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  1. The PCT is after a steroid cycle, you are correct. An AI need only be used if your e2 levels go up or you're experiencing side effects like gyno. It isn't always necessary and the bodybuilder types are using lots more chemicals than you will be so they need to counteract more sides. Personally, I wouldn't leave my health in the hands of Erase Pro and would recommend a true prescription AI.
  2. K9MAL


    Yes there is and also for loss of rectal sphincter control. Don't have time to find links but it's easily searchable.
  3. Read the "verified purchase" reviews on Amazon before you lay down your money: http://www.amazon.com/PES-Erase-High-Affinity-Inhibitor/dp/B007Y5KLZ8 Lots of 1 stars, negative reviews and some say it made their gyno worse. Keep in mind a lot of the bodybuilding sites are what's termed "bro science" and some things recommended can be worthless, dangerous and possibly just ludicrous. However, you can learn some very valuable information as well. TRT is for life. With that in mind you should get a real AI and not something marketed by a supplement company, in my opinion. If your doc won't work with you than go to an anti-aging clinic, they'll take care of you. Or do like I suggested and order from India, Canada or another country you feel comfortable with. I gotta get ready for an out of town road trip but I'll have my computer with me. If you'd like recommendations for an online pharmacy to use let me know and I'll give you a list of ones I know that are legit as long as that's ok to do on hadit.
  4. Glad to hear you're having success! An AI is typically a prescription medicine so I'm curious to know what GNC is trying to sell you? I'll ask a few friends where they get their supplies and let you know.
  5. I don't think it means anything denied. In fact, I don't think it means much of anything at all. I got rated 100% combined and they still have a TDIU case open on me.
  6. There's nothing illegal about purchasing pharmaceuticals from India that I'm aware of. A very close friend of mine has ordered Clomid and Altraz from that company with no issue and I've read numerous reports of others doing the same. The only downside was it took about 2'ish weeks to deliver. The atrophy things is completely dependent on the individual. I've heard of some not experiencing anything while others complain about having raisins 3 months in. Time line wise, even if you experience some atrophy, HCG can bring them back to normal size, within a reasonable amount of time. Keep throwing questions and I'll do my best to answer. Everything I'm relaying to you is easily verifiable and is the most current protocol that is being used by doctors who are leading the field. Your PCP and a lot of docs go by old, out dated methodology that doesn't optimize testosterone availability, and give them the best results possible. Sorry if my response are brief... Got a lot of balls in the air currently but I'm happy to help.
  7. Mood problems. To put it not so eloquently, acting kinda bitchy. The other big one is gynecomastia which you the typical signs are itchy or sensitive nipples that may become slightly puffy. If she blew off the idea of using an AI due to aromatase conversion she has no idea what in the hell she is doing, fact. Estrogen follows testosterone, fact. If she won't work with you it is possible to order an AI from India. I personally know people who have ordered and used Altraz with success: http://www.alldaychemist.com/altraz.html Recommended starting dosage if symptoms appear is .25mg which is 1/4 of a pill. It's strong stuff and probably won't be needed very often. If you do smaller, more frequent injections, then your need for an AI will be less due to not having the huge peaks in testosterone which will cause upswings in estrogen (e2 or estradiol). Running short on time but I'll add more later... Another option to add is HCG if you'd like to preserve testicle size and function. When you go on T shots for any length of time your testicles will atrophy, some more than others, and they will shut down production.
  8. Every 2 weeks is typically going to cause issues. Think of giant peaks and valleys of testosterone, versus more frequent injections, and smoother rolling hills and dips. On top of that you'll typically need an AI (aromatase inhibitor) due to excess testosterone being converted to estrogen due to aromatase. I could go on if you're interested in more...
  9. Awarded 10% for rectal prolapse. Explanation: "We have assigned a 10% evaluation for your rectal prolapse based on mild prolapse, occasional moderate leakage." Rationale for disagreeing: During my C+P, explained to the PA about frequency of 95% of bowel movements results in prolapse, which I believe meets the higher evaluation of 30% due to frequently recurring - "A higher evaluation of 30% is not warranted for prolapse of rectum unless the evidence shows symptoms are moderate, persistent, or frequently recurring." Tell them you want the set in stone definition of "occasional, moderate, persistent or frequently recurring." These are all arbitrary terms left open for interpretation by someone and they attempt to discern the meaning using their own prejudices and preconceived notions. xxxx that and xxxx the VA for using these non-medical, unscientific terms. The reason they do it is to deny, deny and deny. Fight'em! Don't give up!
  10. Why do you say that? Was that your experience? I will be moving within about a year so I'll have to see what happens...
  11. I see the neurologist twice a year and tell them how many headaches I've been experiencing and it's noted in my VA health records. Those reports along with keeping a "headache diary" is what pushed me up to 50%.
  12. I spoke to the VA today and the lady said I'm scheduled for a review in February 2020. She said I do get commissary privileges but P&T wasn't in effect at this point. How do you appeal Chapter 35 benefits? I don't know even know where to get started with that type of appeal.
  13. Thanks for the clarification, I thought that was considered schedular.
  14. Should I submit a NOD for EED or is that a CUE? I'm thinking the NOD would be the easiest route if possible. I called the 1-800 pay number and scheduled a phone call back for Monday so hopefully they could just get it resolved, I'm doubtful of that though. No luck on the P&T. I checked the mail and got the official letter stating future exams would be scheduled... Hopefully that'll come in time. Thanks everyone!
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