grunt candy
  4. So A trick I learned back in 2016 when your claim has closed and no updates visible and checked everywhere but your positive it will be positive results. Two options I have tried this in a couple years, people may hate this but file a new claim for an increase there when it shows you what your ratings are currently it will either show your increase or new disability or it will look funny And show unable to process it. And then instead of going through with the claim delete the application as if you changed your mind....
  5. Where’s it located at it at? Is it still awaiting the RO to certify it to the board or is it in the black hole at the Appeals management center? If so I found a number for the AMA I’ll have to find it’s been few years that I used and got an immediate update or hell even try the whitehouse hotline and yes I’ve used them twice and got positive results
  6. Yes I did sorry such a late response
  7. Crazy read I never even thought about this PH shit even after my sTBI and the Lod which I have and being put on Light duty for almost two years before deploying to Afghanistan in 2009. But I wish after the PTSD from my sTBI I had afterwards I could file for it... but I assumed it was only for Those shot or dead like my High school buddy RIP Miniger
  8. Like the previous answer I was made 100 P and T at the age of 30 so please understand if I wasn’t xxxxxx from my sTBI I be on the same boat I kept trying to work while I kept filing for 6 years 2010 to 2016 before wait what my appeal granted I’m disabled then the next year SSA went thru your disabled. SSDI was approved before The VA went thru let me repeat if you think you shouldn’t be working maybe you shouldn’t, best advice get a vocational analysis by a doctor and file for IU. While you wait file for ssdi bet SSA bets the VA like it did for me.... Just FYI I didn’t even know what the xxxx
  9. jfrei


    Unfortunate like Buck said I had this issue bc i have two children under 6 years old so I had to fight tooth and nail to get insurance for them. But my spouse still works and she worked something out with her job. Not the answer you were looking and wasn’t for my spouse but my answer was like hell you have Champva you won’t die: lol not a good answer to my wife I paid for it mentally
  10. I can say with certainty that they missed something in the first one, the second, and third. And after 4 exams for my tbi I was going crazy. But in my case the doctor failed to report something....
  11. Roger just hate the feeling They can if they wanted take my family’s rights away
  12. My effectiveness on my dates are less then sub par as I suck at understanding my effective dates and always have a panic attack of them going away I was awarded IU PT back in Nov 2016. And then instead of seperation of my ptsd it was lumped in with my tbi shortly after raising my rating for my tbi from 2010 from 70 fri to 100 And still keeping my P and T on my rating. So since my tbi was at 70 since 2010 is that protected from dropping below that of when they lumped it with ptsd in 2018 I have to wait to 2028 for no more fear? Last question my P and T was granted in 2016 is that protected ever
  13. Like I said I theres way to many variables these days he’ll I filed a new claim recently was denied what I filed for but somehow they granted me 10% for painful scars since psoriasis is hereditary. Call it whatever they want it’s the same scars..
  14. It’s all depends on a couple of things is their a hardship flag on your file...
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