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  1. But whatever you do don’t ask Peggy again anything if you can it’s more frustrating. But if your able too, I have always had luck actually going to the RO and see the person face to face. But then again I only live ten minutes away from the RO. They can and will explain to you the reasoning not some BS answer on the phone..
  2. Pending decision approval today...makes me wish I had a life beyond OCD drives me insane thinking well what about this hour...
  3. Sorry didn’t mean to sound like an a hole...
  4. Not sure what the exam was for but I’m pretty sure you have to file for it specifically and if he didn’t fill out an aid and attendance application it’s just in records I have all sorts of records such as my wife regulates my meds and schedules my appointments they didn’t automatically give me SMC. But it’s good evidence for whenever you do file for. Unlike SMC S that they do give you if you meet the 100 and 60 requirement I know I never filed for it. Another tip file on ebenefits add new disability and search special monthly compensation and file FDC submit your specific records that state your need for aid. They may send you to a C and P regardless. Not SMC S and SMC L are two different animals S is inferred L isn’t.
  5. Preparation for a decision it shows as of yesterday. Says requesting va medical records then they also closed it as well. Hopefully due to the fact I already attached the C&P into the claim and my other doctors words stating my wife makes my appointments. So at least I’ll have an actual decision with this claim whether good or bad...
  6. Your family is entitled to ChampVA and usually education benefits as well...also sometimes your locality state has a few tax benefits of their own for you check out your county website https://cck-law.com/news/newsfaq-friday-permanent-and-total-pt-disability/
  7. Just a thought but notice they don’t specify whether it’s a downward or upward ramp...
  8. Spoke with a woman on the phone that said they reopen my SMC claim. I said I saw on ebenefits but the EED is wrong it’s not 9/14 it’s 4/14 and just to make sure it wasn’t messed up I attached the letter with the claim that said I had 30 days to reopen for me to get my original onset date of 4/14. She was like you can always appeal your EED for your SMC? I about lost it I said you see the letter that says the EED is 4/14/17 but you made it 9/14/2018. Why do I have to wait years for you to just grant me what you already said was my EED, this game gets old.
  9. Why is it they send it in the SSOC to sign from the AMO to waive it if they have a fast letter, they’ll forget exists?
  10. But if they send it without waiving the RO review it will Delay there appeal with the BVA their reason because the new evidence might change. The RO view except it doesn’t do a thing except delay it to the BVA who might see the same evidence and grant the appeal. I’ve had this happen twice already. Wishfully thinking gets old... just call the ARC talk to the director explain your concerns see if she directs your call to the employee working your claim...
  11. I would speak to the ARC first I did and they actually emailed me the decision 6 days after it closed.‭(202) 530-9455‬. If you get a copy of the decision page two states this to expedite it back to the BVA for a faster decision any new evidence send to them for the decision to be made instead of wasting time with the RO especially if the retro is relatively high the RO will deny deny deny ... This is my first ever decision I ever recieved by email that was only done from talking to the ARC director that same day I signed page two and emailed it back it was returned back to the BVA appeal closed 9/6. Still took 3 months total but reduced a crazy amount of wait time. I don’t think you can appeals-comms.amo@va.gov IMG_3589.pdf
  12. And allow me to thank you all with the knowledge I’ve gained. So I finally got a decision letter from the RO they are sorry for the inconvenience of sending me to the aid and attendance exam which I attended but then state we are discontinued your decision when we saw your withdrawal due to your concerns of prolonging your appeal. If your withdrawal was a mistake notify us within 30 days by reopen a claim for SMC so which is what I did on 9/11. They really will not just give you what you earned by the goodness of their heart unless you know what it is that you've earned.... “knowledge is power learn what you can from HADIT it’s been a life saver and changer” ME
  13. Always the initial and also the reconsideration as well to which is a waste of time doing. But was required in the state of DE before having a appeal with a judge. And if you are sweating the length of time people say it takes years. That is true if you just let the claim go and wait for SSA to do their job. I went the the intial, reconsideration, and hearing in front of a judge in 11 months with a bench decision at the end of the story. I recommend contacting your local senators office and explain your situation they may put in an inquiry to speed up your claim. A congressional inquiry they call it its the same with an incredibly slow moving claim do this and it’s a reminder we will not go slowly into the night.....unless we get what’s due to us on another side note you have to make sure you have the work credits first
  14. Ebenefits is up for most I assume filing for Aid and Attendance is easier then I thought. So if your just learning about SMC you wonder how does one file for it. You just click for a new disability on ebenefits, the list pops up and type special monthly compensation. I recommend filing FDC, but have a doctor fill out the 21-2680 the Aid and Attendance application. I had a C and P exam for Aid and Attendance but they said it was by mistake, since I withdrew my claim over a year ago. Somehow I forgot got all flustered but they also said I had 30 days to submit a reopen of that claim and they would backdate it to when I originally filed for it last year.
  15. jfrei

    Ebenefits is Back up

    Let me know if you get this message it is up and running... well Better late on Friday then never.

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