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  1. i just wanted to tell everyone thank you for your help and support. i got a call from the PVA yesterday and it was great news.After 10 years i have been rated 100%P&T with smc k and smc s. its be so long since i felt whole it brought tears to my eyes. and as hard as it was for me to believe they are giving me retro for 118 months i was floored. prayers are answered in Gods time frame, Over the past 10 years i have read success stories and i always wander how they felt in that moment and it was one of the greatest feeling and my prayer is for every veteran to  feel how i did in that moment. my prayers are with you all. i was granted i think 22 of my 24 issues some were at zero but thats ok. i was granted 100% for ms with brain leasions and major depression with anxiety, 60% for chronic fatigue, several 30% several 20% annd a couple 10% snd the rest were rated at zero. It was a good day for me and my wife this nightmare is about over. I got love for all my brothers and sister on hadit and around the world.
















    1. GBArmy


      Michael09070 This is great news! Long time coming but you got it. Now be sure to keep up with your follow-up medical appointments, and don't forget to check out those extra perks, like DEA ed benefits, free life insurance, etc. And also don't forget to check on what your new state benefits are too. NICE!

    2. pacmanx1



      If you are not getting SSDI, you should apply for it. It has been awhile and I did not read through all your post. Just wanted to let you know you can get both. Every little bit will help.

    3. broncovet


      Congratulations!   Dont forget to help hadit to help others, like yourself, in the future.  This site does not run for free, and frankly, its a burden (financial) on Tbird to keep it going.  

      Also, dont forget your additional benefits.  Vets tend to "blow through" their retro, and in a few short months wonder where it went.  So, get the rest of your benefits also, such as free 10,000 (waiver of premiums) life insurance.  

      Also, you should now be eligible for reduced or eliminated property taxes in most states.  I save about 800 per year on taxes (66.00 per month), but many Vets save much much more in property taxes than that.  I live in a very modest home which cost just 72,000.  I know Vets who have 10 times that in their home.  

      While paying off ones home is a good thing for retro, I deliberately did not pay off my home.  (With an interest rate of under 4%, it did not make sense).  Instead, I have purchased bitcoin and other cryptos to provide a scholarship for my grandchildren (I have been blessed with 9 grandchildren. )

  2. well just checked va.gov and the chicago va hasnt moved one claim off remand in the last 7 work days at least stuck on 19887. this means my claims will be tied up for the max of 29 months. now thats on top of the 10 years it took to get bva to award my claim.

    i started tracking the remand back log on feb 7 and at that time there was 23905 in front of me, so that less than a thousand claims assiged per month so it will take 2 years for them to even awarad me what the judges declared what a shame.

    just sucks

    1. broncovet


      Ok.  You are "assuming" VA.gov is reliable, and this is "far from assured".  Very far.  Many times, including my own, I thought it was going to be "much much longer" and my BVA came through much much faster..once it "gets" to the BVA.  

      The problem in the past is that VARO "sat" on our claims for about 3 to 4 years before they were ever sent to BVA. 

      1. For example, it took an "average" of 2 years or so for the VARO just to certify the claim to the BVA.  (which should have taken 2 hours).  

      2.  Also, they VARO took a year to do a required SOC, and more if you submitted new evidence and they did a SSOC.  

      3.  Even worse, the VSO would often "prepare a brief".  Ok, that sounds good.  NOT SO FAST.  My DAV national VSO told me, when ebenefits says "with VSO" that did not mean the claim took longer, because the BVA claim was "already docketed" so it was waiting before the board while VSO takes a year to prepare a brief.  So, I called the BVA.  NOT TRUE!   My claim was "not docketed" at the BVA so the VSO "preparing a brief" delayed it another year.  

           If my math is correct this totals 4 years where VARO sits on the claim.  This is the purpose of the AMA (formerly known as RAMP).  No SOC, and NO certifying to board.  And, this time it took my VSO under six weeks to prepare a brief.  

