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  1. WOW! Thank you all for the info and advice. I may have failed to word it correctly in my first post but i HAVE already deployed and came back, and with plenty of stressful situations involved i was lucky enough to have no attacks. I do however know, that it was an immature, and dangerous choice i made to go about it the way i did. I have not tested myself out of fear for getting discharged from the USMC. But now with recent events, I have really awakened to the dangers of this disease and i am not taking it lightly anymore. In regards to some of your posts, I do wish for a reply from Hoppy, but do not know how to go about reaching him. I found his profile but cannot view it or send him a message. I am left hoping he stumbles upon this using the keywords in the topic i have posted. I am still wondering the main two questions i had as well, whether or not it IS in fact an immediate discharge, and if there is in fact anything to claim for such an occurance due to having the diagnosis while still in service. Again i am open to any and all advice or information. And thank you all again for helping! Tanker
  2. Hello all! I will start off by saying that i do no have issues with the VA as of right now, but moreso some questions. I am still currently in the USMC. I've been in for sometime and have served in OIF and have just under two years remaining on my contract. I enjoy the Corps. and people I've come across along the way. Before my deployment, my mother was diagnosed with Hereditary Angioedema (HAE). I was informed about what it was, symptoms, and that i too could possibly have it. However it is roughly 2 and a half years later and still have not been tested for it. Reason being, i didn't wan't to miss my deployment, and leave my brothers, and most of all, leave the Corps. I do not know if i have it or not. I have never had the acute attacks, but looking at pictures, i may have had a few outbreaks of the rash's that also come with HAE. (again not confirmed). I considered getting tested privately and keeping the results to myself, but had fear of having an acute attack at work and getting a dishonorable due to me having knowledge of the disease. I haven't had an attack, and felt confident that i would at least make it until the end of my contract. But this changed last night when my mother was hospitalized from an attack in the throat. It was a scary ordeal for my whole family, and me especially knowing that this could be potentially lurking around the corner. So i am putting it into action to get tested. NOW my questions (finally) are if i do have it, is it an automatic discharge, and will i be covered for any kind of medical bills for being diagnosed while in service? Don't get me wrong, i am not looking to cheat the system for a hereditary disease, i just have no real idea what i'm doing and what options i have still being in service. Any feedback is much appreciated, and from looking at other forums it seems like "Hoppy" may be knowledgeable with this topic? Tanker
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