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  1. jfrei

    Spouses ID card

    Asked my wife upon reading on here about here ID card which expired 4 days ago lol. So mine says it never expires, will both my children which are my biological kids get I’d cards and will theirs expire?
  2. I’m no expert on appeals but id say you may have a shot at a CUE claim and get it backdated to the original claim. I in my case my claim originally in 2010, found this site asked questions but waited to finally appeal after I went to a DRO hearing in 2016 spoke to the judge in person with my attorney. And she flat out said do not file a reconsider for right to the BVA and it has to be granted there... I an idiot opened my mouth of my attorney’s objection. She pulled me aside and politely said I’m going to save you years just trust me and she went on to explain anything involving anything over 25k of retro possible alittle less cannot be granted here at the Philly RO, but what I will do and we discussed it with my attorney is certify your appeal to the board as soon as he sends it to me I’ll send it to the BVA. This was in May 2016 and 2 months later because she had expedited it as a hardship it was approved money in account two months later..... I’m no fairy tale story but if you ask for help at the VA the right people do show up and if not I’ve fought my way through everything I’ve had to earn with the VA system. Unfortunately they have closed the few secrets I had used of course because they worked..... “but the only way to win an appeal that far back is CUE, but hire an attorney” just my advice sucks like for me I was entitled for 125k and had to pay a chunk for the fees but if i didn’t the VA likes to pretend that vets can’t learn VA law on the side and will deny everything they can if it’s just you
  3. I’ve noticed it closed already no point in waiting for the letter ebenefits has it listed bilateral hearing lose not service connected 10% for tinnitus and 30% dizziness and lightheadedness rated for my ears but I’m guessing the doctor when we were doing the repeat words said I was taking to long to repeat the word back but he opined it was my tbi residuals so I’m assuming they denied it because I already have three connected to my tbi already for 50 30 and 10.... this is my last new claim it’s super Quick these days but I just wanted my hearing checked and I figured might try and see They connect but he say it was mild but my searching for words due to my Tbi making it worse. Not sure why they wouldn’t just lump it in as a symptom of my tbi like they did with my PTSD and Sleep apnea/disturbances short term memory loss and lapses... but i don’t need to fight it he completely honest I’m sure and I didn’t go in and start playing battleships with the buzzer lol dx mild hearing impairment not far away enough dealing with my age I’m assuming the denial will say at 35 mild deafness is ok he said i can go get hearing aids least then I can turn them off And not hear the kids complaining and or wife I’m deaf go get check Out.. I’m at 10 different service connected disabilities not sure if That’s allot, I can say claims are operating at warp speed these days curious to see how appeals move or if a higher review would work the doctor didn’t even
  4. Like what was said the whitehouse hotline does work really well and so calling or emailing your local senator.....I’ve done both with all favorable outcomes...
  5. It’s rated under the hearing code but secondary to my sTBI. So my one kid naps like right now , other kids in kindergarten,I found out this trick since the VA.gov doesn’t specify how exactly where in the last stage exactly I am at.... so ebennies was always better when you wanted more information but you had to find soo if you log into your account and under the compensation tab it says payment info is now on va.gov but from the page you click the drop down menu to disability list and it’s still shows your rated disabilities. At the bottom it lists your open claims and you can actually see where it’s at Mines now pending decision approval so any day now..... hoping this save people questions to get an update on t there status
  6. I have a problem with assuming people know exactly what I’m sayin and then I get the deer in headlights lol
  7. I’m saying every time someone posts on here it says claim is closed but no changes or anything on Ebenefits we hold off on saying it but it’s usually a denial.... but if you can’t even see anything after a c and p it’s usually a good sign it was just a heads up....not always 100% true but 9/10 of my claims it was true
  8. So I’m rated 30% for dizziness and lightheaded ness and 10% for tinnitus. Being that the doctor said I have a mild hearing loss and spoke with me about hearing aids and that the VA would cover them I’m assuming SC especially when he pulled out his hearing aids and said you can’t even tell but you gotta ask your va hospital if your rates high enough they’ll cover the costs and then he saw 100% tbi residuals and was I’m writing up the report, and then logged into today and can’t see if claims closed or my disability list. Never a bad sign had claim closed and no changes usually not good but my list is super long all like to my service this would make 11..,
  9. So whenever you have a claim closed and you see no change on ebennies, sorry usually a denial. But if after a c and P exam you can’t see your disability list and or any VA letters. Means updating it to be current. I can say and I know have 11 claimed and service connections rated 100% scheduler p and t it’s almost usually positive outcome. In my case hearing lose if just connected at 0% would be my positive outcome....
  10. I don’t know if I am owed back pay or should look the Obamacare penalties I paid in 2017 and 2018 if true. But I was made IU P and T Nov. 2016 and yet wasn’t awarded any other benefits like ChampVA until I filed an increase in 2017 and was made 100% scheduler and p and T mid year...... but to answer the question when I was made IU P and T I was made SMC S as An IU receiver
  11. 0% percent is still service connected that is all I want Im already 10% for tinnitus but Ive never filed for hearing loss until now years after the spouse and kids telling me my hearing sucks
  12. Tinnitus they said 10% due to my TBI. But I wore these bad boys in Afghanistan and in the states upon my return in 2009/2010 and we know by the 3M lawsuit it could have definitely been the cause. But I didnt think hearing loss was something they rate just tinnitus, just want to know if there’s something else that they will rate and not attribute it to my TBI but possibly anything else other then my TBI? The two at the bottom are what there rated under
  13. So the 20 10 5 rule always gets me confused my five year mark for my 100% p and t is on November this year. Am I protected from anything after November my healthcare is all at the VA still go there several times a month since 2016...
  14. I called anyways, told I am on the is interested list and will call back when I can go. I don’t being 100% due to sTBI residuals is going to be considered as a high risk but least they know it’s a yes when it’s my turn..
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