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  1. I am 100% tdiu. I also have a question regarding income and self employment. I took on self employment to help pay some bills while my claim was going through processing. I sold insurance but have given up selling it now. Some policies I sold are getting renewed and the insurance company is still sending me commissions on those policies. I refer all the servicing of the client back to the insurance carrier and I don't manage any accounts. Would this still be considered self employment? It's residual income from work completed a couple years ago. The most I earned while actively selling was about $3500/yr and I disclosed this during the claim process. This year I can expect to make less than $1000/yr in residual income from those same policies. Thanks, Xpertshot
  2. I just received the "official" letter discharging my student loans. Second paragraph states that I will be receiving a refund on payments made after the effective date of my VA Rating. Really happy for this part!!! Everyone, don't hesitate to request your student loans to be discharged. The process took aboout 30 to 45 days total!. Attached is the letter for your review. My loans were originally with Wells Fargo but transfered to Edfund, then Allied and ended up with ECMC for collections. Thanks again to everyone for your help during the process... studentloanletter3.pdf
  3. Congratulations. Sounds like things have turned around for you and everything is beginning to line up again. The same thing is happenning with me now. It seems like once the VA claim got settled and complete, everything else just fell into place. Really happy for you.... xpertshot
  4. Letter from ECMC notifying me that I will no longer have my taxes offset to pay on student loans. studentloanletter2.pdf
  5. Letter from Post Default Services regarding Student Loans studentloanletter1.pdf
  6. Hi everyone, Just wanted to update you on the 100% disabled vet student loan discharge. I have 100% tdiu and requested my past due student loans be discharged. I just recieve confirmation on the phone that my loans have been discharged as of Oct. 9, 2012. This is great news because I still had a balance owing $24k. I'll post and add a copy of my letters from the loan servicer as I get them in the mail. I have a coupleof letters explaining how they were going to stop all collection attempts until my case was resolved. One of the letters said they would refund any payments made after date I became disabled. I'll let you know if anything comes in the mail from that. If they calculate correctly, I would expect to get around $10K in refunds. Thanks, xpertshot
  7. I finally got an answer last month but I'm still here with you all. I have a bunch of questions on my award so I'll be searching the archives for answers. Thanks everyone. xpertshot
  8. Present and in shock! I just downloaded my letters from ebenefits.... Looks like my claim was completed yesterday or the day before! Will post details on Success Stories later tonight. Thanks, Xpertshot
  9. Congratulations! Every bit helps in the long run!
  10. Sorry so late. But still here waiting on a desicion for TDIU. Going on two years since I started my journey. Original claim date was August 2010. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I'm granted IU so I can move my family into our own apartment. Staying on track, doing some fishing, just trying to pass the time as I wait for an answer. I keep applying for different jobs but never get called back after completing the personality questionaires. 0.o Thanks for all your help and support everyone on Hadit.com! Best regards, xpertshot
  11. San Diego RO is very good at keeping ebenefits updated with claims progress and letter generator. Something I notice with payments is with Navy Federal the pending direct deposit shows up a few days before. I found out about a retro check through Navy Fed online. I live in San Diego, so my mail from the RO is delivered next day. So when I see an update on ebenefits, I receive a letter usually the next day depending on the day of the week. Places to check: 1) ebenefits claim status 2) ebenefits letter generator 3) bank pending direct deposit 4) 800 number (probably least useful) 5) mailbox
  12. Just wanted to share some information given to me by the VA in San Diego regarding claims deferred. In Jan 2012 I was awarded 70% for Major Depression and deferred for Rotator Cuff. I quickly filed for tdiu and recently received an answer to the Rotator Cuff. On the award letter it stated that they are still working on and deferred tdiu and Major Depression. I was surprised to see Major Depression as deferred because they had just rated this in Jan. I went to the VA to get an explanation. This is what they said: Major Depression is showing deferred to notify you that your service connected disability of "Major Depression" is the sole condition being regarded in whether they approve or deny TDIU. All the other conditions already rated will not be considered, hence not showing up as deferred as well. I was concerned that maybe the VA was looking to lower my rating for Major Depression but appearently this is not the case. The rep I spoke with said the Rater would need to schedule a new C&P before they would lower my recently decided claim. I sure hope this information, as it was explained to me, is accurate. If anyone has additional information to share with me, I would really appreciate it. My wife and I are in the process of getting an apartment and would hate to commit to something I won't be able to afford if they lower my rating. I know what the VA told me, but for some reason I'm not 100% convinced with the explanation they gave. So, the worrying continues... Thanks in advance for your comments and advice. xpertshot
  13. Thanks for the info on the IMO, I'll try to get that in asap. I appreciate the encouragement to keep fighting and not give up. In the past, this would have been an easy battle. Now I feel its difficult to hold on to this hope that I possibly be able to provide for my family. I feel terrible that I've had to jump from job to job for many years now. I'm tired of going through that, I don't want to put my family through that again. The VA doesn't understand that I don't have a problem in "finding" a job. My problem is "keeping" the job. Thanks again. xpertshot
  14. I wonder the same thing about the VA wanting to hold on the the money a little longer. It's all in the numbers and it wouldn't surprise me if they correlate the number of claims processed - to - number of awards - to - dollar amount of awards. They need to stay within budget, don't they? If they approved all claims (assuming they are all legitimate), do they have the budget to pay on all of them? Where does the extra money come from when they run out? Depending on performance reporting cut-off dates, I'd bet you can track a pattern of claims processing that would disclose more than the public cares to know. It wouldn't suprise me either if they have a fully developed claim ready to go, they will deferr until a month when they can afford to issue an award. And, I bet some VA reps have more pull than others. Those veteran reps probably get away with more (whether good or bad) than some of the newer guys. Awards can be good for you and bad for them. Same for denied claims, bad for you but good to them. I guess it just depends on what team your playing on when that decision comes down. The mystery continues.... I hope everything turns out for the best in your claim. But we have to keep fighting and fighting. I know too many veterans that never apply for compensation because they don't want to deal with the hassle. It seems to me that the VA's plan is working. They are getting many people to believe that applying is not worth it. Sad but true. xpertshot
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