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  1. Right about the cause of the scar Buck why they have no reason not to call it secondary. I mean I know they have a limit on how many secondary you can have but they saw what the cause is in the exam which was to breathe while unconscious after the TBI occurred yet they didn’t make it a secondary condition. Just annoying I guess I just wanted to see since my claim for SMC T failed as they said it wasn’t severe enough because they failed to make two other of my service connected disabilities secondary to my TBI like 30% I’m connected for dizziness and lightheadedness and the 30% for my scars. Just pondering as I do in the mornings driving myself mad lol.
  2. I’m saying it was SC at 30% but saw it’s not secondary to my sTBI the reason I had to have scar in my throat due to being in a coma but hey I can’t start being picky I got something I’m grateful just find it stupid that it’s not considered a secondary disability due to my sTBI
  3. So residuals of a TBI with ptsd as a system are 100%, my migraines are at 50%, and my tinnitus is at 10% which all are secondary to the TBI, how is it they feel like they can rate me 30% for my tracheotomy scar from my TBI and not consider it secondary it’s very dumb issue I believe.? I don’t know if it would require them more benefits having one issue giving me Over 200%.... I know three is usually the max but a blatant scar issue resulting from the coma from the TBI is completely ridiculous...
  4. Luckily with my P and T when I filed my appeal the RO when prepping my appeal noticed the doctors all said it’s permanent so basically wasting the judges time for something moot....all in less then 3 weeks
  5. Sounds about right I sent this to my senator to see WTH the committee of the Va is doing from IRIS
  6. Let me be clear I have gotten nothing other then one Dro who placed my appeal on the advance the docket lane help from the local office nothing don’t even waste your time appeals are moving way faster now they even have there own counter on Va.gov to keep track. I may be alone but saves years of your life and just go to the BVA I would say hire a reputable attorney and go that route. I know it sucks losing money I lost about 45k in back pay but I looked at it well I just got almost 100k which was more than nothing which is where I was years ago when I won my family is set. But even when he wins you don’t stop the fight it’s not the final bill until your P and T if you think that’s what you rate don’t stop....I have stopped fighting for an EED just because it’s time to focus on my children priority family over VA
  7. Not to get off topic for him but to save him From himself But the 1800 pos line once I called three times in one day me got three very different answers. So yeah a waste of your life time better spent doing anything other then licking windows
  8. It’s will suck you into a dark hole if you get obsessed daily multiple check ins drove me crazy until my doctor upped the prozAc I was my own enemy calling into the hotline drove my family crazy for 6 years of waiting luckily everything worked out you can’t control the time for their paperwork pushers to move your stack the ETA will come and past just look to here for help and advise...
  9. Yes I know that’s why I said I missed out on about 3 years of appointments and dragging my kids in....
  10. I’ve missed out on the past 3 years of driving to all my appointments except the ones in the past 30 days but there’s an easier process now on a tab on the new va.gov website. They give you the form now go fill out and you fax it or hand deliver it to your appointment at the Appropriate office. So check the criteria and don’t miss out....
  11. Just want to note there is a date either at the top of the form or the bottom that apparently gives you the validity end date of the form and that was used against me one decision or should I say delay. They had to reopen my claim and send me to another exam even though it was the VA doctor who filled out the damn form and sent it in at the RO...
  12. But unfortunately if you don’t no change will no matter how long it takes so we just pray and hope for. Better tomorrow
  13. So just an update I’ve been in contact with my local senator whose looking sat giving me an update on what the deal is...I’m sure the process is going to be longer then a VA appeal but what the hell
  14. Bill to have children under 12 taking care of while in treatment would have been nice to know why this had been delayed so long it’s passed in the House in Feb and now apparently it’s sitting in the Denates house of committee of veteran affairs does anyone know where or why it would just be sitting there. I just want to light a fire under someone’s ass like I did with the Delaware tax exemption changed for disabled veterans in New Castle County. I would be thrilled to be able to get my TBI treatment based on a schedule instead of whenever I have daycare sitter for two kids...
  15. No timeframe gotta love that answer it’s even better when you ask 1800 people or call the board directly they’ll say you’ll know sooner then later. I had mine advanced and it was about 2 months later until I had the decision in my hand which seems forever but in the present system in 2016 lightning fast...
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