          Dont take my word for it tho:  Read the BVA chairmans report yourself, and find the average claim times there:


          Make no mistake.  The board makes it crystal clear the REGIONAL OFFICE is the source of about 80 percent of Vets claim delays.  


    2. michael09070
    3. michael09070


      does anyone know how reliable e benifits is on ininial ratings. they have me at 30% fot my multiple sclerosis but nothing on the other 4 granted  secondary issues. i pray my paperwork next week says different. any hope 

  3. i cant open any letter and i looked up fl 10-2 with no luck, so i really dont understand thr fast track part, if you could explain a bit i would appericate it
  4. i was hoping they were wrong but its been 6 moths since my claim was awarded and its starting to look like the va was right sad to say. I have been unable to contact my pva rep ive been trying for a month but no response. i know they say the backpay dont stand in the way of decisions but ive been 100% disabled from my multiple sclerosis and secondary issues since jan 2011 and my claim officially started in may of 2011 so im sure they dont want to pay me. its sad to say but my 10 year fight is wearing on me and i just want to put this mess behind me. So at this time i have to believe my granted claim will not be finished until my remaned issues are settled in the next 2 or 3 years. Have you ever wanted to be wrong...I know i want to be but my gut tells a different story
  5. ok guys so i called the va yesterday and they told me im kind of in a bad spot on my award becase 5 claims were granted and 7 are in remand and he told me i wont get my award on my 5 granted clain until the remanded issues are done whitch is 16 to 29 months, i must say way to pour cold warter on a guy thats been fighting for over 10 years. anyone have any good news for this tired vet.
  6. My question is I got my letter of service connection granted on January 22 does anyone have any idea how many months it takes to get a ratings assigned after adjudication. By claim goes through Chicago. I’m just looking for experience as I know no one can know the answer for everyone but it just gives me an idea thank you in advance
  7. Well it's been 40 months and all I've received is denial. Haven't heard from va in over a year, not surprised my visor told me it will be at least 4 more years before my case is seen again by a human. Va benefit is like Bigfoot I've heard it exist but I have my doubts..lol have to smile
  8. Well sent senator durbin (il) an email last week and still no response. He must have rock star emails, too many to answer within 10 days, I'm sure he gets a lot of mail. hope getting him involved doesn't make it worse. But it has been 30 months and now I'm told 3-5 more years. I feel like I have nothing to lose now.
  9. Berta I posted what the va said for why they denied it but it didn't really say much in my opinion. Just the emergency room thought it may be an ear infection and gave me an iv and told me to see my primary care doctor and I did. The va jumped on the er's notes. My PC dr sent me for an ear exam and it came back no ear issue and then my PC dr. Told me if it didn't get better to come back. In my medical record my PC dr wrote etiology was uncertain and it will probably get better in time. It did go away after about 4 months. I wish they cared as much about us veterans as we care about this country. Thanks Berta, the va has tried to call me 3 times since last week and every time they call it doesn't ring just goes straight to voice mail and when I try to call back they say high volume call back later. I called my pa and they can't see where the va tried to call and told me must be something wrong with my phone...they are no help what so ever..
  10. Berta, they denied my first IMO and sent my claim to appeals in June 2013. The ms specialist didn't word it right. I then went to my dx'ing neurologist and what I posted last is his IMO. So the va won't see it until they look at my appeal. I was not given a C&P exam they just looked at my file and seen i had been out since 1992 and I had a weak IMO and they rejected it. I have tried everything but they are harder than I though on proper wording. I just hope the IMO I posted is more solid.
