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  1. Thanks, left a response to the latest and was told a moderator would review it... that was nearly an hour ago.
  2. Well, as it turns out it appears this is all a moot point currently anyway.... Received a CUE in the mail on Friday and it says they are in disagreement with their own decision and are reducing me from 50% to 0% based on the fact that the date I had my VA sleep study was 6 months after my retirement date.... Mind you I mentioned at my initial VA medical appointment that I was claiming sleep apnea. Was asked on what basis. The basis was that people had witnessed me stop breathing on numerous occasions over the last few years. I was told at that time that I wouldn't be provided a sleep study... 4 months later I received the appointment notification in the mail. I have new evidence that I didn't provide previously because I wasn't aware of it until recently. I've asked the individual who has a video of me sleeping, snoring and stop breathing to provide me a copy of the tape and a description of the circumstances...... There's more to the story but I'm now in process of finding a decent VSO where I'm located.... any and all help with this will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Not looking for the business.......but I would recommend to folks to NOT use online tax prep software unless they know what they are doing. I've fixed way too many returns that were simple but improperly prepared online.
  4. I'll have to take the test the next go around. Not sure when I'll find time to properly prepare for the test as I'll be in the Capstone phase of my Masters later this year. May end up not managing to take it.
  5. Not looking for business.... just gets frustrating sometimes when I hear something put out that I know isn't accurate is all. IE telling someone to go ahead and file an amendment without documentation. That's all fine and good until the auditor calls. Most auditors are young and don't understand that not everyone's situation fits into the box. Personally I was rated 50% starting January 2010 but didn't receive the decision until August 2011... I've been waiting on back CRDP since. I've seen the audit prepared by DFAS and as far as I can tell I'm owed approximately 14K tax free as I've already paid the taxes on my full retirement up until August 2011. At a minimum I should be able to get an updated 1099R from DFAS.... to at least reap the tax benefit much like my friends who are 30%.... As things stand I'm being told 2010 is a wash and that I'm only entitled to what I've received since August 2011 with the 1% or so offset subtracted from my retirement 1099R. Anybody got any advice on how to track down the back CRDP payment? Spent over an hour yesterday waiting for DFAS to tell me that it was out of their hands and in the VA's and the VA telling me I'm due nothing because I got paid military retirement.... I got paid military retirement either way. I'm not used to this sort of incompetence.
  6. Been lurking on the site for a couple years now. I finally got rated 50% back in August 2011(chronic sleep apnea). Currently waiting for CRDP retro to hit my account. I asked for and received a copy of my audit back in early November. I've seen numerous questions about income tax and figured I'd pony up and register an account. I have been preparing taxes professionally for 5 years. I've slowed down a bit due to my full time job and working on my Masters using the Post 9-11 GI Bill. I keep up to date on the tax laws and keep my PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) active in case I ever find myself out of full time employment. I'll admit, I may not know the answer off the top of my head but I most likely know where to find it. I hope everyone has a great 2012 and I look forward to participating on this forum.
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