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  1. If the government shutdowns does that mean no payments issued on the 1st? I can remember the last shutdown what happened...
  2. Confused about combining disabilities

    One last thing you may want to have a neuropsychological test done, that’s the test the raters look at that show your cognitive ability and also a recent MRI to see if there’s anything showing like cysts from your injury not sure what the other stuff that was in my MRI just the doctors opinion that it looks like the MRI who had suffered a severe TBI...
  3. Confused about combining disabilities

    To be honest I scanned my records after the VA diagnosed me with an adjustment disorder in 2017 then I found in 2006 2007 after my TBI I was diagnosed for it for the first time. I didn’t know this was a disability you can file for but when I did I filed for it just to see what happens. It opened a can of worms 🐛 I was sent to 3 C&Ps for this AD issue one for PTSD, One for the Adjustment disorder, and one for my TBI. I gave up trying to separate after two years but they instead made me 100% scheduler and Permanent and total. I’m not sure if your TBI was as severe as mine I was in a coma for a month. But I am also unsure how many TBI injures vets are diagnosed with an Adjustment disorder after there TBI. Just a heads up of what to look for...
  4. I am just curious should I even bother filing for an increase on my severe migraines which is rated at 0% mostly because I didn’t at the time they ask know what protrasting meant?Now I’ve tried everything from acupuncture to taking topamax to being given Ritalin not because of something like Ritalin but because it brings relief to my headaches since the doctors think they are caused due to my cognitive impairment. Now the Va has sent me to a civilian neurologist to get shots of novacaine in the back of my head, a temporary fix so the doctor says.
  5. Also if you don’t have a doctor who states that opinion as I didn’t in my case they sent me to a C&P for what I filed my IU I lost my previous job due to my medical condition so my previous employer sent in the form they requested as evidence. This was what caused Them to send me to a doctor for C & P to state I can’t work due to my TBI residuals which is what they needed to hear...
  6. TBI C&P Exam Requested!!

    Now for the next TBI review came I had the exams from the two prior and my last TBi review done 6 months ago. I looked at her my wife drove me this time I said my last exam was not even close to being accurate she was like how so I said almost the entire thing. Prime example he said I had no scars he must not have been looking directly at me as I have a 3 inch tracheotomy scar in the middle of my throat she took pictures and the rest of my exam was a breeze my wife helped with what I couldn’t remember which was allot.
  7. TBI C&P Exam Requested!!

    The VA said what a minute his TBI review was six months ago send him to another C&P for his residuals, in the meantime I was able to get a copy of my exam before the PTSD review. And see how he listed by the symptoms it was exactly how I told him for once the doctor concurred. And the funny thing about both doctors is these doctors work in the same building so they could talk about what the issues were together. Obviously not Va employees this was outsourced to beD one in my hometown. So I went to the PTSD exam and brought in everything I had evidence wise movies of my dead friend from An IED blast screaming in pain on the gurney. I said this was what caused my PTSD not some TBI that was 3 years prior to this she was stunned agreed she had a copy of the other doctors notes her only difference was she was able to say 50 percent PTsd the other was 50 my she didn’t say anything about the Adjustment disorder.
  8. TBI C&P Exam Requested!!

    So I went to the doctor for my C and P for my adjustment disorder he explained it often happens after a TbI I went into describing events of when I believe it began he agreed I brought in my own medical evidence which is ok as long as it’s medical by a licensed doctor. It shows that my AD began before my TBI but my TBI exacerbated it he began he then went into my connected TBi which was 3 years before my Afghanistan deployment which I still have stressed about to this day my wife was there also described what happens in my sleep as she’s the victim of abuse in my sleep. Anyways at the end of my exam he said to me you don’t have PTSD as one of your disability he looked I said it’s because they said it was a symptom to my TBI and lumped it together and made it 70% total. He said that’s going to change he separated my TBI and PTSD and my AD by separate symptoms but not able to give a percent as to what each impairment is caused by each symptom.... that’s the kicker
  9. TBI C&P Exam Requested!!

    All those because deep in my records after waking from a coma and months after I was diagnosed with a adjustment disorder never knew what it was or that it’s also something you file for. But a Va doctor dx me in my treatment last year so I said xxxx file for it I’m 100 IU and it’s P and T. This may have been a good thing but so very stressing and taxing... I’ll explain
  10. TBI C&P Exam Requested!!

    This was my reason they sent me to two c and p for my TBI last year one for ptsd and another for an adjustment disorder...
  11. TBI C&P Exam Requested!!

    Ouch I have a shoulder where I had this trick where I’d dislocated in purpose after a military injury in training. I stopped doing that trick 10 years ago lol
  12. TBI C&P Exam Requested!!

    How’s your memory, do you drive, do you have a job, what happened that was the cause, do you have recurring memory lapses, hows your health, how’s your sleeping pattern or lack of sleep pattern? Give me your info again. So I don’t have to hope between both forums PTsD and TBI headache whatever they call it... Hiw long did you lose if at all consciousness
  13. TBI C&P Exam Requested!!

    The Va decided to bring my TBi residuals rated at 100% IU 90% scheduler and bump me up to 100% scheduler made it P and T and list it as 100% under 9411 dx code which is PTSD. Not sure what that helps them with but I was tired of fighting being I still have an active appeal for an EOD of the 100% back to 2010. So I hope I didn’t confuse the xxxx out of you I went scatter brained but please ask any question I just went thru the exams 2016 2017
  14. TBI C&P Exam Requested!!

    Yes I have I went through 3 just last year alone and a PTSD exam. Please send me a question so I can answer it quickly for you...
  15. It was so weird it was literally 8 months later they change it to scheduler 100 P and T. As if they didn’t that the first time just a waste of my nerves and patience. But now at least I’m not paying for ObamaCares...