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  1. Received a call this morning from VA informing me that my claim of IHD due to agent orange had been awarded at 30% compensation. I had filed the claim in mid February of last year, so it took eleven months from start to finish. I wish to thank everyone that gave me help and advice along the way. Thanks, A2C Jerry McDaniel RVN 1966-1967
  2. Just got a call that VA is setting up an appointment for me to see a doctor regarding my IHD claim. I wonder if there is anything I should do before seeing the doctor. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply. Would I be correct in assuming that my DD-214 and the info on it verifies my in- country service?
  4. Received completed VA Form-21-0960A from my cardiologist today and he agrees that I have Ischemic Heart Disease. His diagnosis was CAD, PAD and Carotid artery disease. I have had triple bypass surgery, mitral valve replacement and three carotid stents. I have initiated a claim with the VA and received a claim number a couple months ago. My question is what should my next move be and based on the limited information I have provided, what are the realistic chances of a successful claim? Thanks
  5. Thanks all for the tips, think I'll get in touch with my VA Rep and go from there.
  6. I recently filed a claim for IHD and have questions about obtaining copies of my medical records. I am assuming the VA will request and obtain those medical records however I would like to have those copies for my own perusal. The hospital/cardiologist charges 50 cents per page if I request them. This could be a tidy sum considering it covers a span of about 10 years. Should I wait and let the VA request them or can anyone tell me other options? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm still learning the jargon so will have to ask what a C- File is and how do I go about getting it?
  8. First let me say thanks to all that offered much appreciated advice and good wishes. I now have been assigned a VA claim number, apparently when I asked my cardiologist's office for a copy my medical records they took it on themselves and faxed them to the VA. I met today with a Veterans Service Rep and he assisted me in filling out Form 21-526. I also had an appointment with my cardiologistand he indicated he would have no problem filling out Form 21-0960A, IHD Questionnaire. I still want to get copies of my medical records in my hands. So that's where I'm at now. I guess now it's waiting on theVA to acknowledge that they have received the 21-526. Is there anything else I should be doing in the meantime?
  9. Thanks to all, especially Wings and fanaticbooks. Right now my head is spinning with all the acronyms and information that is available. I've never applied for anything in my life but with encouragement from my wife, I guess I will give this a shot.
  10. I thought would take the time to introduce myself. Age - 66 USAF 1963-1967 - Security Police Vietnam 1966-1967 Four months at DaNang Air Base , Eight months at Dong Ha Air Base Through her job my wife met several Vets who have received claims for IHD. On further inquiry, she wondered if I might qualify. I have had a mitral valve replacement, triple bypass surgery and three carotid stents. I have been to the local DAV office and met with a couple of VFW volunteers. They talked with me and gave me forms to fill out, including VA Form 21-0960A. I have an appointment to see my cardiologist next week. Would appreciate any input. Thanks, Jerry
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