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  1. I had the same thing 3 different times I don’t want to be a Debbie downer all three times turned down only rated SMC S. Just wait for the decision...sometimes if you go under compensation and you click the benefits on the side tab it tells you if your rated benefits such as Education for dependants and what your current SMC level is I knew my was denied for a higher rated since my rated date changed but level was the same
  2. That’s a positive TBI exam glad they didn’t sweep under the rug...
  3. That’s usually a good sign next if you had an attorney would be another claim for figuring out attorney fees. But sounds like a good outcome
  4. So I think that’s my best choice Supplemental claim, at least i will be able to see the reason for a denial when they have all evidence collected together to issue the new decision to me just sounds like a new name for what was a reopened claim. This new system is maddening you master one way and they switch everything to confuse us veterans all over again. Again they should tell vets when the monies to high we can grant you your false hopes
  5. So I have filed for an increase for the AA three times and each one they had only one piece of the puzzle never review all three for my claim at one two different 21-2680 and one aid attendance C and P never were grouped together for anyone of their decisions. The woman I spoke with said I should filed a supplemental review cite the relevant evidence as my best bet for a real decision. She then said I can also ask for an EED for my migraines also cite the relevant evidence to get it backdated to 2010 even though it was SC until 2016 through an appeal. Glad I’ve kept all my paperwork just putting it together. Anyone have any thoughts about the supplemental review is their a way to just have it sent to the BVA since the RO is petty and useless?
  6. They said my level of S is all I’m entitled they said they used my 21-2680 as evidence. But when they denied the aid and attendance claim they just defined what it is cited none of the form my doctor filled out and then for the favorable findings in the decision none at this time. What do they call the 21-2680 for my doctor filled out as negative? This game is so over repetitive
  7. I not hurting but just tired of wAsting my families time with the VA games. I know I have lots of evidence now just looking for a good IMO to show the evidence and write his opinion. My migraines have been plaguing me since my 2006 TBI yet the Va says it wasn’t until my C and P in 2018 that it was 50% not that it matters even if they say it was 10% in 2010 it would have changed my 100% from 2016 to 2010. What’s your advice on which method I should take as far as an appeal and if I should hired an attorney again to hand out another 25k of my retro?
  8. Agreed took me 6 years... then came and said my issues were 90% but Permanent and total 2016 , then they said I was TDIU a year later 2017 , then they said I was 100% scheduler P and T in 2018 but backdated it to 2016. Needless to say i could have stopped at any one of those times but I pressed on because of hadit..
  9. It’s hasn’t been a year yet and I filed and was granted the 0 in 2010 I had multiple trips and to the ER for them and never was given an exam I filed for an increase in 2016 2017 2018. They never gave me an exam separate from my tbi review except in 2018. And the doc said they were post traumatic migraines this time to my TBi at 50% secondary to the residuals. I couldn’t file an increase sooner since it took that long for service connection in 2016. Then they said it was P and T in 2016 but said my migraines secondary were still 0% I was frustrated but I wasn’t unhappy just coming from two back to back appeal wins. I filed for increase in July and yet they still put the EED of June...
  10. So my migraines increased from 0 % to 50%. 0% for 8 years and then I finally go to a C&P solely for my headaches and surprise your actually 50% not 0 but the EOD is 2018 not 2010. That would come with back pay of July 2010 to Nov. 2016 of 90% to 100%. Doesn’t sound like allot but comes out to allot just wanted to know if this Sounds like a legit EED. I guess I am looking at finding an attorney if it sounds like I have a case? Kind of frustrating it took to 2018 to have a Separate exam aside from a TBI review. Had the RO said yes to 2010 comes out to about 100k so you know that wasn’t happening...
  11. Those who served from 2002-2015 and filed a claim for tinnitus to have it denied by the VA. This maybe your culprit if you wore them but the 3M ear pieces they issued us overseas were defective and the company 3M paid the military 9.1 million dollars very sure someone got ripped off on this BS. So if you have evidence you wore these I’m sure proving the benefit of the doubt would swing in your favor.
