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  1. Sorry, found out Friday but went away for the weekend. &0 percent, with IU deferred, and I still have 5 other claims on appeal. Thanks all, they even hit me with a hundred percent for the time I was inpatient at the VA... FREE AT LAST!
  2. Will do, don't know the rating. Got a call from the VARO NYC letting me know I've been awarded for PTSD retro to Oct. '08. No word on percentages yet.
  3. yeah my GAF was a 45, and when I was in the PTSD inpatient VA program the psychologist there gave me a 45 GAF as well
  4. I am sooo relieved right now. The operator told me one claim was granted, which should be my PTSD, the only claim the I've had a C & P for, which is also the most severe out of the bunch. He couldn't give me an exact percentage or any other info, but what he did tell me was enough to get me excited. I just hope they don't low ball me (or too bad at least). I feel validated, and vindicated. Tired of being post dated and litigated (use your inner Al Sharpton voice). The old ladies of NYC are safe, because I was so desperate I was thinking of purse snatching (j.k j.k). Thanks all of you that helped me keep my sanity, looked out, and gave advice. I'll still be all over this page. The fight goes on until all DESERVING veterans get what they are owed by the government we served faithfully, and selflessly. Thank you all again, especially you Tbird for getting this most valuable reference, and support site running. Much love and respect. Phil.
  5. Veterans Administration Feeling Some Heat After an Eleven Day Conference in Arizona – (Department of Veterans Affairs) $221,540 In January 2011, fifty employees from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs attended an eleven day conference at a resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. The final cost exceeded $221,000. The purpose of the conference was to ―discuss revisions in how disability ratings are assigned for veterans seeking compensation and health care. But the discussion concluded with a large tab for taxpayers: $90,540 for travel, $30,000 for hotel accommodations, $4,000 for audiovisual, and $97,000 for the contractor in charge of the meeting. The total cost was $221,540.To put that number in perspective, that is enough money to pay the annual disability compensation of six disabled combat veterans. Additionally, with the availability of teleconferencing, conferences are, in large part, no longer necessary (from Wastebook 2011)
  6. Ive been listed as homeless by the va SINCE 09. nyc varo could care less about hardship.
  7. Hey whats up NYC sux. I served from 04-07 also, tour in Iraq, and I was on a QRF team as well. My claim has been with the NYC VARO since 08. Just had my first c and p october. Still waiting. Peggy, and IRIS are useless crap. Ive been checking the Monday Morning Workload, and NOT ONE APPEAL HAS BEEN DONE SINCE NOVEMBER!!! I want to go to Houston Street with a crowbar.
  8. Negilgent and disgusting. This type of thing pisses me off. Does the VA realize they are pissing of hundreds of thousands motivated, sometimes unstable individuals trained to kill? On a serious note keep your head up these bastards really piss me off.
  9. If anyone is having a hard time, or just wants to b.s. about whatever, hit me up. I'll help you out as best I can, or try to point you in the right direction. This site, and the members have a wealth of information and compassion. Philip OIF III
  10. Thanks guys, and no worries TBird, I am not suicidal, nor did I break anything last night (big step for me, lol). It's just frustrating as you all know. To have someone question the dire financial situation I am in, and have been in since 2007 just pisses me off. That coupled with the one size fits all cut and paste response, it just seems like a slap in the face. I contacted my state senator awhile back, got nothing until I started posting on his facebook page for the world to see, his office contacted me yesterday saying they wanted to help. Should I try that route? I've heard conflicting stories of getting elected officials involved, so I'm unsure. Back in 07 I was admitted to a locked ward for a suicide attempt. I will not go that route, these bastards will give me whats mine. I'll walk into the VARO with a crowbar before I take myself out. The VA really needs to get it's act together, they are going to have a bunch of angry soldiers and marines coming home with no options for the future, and nothing to lose. America as a society will have to pay that burden. I really felt Shinseki was going to do something positive, but under his watch the VA has just become more of a mess. Evidently this guy forgot where he came from, kind of like the man who appointed him. Sorry I know I shouldn't have gone into politics on here. But again thank you all. I spend at least half of my day researching this site and a few others.
  11. Over the holidays I sent a letter to IRIS asking for my appeal to be expedited seeing that by New Years I would lose my apartment, and by Jan 10th I will be unable to pay my car insurance. So this is just a section of what I got today, the rest was just generic filler that they tell you on Peggy or in their b.s. letters. "To be fair to all claimants, the expedite request must be reserved for the serious situations with verifying documentation. Expedite requests will only be considered if evidence submitted substantiates imminent death, eviction, foreclosure, or a similar serious situation. You may fax the information to your regional office. Please find our contact information at the end of this response."<br style="font-family: arial; font-size: small; "> So being homeless (yet again while I wait) is what. I was going to reply with this but am unsure if this is a good idea or not. I am trying my best to be cordial, and not make myself look like a jerk. I was unable to pay my rent which was due on the first, so I am evicted. My car insurance is due on the tenth, which I will be unable to pay. Therefore I will have to turn in the plates, but in New York you cannot have a car on the street without plates, so I will be ticketed every day until either a) I get rid of the car, or b) you guys end this 39 month ordeal you have put me through. It took me 3 years and an appeal to get one C & P. There is nothing acceptable about that. I am suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, do you think that I can seriously handle this? You have in your system that I was homeless 2 years ago. Is that not a hardship? Does that not warrant a combat veterans claim to be expidited. A claim that in all honesty probably wasn't looked at in the first place. It would take you one day. My life may not mean much to you guys over at the NYC VARO, but please this is my survival we are talking about here. On May 30, 2011 the Ninth Circut Court of Appeals stated that statutory benefits or "property interests" are protected under the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment, "The Clause guarantees that all persons will not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without proper process, i.e. a hearing or appeal. A majority of the court ruled that the VA’s significant delay in providing both mental health care services and disability compensation benefits result in the deprivation of “property” without proper process." You guys are according to the Constitution violating that right. I have fought, and put my life in harm's way for America. I am not asking for a handout, or charity. I am merely asking for what is owed. I apologize if this comes off as rude or desperate, but I am at the end of my rope. Does that come across to harshly?
  12. Actually I had my first C & P 2 years after I filed an appeal. I have a copy of his report, and he confirmed everything I was claiming about PTSD. So I'm good with that, they had no right to deny me the first time, I had the DAV handling my claim and I didnt know anything about the VA or the claims process. So it was my ignorance coupled with the VSO's laziness, and the VA's practice of instant denial. But I thank you for the info Walter. PS what is the VHA?
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