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  1. So basically me driving to my appointments for my treatment five times a month for the past 2 years could have been reimbursed? I only live less then 15 minutes from my VA hospital so I figured I’d be wasting my time but after two years it would start to add up
  2. I was under that impression myself so you won your claim for TDIU and it’s considered P and T. My issue I was on that same boat then I made the move for filing an increase after my winning appeal I made them question how that’s even possible to be IU and P and T I said there will be no improvement your doctors have said it I suffer from a chronic PTSD and had a severe TBI in. 2006 it’s now 2018 I will not be getting improved. I know I know I was advised not to everyone was like fear of being reduced. My take and my answer I know how bad I am and there won’t ever be improvement I was approved for SSDI in under a year SSA knows I’m xxxxxx why put me under the IU bubble I can’t ever work what’s the point. So then came I was sent to four C and Ps one for PTSD and 2 for my TBI and one doctor separated my symptoms and levels of each attributing to my disabilities. So I was 100% ptsd and 70% tbi so some how that ended with my TBI residuals being 100% and still ptsd was listed as a symptom. I have two young children and cannot waste as much time as I did for another three years of them growing before it’s straightened out. Sorry I went off on venting long story short of you know you should be scheduler 100% P and T then don’t let them bubble you up and have to show your work history every year for the rest of your life. FYI congrats on the win lol
  3. I agree thanks guys always nice to have a fail safe from the va
  4. One thing I had to do when they made me IU 90% p and t. I filed for SSDI which was actually only a 11 month wait total time with a hearing which was only done because I contacted my local congressman... it may make family life somewhat bearable I have a 2 and 4 year old with my spouse having to work part time due to my TBI issues. SSdI would also takes into account family size and pays your amount plus another half that amount for Dependants sorry if that is confusing. Also at the same time you apply if your P and T it moves quicker by informing them that . I also would recommend getting an IMO and let him decide if it’s considered Chronic PTSD which in my opinion is why they made me scheduler P and T... still the same result which was I was being paid SMC S due to all my different disabilities so basically it was I felt like the only thing that changed was the wording but it was also good evidence for my hearing for SSDI.... just to clarify they aren’t bad at making decisions at the RO but if you question their answers they have to reopen to evaluate you not to start another topic how stupid they could be so apparently I was made 90% IU P and T 6 and 1/2 years later then when i questioned how you can be 90 IU P and T based on residuals of a TBI and lumped PTSD with the dx never giving me a separate exam. Then one year later they gave me a PTSD exam Since my RO psychiatrist said my PTSD was chronic which then they said ok we are lumping it with your TBI still but making it 100% scheduler but not P and T. Another trip to the RO I spoke with the director I asked how is it possible for you to take away my P and T status when it was just awarded based on a lower rating, how can an increase show that it will get better my sTBI was in 2006. He said I’ll look into it but your right it shows your P and T in the system they’ll be sending you a new update SOC the different decisions in the time lapse from May 2016 to September 2016...,
  5. jfrei


    I have this happen twice usually it was second checking their decision based on a second opinion one was a positive outcome the second was a bad but then I took what they said was the denial Appealed And showed them were they messed up in a dro review who said one thing to me she had to deny retro is to much but I will expedit your appeal so it moves really quick so from dro review to appeal decision in under two months. So not all dro reviews are a waste of time if they are legit...
  6. Sounds like my denial in 2012 after two years no SOC and then reconsidered and Dro based on the same no SOC reiterating denials. Then I hired an attorney and got an IMO and All moved and changed their story only because I found hadit... calling 1800 aggravated me did nothing. Please research a reliable IMO on here and hire an attorney I know it sucks handing money out but look at like if I didn’t take this seriously I wouldn’t have a dime.
  7. So why keep filing? I was diagnosed with sleep apnea but under my 100 for my TBI they state with sleep disturbances. I never filed for sleep apnea my wife knows I have it my VA doctor says I have mild sleep apnea. I am 50 for post traumatic headaches and 100 for my tbi. Is there any reason or benefits for filing for sleep apnea? I know it’s pretty much a given since it’s in my family history on my mother’s side latter in their life but is it pointless if they just say Yeha it’s part of the tbi diagnosis. I don’t understand how many things can be considered secondary until it’s considered moot i already have 3 considered secondary to my STBI...
  8. When I had the river turn into shit creek I refused to listen especially after many said I was right. If you know in your heart your legit and you should be given the benefits you deserve don’t play fair. The best weapon I found better then an advance on the docket is I wrote my local senator and emailed him directly or his VA representative who filed what they called a congressional inquiry. If I didn’t know any better senators have the ball in the VA court I had both a financial hardship flagged on my claim in 2016 it wasn’t until i emailed Senator Coons in Delaware that I had anything done. Claim finalized in two months. I don’t play politics i play whose decent and I may be a Republican, but he at least looked out for me. He also helped me changed the tax code for disabled veterans with help from my local republican county councilman... so do some google search “ “ your state Senator. After you have his name “ google his name” “ phone and or email” of your like me I don’t do phones just emails no confrontation needed.... If you need help just give me your county and state I’ll give you her or his email or phone your preferred way of contact
  9. I love how SSA calls me asks me if I want Part B I said no VA covers me for everything since I live. Ten minutes from their hospital and when it’s outsourced using choice it’s paid for so the Va said it’s not needed. Then elect me for B anyways I swear if I don’t check I wouldn’t have noticed. Is their a way to opt out now for B or is permanent I’m only 33?
  10. So how I won my appeal i had a vocational analysis done by Mr. Clifford services. Not promising or promoting but at my hearing the judge called their vocational expert he asked him over the phone if he agreed with the reports final assessment he said yes absolutely and then looks at me said he reviewed over 1000 pages of medical evidence from the Va issued a bench decision I looked at my attorney he said that’s good it’s immediately granted and retroactive to the date you filed. So you are already 100 P and T. So file appeal and get a vocational expert assessment and submit it in for evidence see theirs isn’t looking into your VA records when you get an IMO vocational assessment you submit in all your records to them not just an over the phone call from SSA hired expertise.
  11. I just want to put out my number for texting questions relating to appeals and or TBI issues. I’m not selling or buying anything so please no Robot callers or spam. Just legit questions I find it hard these days to sneak a peek on here due to my small children need constant supervision at 4 and 2 but I want to thank everyone for their help and constant striving to help others I just hope wish to repay the help I have gotten through the website... 215-803-8055 Jamie
  12. jfrei

    VA and other insurance

    So the new thing when I check into the VA is do I have insurance anywhere else and now being an ssdi recipient for two years I’m now receiving Medicare. Anyone know when I go to my appointment and tell them this what exactly will change I’m not being billed for anything ever being 100 P and T?
  13. A heads up when verifying if your a human being it says to put your initials don’t forget to include the & in the middle. I just hope I don’t get any robocallers but I figured I got declined button and block why not....
  14. I have tinnitus scars and headaches all rated separately from my 100% tbi residuals. Don’t let them lowball your headaches I was 0% and now 50% highest for migraines because I was never given a separate C and P from my TBI from 2010 to 2018 no C and P then magically I was scheduled for one and they raised me to 50% imagine that. I’m done wasting my time worrying about when it was given I have a family to raise 1 and 4 year old who have spent way to many hours in with me at my VA appointments. But read the exam before you go and for goodness sake read what prostrating means?
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