  12. It’s so dumb they have two 21-2680 submitted from two of my primary doctors and they also sent me to a aid and attendance C&P last August. Maybe I really don’t qualify but when I read the regs i think I qualify for L...although it may have hurt me when my doctor put I can prepare my own cold meals just not hot meals as I can’t be trusted to turn off the stove the fact i can prepare cold meals was one of the reasons my denial for the caregiver program..I’m sure the rater day that was like well no l then
  13. request a Higher-Level Review Has anyone went through this process I know it’s really new? Reminds me of a DRO review not sure if this is beneficial or another waste of time to scare you away from the BVA
  14. I’ve been trying to bring up with to the VA with no luck or lack of urgency until I had to go under for my vasectomy. And now the doctor says your hearts funny i now have a follow up for an Ecco test to understand why my EKG is troublesome I told the doctor I have a copy of my ekg on my exit exam 2010 it says they wanted to do the same thing but said the VA was reviewing my claim so they signed my exit exam but I was never granted SC until 2016 thanks to the VA so no Ecco was done. Now if this one shows any issues do I file for it? I really feel my EOD if I did file for it shouldn’t be 2019 but the evidence I will show the doctor will paint a picture that it was their fault for not initially granting me SC and dragging their feet until 2016. I don’t know if heart issue can help me other then if it shows my angina that I experience from random times is a result of my TBi like the evidence shows? I know I’ve been reading DIC eligibility for my spouse and family and unless my deaths is a result of an SC injury, 10 years P and T, or if I experienced a heart issue they don’t rate them for another 7 years is that right #Berta? I ask if the issue on my Ecco shows that I had a cardiac arrest, which i didnwhen I was in a coma, would that count as what they say is an automatic DIC for my spouse if it’s service connected?
  15. BS to scare you they told me that when I filed for an increase to my TBI on 2016 when they said I was granted TDIU. I immediately filed for an increase waited it out another year of back and forth exams and magically it was 100% P and T backdated to when they approved me for TDIU. I’m not even messing with another long drugged out appeal for an EOD claim the RO will fight. The Bs we go through with the Va is ridiculous with the VBA I’ve had nothing but praise for my care and hospital treatment I’ve received since moving to the wilmington RO area...
  16. May not necessarily have to be a IMO for TDiU I used a vocational evaluator I found searching here. I used his report for SSA and the VA after a year won both cases successfully. Wasn’t a quick process but then what is with the VA...
  17. So I wanted to test this theory as I did call the 1800 number ask them what your EP code is your claim is considered mine was 020. I looked up the Monday workload report and looked at the week prior to me filing 112 here in Wilmington DE and the week after 108 that's 4 claims difference meaning one of those is mine then I checked the count of claims every week up until this week and it shows 106 that's a 2 difference but if you follow week to week the whole time since I filed that a change of 104 claims and if they go in order like they say they do my claim should be moving any day. So that being said I log onto vets.gov and my claim is now pending approval new estimation completion went from Feb.5 to March 8,2019 which would make it 89 days for my claim. I know I live in a tiny RO area but its crazy how the hell that worked out. Either I am losing it or somebody else post a claim longer then 2 months and let me go to work on figuring out a new date on my own if you know you code its considered when you call the RO? I am baffled when I did this tonight and when I deemed this was my week for movement logged on to have it moved is pretty coincidence to pending approval and now today preparation for notification to be mailed. Hoping to find out before the ten way wait to mail for mail...
  18. I clicked it back on Jan 28 for my FDC claimbband now lists a 5103 under documents and says still processing. My estimated completion was Feb.5 and have been in prep for a decision since Dec 18 no movement with one issue on the for SMC. So not sure it means anything more then a wishful thinking
  19. During the workweek I would call the Appeals management center supervisor if her number hasn’t change (202) 530-9149. Explain your situation and she may try to get you to the person working your claim. She had helped me when mine was spinning on the wheel... sorry I don’t know her name she doesn’t pick up she does second respond to her VM.
  20. It’s always the first if it’s A not a holiday or B on the weekend I believe...soo March 1 is a Friday so that’s next month’s exact date.
  21. Fingers crossed for some better movement in the appeal system
  22. VA FDC scammers lol still preparation for a decision for two months...
  23. I laughed this morning there is now a triangle next to the estimated completion date. Sorry this is taking longer then we expected I chuckled you didn’t trick me I knew you guys were going to at the VA....
  24. Not exactly sure how severe all of the 10s are so I can be certain and hope others chime in but the fact your on IU and not working having 10 chronic adjustment order sounds like a lowball. Are you SMC S?
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