  11. My nexus letter: Michael-------------MD Board certified neurologist RE: Michael Powell --/--/---- To whom it may concern: My name is Dr. Michael ---. I'm a board certified Neurologist and licensed in both Missouri & Illinois. My practice is in Illinois, Mr. Powell has been under my care for Multiple Sclerosis since December 2010. I ordered blood test, MRI's and a lumbar puncture preformed to rule out other illnesses. After collecting all needed tests, I determined Mr. Powell has multiple sclerosis. I have personally reviewed Michael's medical records both military an civilian. While reviewing Michael's military medical records, I observed Michael had been to the doctor many times while on active duty for muscular skeletal pain starting in July 1988 and continuing the May of 1991. It is my professional opinion that this was as likely as not the first signs of multiple sclerosis. And missed several weeks of work due to debilitating vertigo and dizziness. According to Mr. Powell's medical records On November 7, 1996 Michael's civilian medical records show more likely than not a more distinct sign of multiple sclerosis (dizziness,vertigo, and gait problems) which caused Mr. Powell to be hospitalized (er) and miss several weeks of work due to debilitating vertigo and dizziness. According to Mr. Powell's medical records the etiology was uncertain at this time but, the attending physician stated he believed it would fully resolve in time. On may 5,2002 mr. Powell experienced symptoms ( total left side numbness) that were more likely than not an exacerbation of his multiple sclerosis. This information is all documented in Mr. Powell's medical records. I am familiar with Mr. Powell's medical history and have been his primary care physician for his multiple sclerosis since December 2010. Mr powell's has no other known risk factors that may have precipitated his condition. It is my professional opinion that there is a medical nexus (more likely than not) between Mr. Powell's early medical records ( 1988-2002) and the multiple sclerosis he was diagnosed with in December 2010. Contact number------ Signature This is on BJC hospital-letterhead. This is the nexus I sent when my claim went to appeals.
  12. I sent them a copy of my Ssdi award. Berta my ms specialist looked at me like I was crazy about the wording, he told me that all that wording sounded like a third grader wrote it and he would just word it the way he wanted to. And he said in his medical opinion that he highly suspects delaminating occurred in 1996 but, however there is no way to know for sure. And that screwed me on that IMO, and I never went back to him I just stayed with my dx'ing neurologist even though he does more than ms. Yes they looked at my first IMO and said highly suspicious was not good enough, that's why I say the (50/50 rule is bull). Thanks Berta for taking time to read my post.
  13. Tbr, my diagnosising neurologist and a multiple sclerosis specialist both provided a nexus letter connecting my ms to within my first 4 years after service (per medical evidence). I served from 87-92 and didn't get a diagnosis until 2011. Ya I don't buy that 50/50 rule, the Des Moines RO va over road a multiple sclerosis dr who specializes in this disease due to wording.
  14. Berta thanks for your time. I will try and answer some things you mentioned; I never had a C&P exam the va in Des Moines just looked at my file and made this decision. In 1996 I had sever vertigo and had to be taken from work to the emergency room. They just gave me an iv and let me go after about 4 hours. My er report said they though it could be an ear infection but to go see my regular dr if it doesn't get better. Well it didn't so I went to my doctor and he sent me to an ear nose and throat specialist. They found nothing wrong with my ears or anything else.(all in file I sent theVA) my first nexus I sent to the VA was from a ms dr, but in his statement he used the term highly suspect not more likely than not. My POA said for me to call that ms dr and ask him to reword his letter but my dr said that was dumb and what he stated means the same thing. Now after my denial letter I went to my treating neurologist who dx'ed me with ms and I gave him the hadit format along with the ms specialist report and all my medical records to include my Smrs. I was never hospitalized in 1996 just went to the er. Also Berta there is possible evidence in my Smrs that my neurologist said was as likely as not the first delaminating event. If I could figure out how to scan this letter I would but I'm not that tech savvy..lol I had a lay statement from my supervisor who came in and took me to the er in 1996. Yes I am on SSDI for ms. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your advice. As you know this will take its toll on a person. When my claim was outsourced it was done in about a week, my gut says they didn't look at all my evidence after they seen the er report from 1996 saying possible ear infection.that was their out to hurry up and close me out of backlog.
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