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           I see you have had your lumps from VA.   You historical study of your family.  So have I to certain degree.   My sixth cousin Herb Stanford compiled 1350 pages just on Stanfords who close relatives of mine.  There are many in Texas.  I found a couple of murders, many civil war vets, Indian war vets, outlaws and all sorts of weird characters in the family line.  That is just the Stanfords.  The Avary, Flanigan and McClatchey relatives have quite amazing histories.  I have old photos of cousin Dr. Archer Avary who served in Cobb's Legion in Civil war.  He is wearing his old CSA uniform and has his old horse pistol.  The photo was done in 1926 and he looks better than I do now.  Ramrod straight posture.  I wish I had known him and James Flanigan my G, G, grandfather who was in Georgia volunteers for whole war.   He died in 1930 and Avary died in 1936. 


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