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    Attorney Fees Claim? Ebenefits

    Can’t really give a guess as we all have had this if we won are appeal or claim. It’s the step to process your attorney cut of your retro it took my claim at the time 10 days but I had a hardship flagged on my claim so I cannot guess your time. You can try calling the the 1800 to see what’s the hold up or even go as far as going to your RO and asking in person either one will get you a more accurate guess.
  2. But why is it when the VA says we will call you on Friday with our answer you start to laugh in your head. Wait that’s what they told me and my wife so my wife calls at the end of the day and leaves a VM, to see if we had any news. The coordinator was nice and said to both of us we should most definitely should be getting help I just hate when they tell you a date and always miss it every time it’s sad but expected....
  3. Well I’ll get my answer tomorrow from the Caregiver program about my application and my aid and attendance claim is still in preparation for a decision filed way before I submitted my claim for the caregiver...
  4. As far as my appeals concerned I had more info were my appeal was in the process then in ebenefits... they should be the same on both but not always the case.
  5. Not sure how fast these claims actually move does it Actually move quicker? I only have a claim in for aid and attendance with a Exam and the 21-2680 filled out by my VA doctor.
  6. I went with the FDC since I didn’t use a VSO must have missed this memo before I started. Thanks for the info
  7. My issue was I got tired off fighting with the Va saying My ptsd and tbi should be separate. I lost this battle instead the va hospital sees 100% ptsd and the VA disablity says it’s my residuals of a tbi with ptsd. I get mad at the hospital when my records don’t even show my sTBI but I’m p and t so not sure I cant complain and have no idea what I’d be fighting for
  8. Yes I am most due to my cognitive impairment and having no short term memory with lapses and blackouts all being evaluated by the VA. I’m 100 p and t based on the residuals alone and my secondary migraines are at 50 with lightheadedness and dizziness at 30% also I find out to day if I was accepted into the caregiver program as I have been in my Vas polytrauma program for 2 years...which isn’t a requirement but it helps to have all my treatment records for the director to look at...
  9. So I imagine the DRO would be a good speedy method for an EED claim but if the retro is a large amount won’t they still just deny it? Just asking bc that sounds like a good way to appeal EED
  10. jfrei

    Just took my C&P Exams

    Where are you at in your claim?
  11. So I’m confused why the put an estimated completion date on claims now but give it a window mine is 1/8 to 2/5? It has been my luck that the first date when missed puts a flag on my claim saying something is missed and claim moves again. But it’s like the dates mentioned are like there suspense dates on your claims with the expectations of ever completing them by the window. Anyone else with similar experiences to the ebenefits worm hole....
  12. So I am asking about Space A travel details? I was told that it’s only for the disabled veteran and not his spouse or dependents? Seems odd to say to a disabled vet yes you can fly away but only by yourself and not your spouse.
  13. Good info and the originator did not specify many other details if they could post the report we could give a better guess
  14. I never actually formally applies the woman in charge don’t waste my time a year ago I’ll deny you can drive to your appointments. Fast forward one year I’ve been going to treatment for two years for my TBI I was put on SSdI and made 100 p and t. Just recently I’ve been seeking care for myself, along with my two children 1 and 4 so I may attend my 2 to 3 appointments a week for cognitive therapy. Now my wife has to continue working a part time job so we don’t lose our home. I was denied SMC they said because I can swallow a pill on my own and they never addressed actually remembering to take my meds. But I’m tired of the appeal game and I am already talking to a vso who is reviewing my case. I have two letters from my doctors saying I’m in treatment for my serious injuries and another one suggesting 2 to 3 appointments are needed weekly to regain the highest level of functioning again. But then says I need my spouse for my medication management. Should I actually formally apply to the caregiver program on Monday?
  15. Same here I wish we’re able to figure out the algorithm they use. So to know what’s going to bounce claims backwards after months of preparation for a decision...
  16. The woman in charge of the program has been relocated to another program, and magically the program starts working for the hospital again...
  17. So apparently you can receive both benefits so I applied to both 3 days apart. Now with the Aid and Attendance I foresee months away and the caregiver program 2 weeks altogether with my answer/decision Friday. Why is it the hospital can move with way more effectiveness then the disability system? Seems a bit one sided and unfair...
  18. Had official interview done at my home with my spouse.She said I definitely qualify and should be receiving more help soon and my spouse can do her training in a couple of weeks. So basically the previous manager told me not to apply was wrong and I should have applied almost two years ago, word to the wise in case your told not to apply. If you feel you meet the requirements just apply get a formal decision. Don’t let your ego be bruised if you need help. Thanks again for the other that told me to go ahead and apply.
  19. I actually walked into the philly RO and went to the disability claims area. Not sure if this is an option for you but I actually was able to speak with the DRO who did the hearing for my status. That’s your best answer to when you will hear your results. No one can give an accurate estimate to many factors like the amount of retro that’s due how many disabilities on on this DRO appeal.
  20. Don’t know who your state senator is but reaching out to him or her about your SSA issues and having a congressional inquiry placed on your file also gets it moving tremendously. From start to finish it took me 11 months and as a 32 year old that incredibly quick. I reached out to the senator and made sure I had it flagged as a P and veteran...
  21. Not just 100% but more specifically Permanent and total not just scheduler to be eligible for ChampVa
  22. jfrei

    never to early for family readiness

    So anyone get the feeling when you go your family is going to suffer from the VAs corrupt system? I had a severe TBI and to this day fight t get what my family deserves and my wife isn't well versed with VA law has no idea if I die what she is owed but I still I don't know. I have been P and T only for going on 3 years have the 10k life insurance policy not sure how to get more and I'm currently seeking aid and attendance not just SMC S, Is there anything left I should be looking into for my family who has DEA benefits and ChampVA. I just want to make sure they are good to go when I go which could be awhile but id rather get my ducks in a row for them. So they know who they need to ask when the time comes....
  23. jfrei

    never to early for family readiness

    Thanks everyone for the info it’s what I thought , but one quick question since I am very impulsive when it comes to decisions I make. Not saying it could happen but a hypothetical question what if one of those impulsive decisions could hurt me how is anyone going to say hey his judgement skills are impaired and I think it could have been caused by his impulsive decision making ability due to my sTBI if it were fatal. I have 8 more years until the ten year mark but I just want to make sure my impulsive ladder doesn’t take me up a 15 foot ladder and fall again.
  24. Have you ever spoken. With The AMO now AMC about your issues (202) 530-9149 or (202) 530-9455 one is the director there who maybe able to answer your issues. Not sure which one it was or if they have been changed since this past June but your welcome to try...

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