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  1. Does anyone know how often e-benefits is updated? Is it better to just call and check? The problem im having in i check e benefits at lest 2 times a day and when i got up this morning it was preparation for decision and when my wife woke up for some reason she checked and now its at gathering of evidence. With a new request for something from my va with a due date of 06/07/2015. So i even looked in the request for appointments and there was this April 8, 2015 7:50am   New so i went ahead and called the va and they said it was in preparation for deci
  2. i have 30% headaches 10% right knee 10%peripheral neuropathy, right upper extremity,10% photophobia 10% tinnitus and 0% diplopia, claimed as blurred vision. The doubt that the va is having it i the had all the testiing done for tbi including the big 4 hour test that came back positive for tbi "23a) In your clinical judgment the current clinical symptom presentation is most consistent with ___ Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) residual problems ___ Behavioral Health conditions (e.g., PTSD, depression, etc.) _x__ A combination of TBI and Behavioral Health condition(s) ___ Other condition no
  3. The va has said that I have a tbi but haven't Givin it to me as SC c&p say there is contradictions in my records on the doctor reports.with the c&p that I have had its all been related to tbi but it's my secondary like headaches and vision and depression that I have been seen for.
  4. Philip Rogers , I did apply but was denied do to lack of evidence im not sure what more they could want i sent them everything i have and they pulled info from the va . I even gave them the notes from my c&p appointment thats says i cant be employed in a physical job or in a sedentary job. So Im not sure where to go from here? In the claim side of thinks nothing has really changed it has been stuck in Preparation for Decision for what seems like for ever and when i called the va they said there is ABOUT a 10 day wait for it to move from there to Pending Decision Approval
  5. With this claim i filled tbi and unemployable but as of now i have 0 present on blurred vision and 30 present migraine headaches and then 10 present on photophobia. I had them for tbi i beleve. I know for sure it was headaches because when they denied my last tbi calmed they said there was no connections between the two but this doctor said my headaches are from my tbi because i sometimes wake up with headaches.
  6. I have been on hadit for a little while but i never post anything im only rated at 50 present (for headaches due to a tbi that i have been fighting for over 3 years) but have filed for unemployabiltiy per vfw rep i have had 3 C&P appointments and i have been told by 2 of the C&P doctors that i can not be gainfully employed on a physical job or in a sedentary job (i also have the notes from my file and they did put the same in the notes) and the third doctor said it wouldn't limit a physical job but would limit a sedentary job. The va then tryed to get paper work from Social Security an
  7. he was born after the 40% took affect. he was born in aug of last year i first applied for the claim in jan of 2011 and it went throw last month with 40% starting in feb of 2011 so would i still get retro for him
  8. well i just got done with a claim for me taking me from 10 to 40 % and they gave me the retro for my wife just not my son they said i had to reapply for him so i did and now he is on as my dependent
  9. im not sure where to post this but i wanted to ask if you get retro for dependents. My son was born aug of last year and just now today got added on as a dependent. Im just wondering how it works?
  10. the va said my retro it alittle more then 8000 and it should take no longer then 15 days may be sooner i hope it goes throw here soon
  11. dose anyone know about how long it takes or can take for retro
  12. It was my award letter it shows that i got 30%back for my head aches. And 10% for my knee and another 10% for my hand. But nothing about retro it says that i get 622 from 02/01/2012 to 12/01/2012 and 631 from 12/01/12012 to for now on i think this is the retro but there is no number anywhere on what it adds up to be
  13. i just got the packet in the mail theres nothing about retro pay
  14. im not sure how to tell what the retro is or what it is suppose to be or how can i tell or find out
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