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  1. Hi StreetWalker, Treatment is helpful, but you will also need a clear diagnosis. I have seen cases where VA has denied because the Veteran didn't have a diagnosis even though they were taking medication for symptoms of depression. Cheers, David
  2. Hey Hedgey, I too am sorry to hear about your Vet Center experience. I often refer Veterans to Vet Centers for treatment and help with MST. One big reason is that on the whole they do a much better job than VAMCs in providing counseling services, etc. And so I often consider them to be a bright spot in an otherwise broken system. It's so frustrating to hear that your Center hasn't met the relatively higher bar set by other VCs. I think the bottom line is that for all VA services: health care, service connected compensation, pension, etc. the people on the ground make the biggest difference. I like your suggestion: "If they don't treat you with total respect and kindness, it's Them not YOU." I couldn't agree more. I'll try recommending a few different options for Veterans who call me in the future. David Veterans Outreach Coordinator Bergmann & Moore, LLC
  3. Hi Berta, Thanks for the shout-out on our blog post. Paul Sullivan now works at Bergmann & Moore as our Public Relations Director. He's not an attorney, but he has a tremendous knowledge of Veterans issues and we're thrilled to have him here. Feel free to reach out to Paul here: Paul Sullivan PR Director, Bergmann & Moore 877-838-2889 Thanks again! -David
  4. Thanks for the shout out Tbird! For anyone interested in receiving a paper copy of the newsletter, please e-mail me at dzussman@vetlawyers.com or call at 877-838-2889. The newsletter is free and we hope it provides some good information for Veterans on the claims process with a focus on legal advocacy for Veterans benefits. Cheers, dzvetlawyers
  5. Hey All, I'm a Veterans Outreach Coordinator for Bergmann & Moore, and I'm so glad to hear all the positive feedback on the newsletter. We welcome constructive criticism, and we're constantly trying to improve on our content. If you're interested in receiving a free monthly copy of the newsletter via mail, please give me a call at 877-838-2889 and let me know. Thanks again! David
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