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  1. Thanks for replying back. I am not a Vietnam Vet I came in the Svc in 1979. As mentioned before I was svc connected for Hypertension then had two blocked arteries so I had 2 stents put I. My heart. My primary care doc suggested I file a claim for my heart.How do I prepare for this exam since everything is in my records at the VA Hospital. Any advise is appreciated.Please reply back.TY.
  2. I am new to this site.I have a C&P exam coming up. I had 2 stents put in my heart, and I am connected for hypertension. My Doctor said I have Cardio Vascular Disease. First, how do you prepare for this type C&P exam? and what what percentage disability is the average? please reply back.
  3. Hello All, I was not rated a 100% after my stents. My primary care doctor suggested I file a claim for my stents due to it being related to Hypertension. Please reply all.
  4. Hello all, I am 10 % SCD for Hypertension. I have had a history of high blood pressure and High cholesterol.Last year I had 2 stent's put in my heart after taking the Nuclear stress test. I do not know of any codes the VA put in my records. I was at 0% SCD when I got out of the military and was increased to 10% a few years ago. My doctor asked me if I ever submitted a claim for Hypertensive Vascular Disease-Service Connected and I said I never thought about it.She I should submit it. I just recently submitted for this through my VSO. Any feedback on if I will receive a C&P and what to expect.Please reply back.
  5. Problem posting on reg site.

    Besides getting Hadit Vet's opinions, which to one degree or another are always helpful, do some research on the BVA Decision page for 2015 & 16-17. Just put in your DX and see what the BVA decided regarding Denials as well as Awards.

    Semper Fi

  6. Hello all, I just filed for Cervical and lumbar C&P exam.Has anyone went through this C&P exam? Please reply back.Thank you.
  7. Hello all, I am filing for Hypertensive Vascular Disease-Service Connected. Has anyone ever filed for this, and what type of C&P is involved.Please reply back.Thank you.
  8. Good morning Berta,

    I am back to Hadit.com after a few years away from this great website. How do I get a copy of different C&P EXAM QUESTIONS they will ask during the exams. I have a Migraine, cervical back, neck and hypertensive heart claim I just submitted for an increase.Please reply back.Thank you.

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    2. pwrslm


      This the the questionnaire that the VA requires, so yes, this is what you need to review. Did you find the one that applies to your condition?

    3. brentakar


      Hello again,

      I submitted for an increase in what's called Hypertensive Vascular Disease, migraine headaches, cervical spine strain and lumbar strain. I looked at the DBQ'S and not sure which ones apply to the ones I mentioned to you. Please tell me which DBQ  apply to each of the 4 mentioned. Please reply back .

    4. pwrslm


      They are all categorized and you will find the names of the conditions under the categories.

  9. How do I get a copy of different C&P EXAM QUESTIONS they will ask during the exams.Please reply back.Thank you.
  10. I have 2 C&P exams this month for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder . I put in for an increase, after seeing doctors at the VA and supposedly one of the C&P exams is a written test , and the other one is with a doctor.Has anyone ever gone in for a OCD C&P , and taken a test? If they have, what type of test is it.? Please reply back.Thanks.
  11. brentakar

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] My Diabetes Claim Was Denied With No C&p Exam

    Hello carlie, up at the top the only thing it says is Hypertension. Only thing I see on the evidence section is SM filed past one year after he got out of the army, diabetes claim denied. I will try and talk to the doctor or nurse and explain the situation.carlie, I am a fighter like you are, I do not give up easily.If I honestly felt that this was not a possiblity of being service connected , beleive me I would not have ever filed a claim.I just feel I was not given an adequate exam or asked any questions about my Diabetes, I am still very surprised by this.I served in the army 20 years plus, I thought I knew what to expect but I suppose this is different with claims. If all else fails, should I still submit a NOD and explain the reason is that I was not given an C&P exam, or the evidence I provided was either overlooked or not considered? I wonder how long my C-file takes till I get a copy of that?I probibly should not file a NOD untill I receive my C-file is this correct or has no bearing either way?Please reply back.Thank you again for helping me out, I sure need it.
  12. brentakar

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] My Diabetes Claim Was Denied With No C&p Exam

