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  1. Thanks for all your replies everybody. I know that one of you thinks that I might be the enemy but I assure you that I am not. I have introduced myself in a new topic so you can read a little about me. Excuse my confusion about the way that this forum is laid out but I would come here and read post #1 and it would not make any sense because it seemed like the poster was talking to an invisible person and then after a couple of weeks I realized that poster #1 was replying to poster #2 who was replying to poster #3 etc. etc. I do like the idea of having a poll to see how people prefer th
  2. Hello everybody, I'm new here although I've been reading posts for about 2 weeks. My name is David and I am a 54 year old Vietnam veteran who served as a rotary wing (Huey) repairman at Camp Viking north of Danang from '70-'71 and you Marines will recognize the place as Force Logistic Command or FLC aka Red Beach. I've lived in Northern New Mexico my entire life and the reason that I am here is because I recently (2 years ago) suffered a relapse of hepatitis C that I have had since 1971. As the days go by I will be asking questions of you more experienced members of this forum and I apprecia
  3. Hello everybody, I heard about this place at another vet site and have been visiting /lurking here for about 2 weeks. I know that this is going to sound stupid but for those 2 weeks I was finding it very hard to read the posts because they are not in chronological order. For example, post #1 on a thread is actually the last post in the thread and so forth. Also the last page in the forum (currently page 75, I believe) is actually the latest page and by my reckoning should be page #1 but page #1 is actually the oldest page in the system. For me everything is out of whack and I have been trying
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