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  1. Hope everyone is getting through their week and staying warm. Had yet another rough night followed by an appointment down at the Denver Regional Office. Need some clarification if any of you have the time and would truly be appreciated. 1. Decision on my PTSD from the VA was dated in May of 2011 (Woman I speak with in regards to these issues and daily struggles recommended me around 50-60%) was awarded 10% 2. (please no acronyms, haha, very confused) I am under a year since the decision and very very much so disagree with the decision the system came to. The Woman that conducted my C&P Exam was rude and judgmental thus I no longer wanted to speak to her. In addition my misconceptions of how the whole thing works did not understand that during this exam it was my time to open up to the things that I struggle with. (odd thought on this one- PTSD= mistrust, so why does the VA think we will just open up our dark world to a stranger....beyond me) 3. The DAV has requested for a reconsideration in my behalf. (what is the difference between an appeal and reconsideration?) My service officer said based on my evidence I submitted in Nov of 2011 I should have a new rating in 30-60 days based on the regional offices average rate of addressing these issues. Am I mistaken or reading in to this in any way? 4. Today I did submit documentation regarding my use of a service dog to help me cope with crowds and my both physical and emotional reaction to situations. I wish you all well. The dreams have recently become more vivid and daily activities seem to be harder for some reason. Had a huge break down over the weekend but trying to stay strong. Semper Fidelis, Mike and Colt
  2. Checking in from Colorado, Have been trying to get informed on many things revolving around the VA and how many of their procedures work. During my search I came across you all, instantly noticed a wealth of knowledge and veterans helping veterans. I'll start by saying thank you. This is the first ever "forum" I've ever joined so forgive me in the future as I learn the ropes. USMC 2006-2010 SGT. And what an interesting ride it was! Been almost two years since I EAS'd and still having a hell of a time with the VA and just getting information to simple questions. I bet this is a struggle for us all. One day at a time I guess. Didnt want to just jump in to me asking a bunch of question right off the bat, so I'll leave it short for now. To all of you, thank you and keep it up. S/F, Mike & Colt
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