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  1. If a veteran is awarded 100% P&T SMC S, how likely is it that they will be notified by VA for a review or another C&P exam?
  2. Hello from the Deep East Texas Pineywoods!
  3. Moderators if this is in the wrong forum please move to correct forum. Center point retreats formerly The Women's Wilderness Institute is conducting a series of three six- day recovery retreats for women combat Veterans and combat active duty personnel in 2015. These retreats are funded by the Readjustment Counseling Services (sub agency of the Department of Veterans Affairs) and will be free of charge including airfare, for eligible women combat Veterans and combat women active duty personnel. This is a wonderful opportunity for women combat Veterans who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the G
  4. I can relate to your frustrations with travel pay. At the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical center in Houston, TX they have the travel window and also the Kiosk for travel pay. Good advice: use the windo for service! It usually hits my bank in 4 or five days. I used the kiosk once and it took 2 weeks to appear in my bank account.
  5. I have the $10,000 life insurance with the waiver of the premium. And I also took out the additional $30,000 (20 Payment Life ) policy which is the Supplemental Service-Disabled Insurance (SRH). Contact: Toll Free (1800-669-8477) Website & E-mail (www.insurance.va.gov)
  6. I can see where the letter would be confusing. I received the same letter with the exact same wording as above and I AM Tdiu with SMC. So there is hope! Good Luck!
  7. Congratulations! I was awarded 100% IU P&T with SMC S a few years ago and as a single veteran is $3253.67.
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