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  1. So I won P T in an appeal backdated to November. I had a son born three weeks ago through wife's insurance with Obamacare because they weren't entitled to this yet. But now she is, is this something I could submit in to them to help with cost of it since I was forced to buy Obamacare since my wife doesn't work full time?
  2. How is it I've suffered a sTBI, dx of PTSD, and a dx of chronic adjustment disorder and have yet to see a GAF score? Everything always states suffered sTBI Glasgow score of 3 that's it.... I think if I had one it could help with increases yes or no?
  3. What lead to this diagnosis were you exposed to something in the military that caused this? If so can you prove it was it dx in the military or any doctor stating it was related to your service. Then yes you have a claim to file
  4. Sorry about your childhood but this is an all around denial to all claimed in my opinion
  5. Reduced reliability 50% Is my guess
  6. Lock in the 70% since it wasn't a total occupational impairment but with the Va anything can happen until it's an appeal then they go by the law and rules not just what the rater thinks is good....
  7. I'm going to be honest so don't get mad I had my TBI SC in 2010 Sc migraines rated by itself with dizziness and lightedness and tinnitus all this wasn't won until my appeal in 2016 it was retro to 2010. Then denied PTSD in 2014 and granted in 2016 but they just changed it as a symptom to my SC sTBI. I didn't even fight it I was tired of the anger it caused. Now I'm sorry I didn't read the details was the TBI combat related and what cause your TBI? I was diagnosed with a chronic Adjustment Disorder by the VA 2017 and did my research about what happened in my life that caused it. I found out that 6 months before my sTBI I watched a film of my friend dieing on a hospital bed from an IED and then two weeks later changed my complete job field from motor T to an aircraft mechanic. And that's when my AD apparently began the doctor opined so he gave it specific symptoms that I described to him and seperated it from my TBI symptoms he did opined he believed my AD exacerbated my PTSD which in itself had it owns symptoms but will be lumped together for one Mh rating I'm sure of it. Please look back see what happened before your TBI was there any sign of a MH issue before your TBI I read you have a hard time adjusting to your jobs as I did 8 in 5 years. Did you have a hard time at your Mos did you act reckless not always a sign of PTSD. Look into your life it could be a simple as a Adjustment disorder? I'm didn't have an IMO just was dx this a the VA psychatrist when I layed out my life story filed FDC two weeks later C&P this is the doctor I explained what happened to my lumped diagnosis issue with my TBI. Not everyone will get a perfect doctor but ask him if hes able to seperate those issues by symptoms if he can't then maybe you can't. If you disagree file the NOD get the evidence lined up ready to go leave no stone unturned. Unless I'm crazy turning stones in a creek... Hopefully I said something useful I still get scattered thoughts that run together like a run on sentence!!! Happy Memorial Day!
  8. I've been reading up on this sleep apena thing and the Neurologist at my VA hospital wanted me to do a sleep study. I said I'm not aware of me snoring but ok I'll do the home test. My wife then says to me you snore in your sleep a couple times a month. I laughed at first until she Im being serious. Lucky I don't sleep on the floor. Do you have to snore every night to have sleep apena?
  9. lol how about my SOC for my appeal being reversed into my favor I'm still in shock i filed a NOD and literally no shit two weeks reversed. I laughed when the reason for denial was my sTBI wasn't permanent and total, it happened over a decade ago. Show me the magic elixir please Doc. But like I said they changed their mind producing the SOC lol this is why we denied you wait wtf I think we mess up again George the "rater". Sorry kinda went on a rant
  10. Stick that up their pipe and smoke it...
  11. My first appeal went back and forth 4 times before closing out and it wasn't quick but with the VA anythings possible
  12. This condition is less likely than not related to the veteran's report of anxiety in the service. This is a denial in my eyes maybe someone else might chime in but that statement means not service connected
  13. Maybe back to the VLJ again to review what was found
  14. Good luck and God speed hopefully all this moving into the electronic records will speed things up for ya and do your homework before walking into any C&P look at the DBQ and if you got records proving your case take them into the exam
  15. Is this considered as being a MH or physical disability "residuals of traumatic brain injury with cognitive disorder, short term memory losses/lapses, difficulty sleeping, problem solving with PTSD (to include cerebral contusion with diffuse axonal injury to bilateral frontal and temporal lobes"? This addition didn't come until 6 years later after SC for my TBI. This Berta is why I was so mad, before they put in the "with PTSD" it was just "issues with problem solving" and still kept me at 70%.So really I have no idea what's going to happen with what the rater even after the doctor separated the issues my heads still in circle from what they did when he put the two together...