    Thank you for replying back carlie, yes, I did submit a copy of my lab results while I was on active duty to the American Legion Rep when he filed my claim that showed I had high sugar readings while on active duty. I also had him read the reading then he faxed everything over to the VA. yes, I did go the the ROI the same day I had my C&P exam, and they were mailed out and recived 2 weeks ago.There is no mention what so ever about Diabetes period. I know I submitted a new claim and is on E-benefits as a (new) claim for Diabetes. As mentioned earlier, there was not one single question ref: Diabetes during my C&P exam. I felt something wrong as I was leaving the C&P exam about this but waitied till I saw the rating as was suggested to me by others. I did not see anything talking about evidence on the letter period You mentioned that I should ask the clinic to put information about this situation and progress notes as well as to any possible relationship to what is shown in my SMR records. I remenber like it was yesterday when I first learned I had Diabetes 2, I was stunned and in shock. I was very active person in the army and always states in shape.I distinkly asking the doctor if he could write a letter on my behalf he said he could not.I told him I do not understand why since I been going to the VA and it occured there and he was my doctor.Th e doctor asked me to talk to the diabetic clinic and she referred me back to my VA doctor who said again, he could not provided me with a letter. I will do what you suggest, what happens if I get the run around again and the clinic says they cannot or will not do any of the things you suggested? What is my recourse if any.Please reply back. I
  13. brentakar

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] My Diabetes Claim Was Denied With No C&p Exam

    Good afternoon carlie, I filed 2 claims in Nov 2011, one claim was new for Diabetes 2,the other was for an increase for my HPB was approved from 0% to 10%.I was diagnosed 2 years ago through the VA Hospital that I have DIabetes 2. I kept copies of my military records while I was on active duty and I had a nuse from the diabetic clic review them .She went through my records and highlighted approximently 10 dofferent dates throughout my army career that my sugar count was high.The diabetic nurse advised me that I should file a claim for Diabetes with the VA.I asked her and my Doctor from the VA if they could provided a letter on my behalf connecting my High sugar readings, HBP, and cholesterol all together saying this was connected.The nurse said no one from the VA can or will do that. During my C&P exam I was scheduled for and attended in Nov 2011, the only thing the physician asked me was about my HBP.I wore my Diabetic shoes and socks to the exam that I was issued from the VA , and was not asked one question about my Diabetes.My Diabetes was denied saying it didi not occur while on active duty and I did not file qwithin one year of getting out if the military.Well carlie let me tell you this, I was and am irate to say the least.I included my high sugar readings that the Diabetic nurse highlighted while I was on active duty and submitted them with my claim.So I need help here.After I received my claim notice, I called the VA and requested a copy of my C-file, which I learned through this web site.I am waiting on my C-file from the VA, do not know how long that will take and trying to figure out how to approach this disagreement on my denial for Diabetes.I am going to the Diabetic clinic next week to sit down with one of the nurses or doctors there and verify my high sugar readings once again before I file a disagreement.Thank you for your help.
  14. brentakar

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] My Diabetes Claim Was Denied With No C&p Exam

    I come to Hadit for advise since I am fairly new here and try and obtain some great advise with fellow Veterans.I was rated 50% service connected when I retired. I just filed my first claims since I have been out of the military. I claimed an increase in my HBP from 0% service connected to 10% service connected.I was awarded 10% for this. I retired in 2005 and was diagnosed 2 years ago with Diabetes 2. I was diagnosed through the VA Hospital here in Florida, and no, they did not mention why they thought why I have Diabetes 2. I kept 2 full packet copies of my medical records before I retired from the military. Once I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 at the VA hospital, I took my records while on active duty to the diabetic clinic at the VA and had the nurse who gave the 4 hour orientation on Diabetes look at my records to see if I had any high blood sugar numbers. The nurse had highlighted about 10 different dates while on active duty and suggested I file a claim. Claim was denied and on top of that, NO questions or exam during my C&P.I made copies of my sugar readings that were highlighted from the Diabetic clinic, and submitted them with my claim. A physician conducted my C&P exam and only questioned my High blood pressure>Please advise.After I found out my rating for my HBP, I called the VA and requested a copy of my C-File like you had mentioned earlier right after I joined HadIt.com. I need some advise on what steps I need to take.Do I file a NOD now or wait till I get my C-file in the mail.I am going to the Diabetic clinic Tuesday to talk to a Diabetic nurse to go over my blood sugar readings again to verify they were high and then I need to request a nother C&P i assume.Please advise. Thank you again.
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