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  1. jfrei's post in What’s the timeline on backpay with an attorney? was marked as the answer   
    They have to figure out how much goes to your attorney first and then they give you your portion I would send an iris message and ask what is the hold up, if it’s a large amount of retro it could take a bit unless you have a hardship flagged on your claim then it  might be the only way to get a retro quicker then normal.
  2. jfrei's post in Can I include BVA cases with my request for reconsideration? was marked as the answer   
    That being said they have cases that are considered Precedent Opinions... worth a gander if it applies to your case I know I used one in my DRO review...
    A VA General Counsel precedent opinion is considered an administrative issue for effective date purposes as indicated in VAOPGCPREC 88-90, 38 U.S.C. 5110(g), and 38 CFR 3.114. • Generally, rules announced in precedent judicial decisions apply to all cases that are still open on direct review when the new rule is announced.  Unless they state otherwise, statutes and regula
  3. jfrei's post in C&P exam results and feedback on knee Range of Motion was marked as the answer   
    Just curious what was your range of motion was for the 10% intial exam but with the Rom in being both at 85 I would think your increase will be granted your guess is with the raters. My guess is 50% but I know that could be wrong so I’ll say 30-50% for a “ROTR” range of the raters...
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