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  1. Question did your first exam the doctor seperate your symptoms on the recent one? That was my case i just had a mental exam other then ptsd done, now I have another TBI review, and ptsd exam because the recent exam the doctor seperated my symptoms. Just a thought of anything similar
  2. Crazy Nuts bonkers... iPhones have ruined my life with just a login on my phone to check updates So I was told I'm awaiting a doctors review and I might not need to come in. They just have to opinion if my MVA caused my loss of range of motion which the gentleman I spoke with said I don't know how they can say that it's couldn't have you had no other accident or incident since your TBI and as for your legs they may send you back in since you were seen just last March for them so they may just want a review for a possible increase.... the rep was like I don't see how they can deny without speculation i laughed and said you must have been there long enough, anything can happen the least likely to happen happens with the raters but just maybe I'll get lucky....
  3. Not sure if this means I was granted service connection but they are scheduling me a C and P for my DVT the appeal was only for my left leg which was the worse one that lasted months but it was both legs the doctor will see in the medical records but definately won't grant a disability never filed. They would never just give me me a bilateral claim that's a joke. But does this mean SC was granted ugh hate this game!
  4. I thought the same thing my TBI review stated no mental issues but was dx with PTSD and chronic AD but then I was made PT for having PTSD and residuals of sTBI. Claim still pending for my Chronic Ad so it's a guess a check in my eyes and a joke for us that these examinations just pass us through for easy money for them. Every once and awhile you find one truely in it to help you
  5. Thanks another claim opened up and now that's pending decision approval the next thing I'm waiting to see if it's good is another claim pending eligibility after the new claim closed that's usually the one that shows it was a good decision came about
  6. I was hoping for good news soon or to see an eligibility claim open up with the new move. Hoping that's not a bad sign
  7. We will see i just applied yesterday now awaiting for the denial
  8. But that's what my Va advocate poly trauma guy said to her he said he was accepted in three weeks to go to an inpatient rehab in Richmond, he was approved for 6 months of OT, and third he is starting a therapy program to deal with some life issues. The fact he doesn't have many notes is the VA hospitals fault because we can't even schedule him for years, how is that fair And as for his driving I didn't even want him I drive home but it's my control. He said they'll finally get me the OT which was approved and get her the notes she needs to approve my caregiver by the end of the summer. Why the hell did it take so much fighting to get that answer? Always coming at me with the silver bullet to cool me down...
  9. How about a lane number four one that corrects their own Mistake and get it right the first time...
  10. I was told the reason for the now denial is the lack of doctors notes in my record. I said to my advocate that'd because I'm waiting for a date in the Richmond Rehab, two waiting to begin my 6 months of OT, and awaiting my therapist treatment to be scheduled. So with the of scheduling being done by the VA she used the fact well I drive 10 minutes to my appt without my caregiver so she would deny based on that. I said my advocate said he was worried about me driving last week and my wife controls the GPS because I get lost trying to drive and look at it and what should be a 20 ride turns into a 60 drive everytime. Honestly look at my driving record since I've been married I had 1 accident prior to that I had the average of 2 tickets and at least 1 crash since my 2006 not counting 2007 when I had no license. Actually that just came to me as I wrote this maybe I can use that when i appeal the decision?
  11. Me either he was just the Oef Oif person at the Va hospital
  12. Ok I was just checking my Neurologist chimed in yesterday at my TBI exam said the same thing and to file it she knows I'm already 100 p and t with SMC S. She said I should get everything that I'm dx with filed for SC so later down the road. Right now I have 9 issues SC and two in an appeal that should be granted just a matter of time. This was dx at the Va hospital so hopefully speeds up an FDC claim.
  13. Misspelled he didnt say that the person in charge of the caregiver program at my local VA hospital did on the phone to me and my wife he offered to help me get help said don't stop fighting for it
  14. That is correct I am actually 90 made 100 IU which is P and T. I was 90 since 2010 and 100 IU since Nov 2016. When C and Ps are outsourced the place QTC allows for one reschedule. Right now hopefully this guy approved on time and gets me in otherwise I have to drive two hours with my wife to this appt.
  15. I completed the the Chronic Ad exam where the symptoms were seperated but not the level of occupational impairment forcing them all together in one rating so I'm told will Happen in my new claim by the RO. So they scheduled for a TBI increase exam and yet another PTSD exam to dig little deeper about the issue. Is it bad if I go back to that doctor again I asked QTC and he is under contract just not yet approved. So I scheduled out both exams in July 6 last week she said if I call tomorrow he may have been approved and I may schedule the exams with him. Is I stupid to even bother with this as I'm sure I could very slim chance lose everything, DEA benefits for kids? I know there's no chance I'm improving which is what the doctors the last two years have said but the what if messes with me. Not to mention my SSA battle that began Jan I am now in my reconsideration appeal and was expedited for being P and T not to sure how quickly this will be decided