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  1. 0% percent is still service connected that is all I want Im already 10% for tinnitus but Ive never filed for hearing loss until now years after the spouse and kids telling me my hearing sucks
  2. Tinnitus they said 10% due to my TBI. But I wore these bad boys in Afghanistan and in the states upon my return in 2009/2010 and we know by the 3M lawsuit it could have definitely been the cause. But I didnt think hearing loss was something they rate just tinnitus, just want to know if there’s something else that they will rate and not attribute it to my TBI but possibly anything else other then my TBI? The two at the bottom are what there rated under
  3. So the 20 10 5 rule always gets me confused my five year mark for my 100% p and t is on November this year. Am I protected from anything after November my healthcare is all at the VA still go there several times a month since 2016...
  4. I called anyways, told I am on the is interested list and will call back when I can go. I don’t being 100% due to sTBI residuals is going to be considered as a high risk but least they know it’s a yes when it’s my turn..
  5. Had a exposure incident where I was rapid tested but my wife had to drive two hours the next day in another state to get tested as did my 6 and 3 year old.....
  6. I’ve been SMC S since 2016 don’t think there’s much more out there but I try to keep my ears open so to speak but nothing that I qualify for or have been told I qualify for until these kids get older.....
  7. But what I don’t get is how they didn’t raise it to 40 they gave me a seperate 10% for painful and the 30% is for the size but as we know 30 plus 10 isn’t 40% which I can see how this would benefit them if they have them listed as two separate ratings like the decision letter stated and ebenefits
  8. Well you see how they rated my scars.... like what does that even mean
  9. Sorry Buck Merry Christmas so they related my scars via the trach tube scar on my throat 30% then they denied my psoriasis claim from the residual marks and pain/itch. Then they said an additional 10% for painful scars along with the other rating. So denied psoriasis but then gave something the doctor had said that wasn’t even in my claim filed, like anything else the Va does confusion. At this out I don’t think they even care since my tbi is already 100% P and T.
  10. Scars were rated on a phone call Another claim just closed for an increase in my tinnitus not denied but continued 10% is the highest no matter if it’s bilateral in my ears...
  11. It’s also fine and your lawyer can negotiate with your lawsuit winnings as was in my case with Tricare. They got 118k could have gotten 200k at least of my 300k but since my pro take you’re money got 100k they took 100k I was left with 100k in service so I was happy To be alive and back on active duty to complain. I never even heard of the VA until my separation in 2010. And took a lot of research to know what and how they work always changing always learning.... thank you hadit.com
  12. Show proof I still have my two pair boxes etched with my last 4 ssn
  13. Does anyone know if or when this might be given out like the flu shot whose first or whatever?
  14. So I had 3 migraine exams two of the first ones were done combined to my residuals of a tbi rated at 100% so the doc wasn’t to focused on my daily migraines as being an issue either one. So annoyed in 2018 after having been rated at 0 for 8 years I went to my newly filed claim appointment for an increase went with my evidence of 8 years of treatment records of Va heAlth records the doctor was LHi an apologized for the VA inadequate exams and said this will be easy I was there for 20 minutes 2 weeks later 50%..... the va won’t give the highest for migraines out front unless you do the research
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