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  1. I wanted to follow up on the thread I started so here it is when the rater closed my claim the exams showed up at the VA the very next day so what I did was send an inquiry and also filed a 20-0996 asking for a higher level review asking to include al the exams by direction of the VA that I took for said claim Diabetes, I have viewed the dbq and all dbqs associated with the exams, the diabetes examiner he some how changed my diagnosis to type 1 from type 2 he also has my dates of service off by 10 years and based his negative rationale on the wrong diagnosis Va diagnosed me type 2 more than once in the last 20 years waiting on call from higher level reviewer wish me luck guys
  2. Dav read the letter and evidence used to make decision today too me over phone letter will be mailed After labor day September 3 2019
  3. The Va sent me to 3 different c and p exams for my diabetes blood work, diabetes dbq, and opthamologist I recently found out I was denied without exams never being received by the va I have been asking for months to see if they have been received as of today still not received by the va but a denied claim what should I do
  4. today I asked the va to please look at presumption of soundness, preexisting condition, presumption of aggravation on my sleep apnea claim only because I know the c and p examiner gave a less than likely opinion on my sleep apnea and used buddy statements that pretty much said I snored before entering service and during service but gave no aggravation explanation only medical diagnosis was in December 2015 ,to late now but should I have done this yes or no
  5. Ms. Berta  I have a question, 1. Why would the va send me to sa exam and sleep disturbance exam (claimed condition sleep apnea) Sleep disturbance exam at least likely as not primary insomnia stated Panic disorder stated , sleep apnea exam less likely than not drs rationale in question snoring at 10 years old apneas info from buddy statements, no actual medical diagnosis until 2015 I wish I could send you my entire case my IMO The DBQ,s  I feel a denial coming  what do you think?             

  6. if service connected for diabetes will the va consider rating cataract surgeries and eye injections before the service connection of the diabetes if the condition caused the eye condition
  7. I will appeal the decision but something else confuses me in ebenefits it says 0 percent but not service connected I have another 0 percent disability and it says service connected
  8. I filed as one of my contentions voiding dysfunction with urinary frequency because I take Lisonopril for hypertension which I also claimed well they gave me 0% for the urinary frequency and voiding dysfunction I was wondering how connect one and not the hypertension.
  9. Ms. Berta they treating me with insulin i also looked in my medical records and saw that they once had me diagnosed in the 90,s with type 2 and somehow when i switched va medical centers i was switched to type 1 now i am back to type 2 i just feel a denial coming but i have saved the information you shared and i will be ready on appeal.
  10. i thank you very much for that response it explained a lot and took a lot of worry from me Thanks again and i will keep you posted
  11. I come with more questions I recently had a c and p exam for sleep apnea or sleep disturbances as the va calls it I was diagnosed with mental disorders or major depressive disorder like episodes ICD code F06.32 Panic disorder ICD code F41.0 Insomnia disorder ICD code G47 Chronic pain bilateral knee pain ICD code M25.56 a lot of symptoms for my mental disorder of course already 70 percent rated for it just in 2017 Section four of the DBQ says and its checked by the examiner at least likely as not ( 50 percent greater probability ) the sleep apnea is proximately due to or the result of the veterans service connected condition I guess it looks good for service connection but the examiner said on the form that per DSM 5 a concurrent insomnia diagnosis may be given when insomnia is sufficiently severe to warrant clinical attention do I get a separate rating for insomnia.
  12. They do Ms. Berta I wish I could put it all on this website but its to much to share thanks for answering my questions
  13. Ms. Berta I failed to put weight gain and the obesity caused by my service connected disabilities in my post but its in my claim and I have literature and a IMO along with good rationale to try to connect diabetes 2
  14. uniccco

    Diabetes 2

    I have IMO so far but of course the VA is looking for there own Medical opinion or clarification through the DBQ i always have doubts when they do this about the claim succeeding
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