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  1. Ddsr

    Jeff, I am assuming that you are referring to the E-Benefits page that shows my total disabilty. At the bottom it reads Pending Disabilities status as No Pending Disabilities to display at this time.

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    2. Ddsr


      Thank You Jeff.  I just went to letters and it shows no change in disability rating. Everything is still the same. I am hoping that is a good sign that I was not reduced. I wlll also call that number tomorrow.

    3. Ddsr


      Jeff why are they shutting that number down on the 11th?

    4. jfrei


      also Jfrei stands for my first intial frei my last name. one other thing to also check while your waiting to call is just making sure it was a decision that was sent by checking your historical claims to see if its listed in there. The office of case management will get your answers please post them so I know they helped like I now they will if my suggestion is call around 945- 1045. They say open at 8 but the phones aren't on until 930 sometimes and if your on hold for 17 minutes it will hang up call again eventually you will get someone it once took me 3 times. The names Jamie FYI

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